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This website is a resource for people who speak English and are either currently living or working in Poland, or who are just planning to visit our country. It is written by me, a Polish citizen, and thanks to that, you can have a first-hand experience of the country.

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Living in Poland

This website is a resource for those who are interested in learning about the culture of Poland and the experiences of others who have lived there. It includes informational articles and posts, as well as I plan in the future include here also interviews with both Polish and foreigners who have interesting stories to share.


There are a number of interesting places to visit in this country. I have personally visited many of them, and I have also learned about others through Internet publications and videos. Some of these places are lesser-known gems that you may not have heard about elsewhere. In this section, I’ll share information about these fascinating places that in my opinion are worth exploring.


As a history enthusiast, I have a particular interest in the Second World War. In this section, I’ve shared some of the articles that I’ve written based on my own knowledge and the books I’ve read, as well as other interesting articles that I’ve come across online. I hope these resources will provide you with a deeper understanding and appreciation of Poland’s history.

Curiosities, Tips, Food and Other Sections

In these sections, I aim to share everything that I find interesting and worth sharing with you. If there is a specific topic that you would like to learn more about, just let me know and I will do my best to create a relevant piece of content.

About Me

I am Lukasz and I have always been fascinated by history and enjoy learning about different periods and events. This interest has led me to visit many historical sites and landmarks. Both in my own country and abroad. I am an adventurous person and love exploring new places, whether it is a new city or a remote wilderness.

My passion for research and history has also led me to visit hundreds of popular destinations throughout Poland. I’ve been fortunate enough to experience first-hand the country’s rich culture and heritage, and I’ve accumulated a wealth of knowledge about living in Poland that I can’t wait to share with you. On my blog, you’ll find all of my posts based on thorough research and knowledge, and I take great care to ensure they’re accurate and informative.

I have a university degree in Finance and Economics, which has given me the skills to research and analyze a wide range of subjects. But my true passion lies in the history of 20th century Europe. I’ve read countless books on the subject, and I can’t get enough of learning about the events and people that shaped this period.

While I’m not out discovering the world, you can find me on my motorcycle or scooter, enjoying the freedom of the road. I also have a passion for nature so I spend lot of time camping or just being outdoors, usually in the mountains. Reading is another one of my passions, and I can often be found with an e-book reader in hand quite often.

But most importantly, I write all of them myself, so you’ll be getting an authentic and personal perspective on Poland. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and I hope you enjoy reading my posts as much as I enjoy writing them!