Best Beach Resorts in Poland – Exploring the Beauty of Baltic

Are you thinking of staying in a beach resort in Poland? And you are right, there’s nothing quite like the sensation of real relaxation you experience at the Baltic Sea. Just picture yourself staying at a beachside hotel – it’s like holding the perfect vacation in the palm of your hand.

If you’re wondering how I know this, well, we’ve taken the time to curate a list of the top-notch hotels that are just a stone’s throw away from the sea. Trust me, there’s more to it.

Hot List – Beachfront Hotel in Poland

Here’s what I think are the best hotels that hug the beach:

  • Hotel Baltic Inn, Pogorzelica
  • Hotel Aurora Family & SPA ★★★★ , Miedzyzdroje
  • Hotel Jan Darlowko Aqua Park ★★★★ , Darłowo
  • Blue Marine Mielno, Unieście
  • SU Baltic, Kolobrzeg
  • Hotel Arka Medical Spa ★★★★, Kolobrzeg
  • Hotel Lambert Medical SPA★★★★, Ustronie Morskie
  • Wave Miedzyzdroje Resort & SPA, Miedzyzdroje
  • Dune Beach Resort, Mielno

Your Perfect Beach Resort in Poland

What’s better than a hotel by the sea, especially if you value a comfortable location? Just being there, you need to know that the coastal climate, filled with iodine, is a health booster. The gentle sound of waves can calm your nerves, while the interaction with sand and water brings endless joy.

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Throw in the sun, a range of seasonal activities like beach sports, inflatables, animations, and don’t forget the most romantic sunrises and sunsets. Let me tell you, the Baltic Sea really stands for real vacations, whether you’re seeking thrilling experiences or a peaceful retreat. Here are few most interesting resorts for your perfect stay in Poland at the beach.

Hotel Baltic Inn in Pogorzelica

Just 100m away lies one of Poland’s cleanest beaches, and guess what, Hotel Baltic Inn in Pogorzelica is right there. Imagine being surrounded by a lush pine forest, with two summer heated pools and a multitude of attractions for both children and adults.

I am convinced, this is where dreams of a flawless seaside holiday truly become reality, especially when you want to escape the summer crowds.

Just picture this, you’re in Pogorzelica, a serene place near Niechorze, Trzebiatów, and Trzęsacz, where the forest around the hotel ensures a stress-free vacation, yet you’re still close to tons of exciting attractions.

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Hotel Aurora Family & SPA in Międzyzdroje

Now, if you want to relax in a starry fashion, I believe Hotel Aurora Family & SPA in Miedzyzdroje is your go-to place. This hotel is not just close to the famous Avenue of Stars, it’s also a heartbeat away from the beach. I think it is worth saying, they also provide facilities fit for celebrities!

Inside, you’ll find the longest indoor pool in Międzyzdroje, a jacuzzi, a sauna, a spa area, cardio zones, a gym, tennis courts, and even a bicycle rental. But it’s not all about adults here, they’ve designed two playrooms, a separate pool area, and numerous other attractions for the little ones.

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Jan Darlowko Hotel Aqua Park in Darłowko

Even though the Baltic Sea can throw a curveball with its weather, at Hotel Jan Darlowko Aqua Park in Darłowko, you can enjoy a delightful swim in sea water… irrespective of the outside conditions.

This four-star hotel boasts the only aquapark with sea water in Europe! Here, you can dive into sports and recreational pools, whizz down slides, navigate a wild river, and relax in multiple jacuzzis.

But, being there, you need to know that it’s not just about water. I can tell you, the hotel offers bowling, a tennis court, an outdoor gym, and mouthwatering culinary delights. Plus, it’s right on the sandy beach!

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Blue Marine Mielno in Unieście

Sun, beach, and waves of attractions for everyone… that’s what Blue Marine Mielno in Unieście is all about. Nestled in a beach paradise, 100m from the sea and 300m from Lake Jamno, this place offers endless relaxation by the water.

For wellness enthusiasts, you have a swimming pool, sauna, and jacuzzi. The little ones can enjoy Kulkolandia playroom, a games corner, and a playground. The older kids aren’t left out, with table football, Xbox consoles, and air hockey available.

Plus, during the season, an animation program with unique activities awaits, including culinary events, live music concerts, and sports activities with an instructor. How cool is that?

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SU Baltic in Kolobrzeg

Imagine having the beach and pier right outside your door, the lighthouse just a few minutes walk away, and all you need to hear the sound of the waves is to open your window wider. Yes, that’s the charm of SU Baltic in Kołobrzeg.

Now, let’s add to this three delectable meals a day, access to a swimming pool complex with a slide, and therapeutic drinks from the SU Baltic Water Pump Room.

I believe, with the range of family attractions available and rejuvenating daily treatments, SU Baltic stands out as a strong candidate for one of the best seaside resort holidays you could ever have.

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Arka Medical Spa Hotel in Kolobrzeg

Hotel Arka Medical Spa in Kołobrzeg is the perfect vacation spot for your family. With the beach just 50m away, the Eastern Ecopark next door for scenic walks, and a plethora of on-site leisure activities, boredom doesn’t stand a chance!

Even if the sea bathing isn’t enough, you can dive into the hotel’s sea water swimming pool complex. Allow me to explain, while the sauna zone, spa gallery with worldwide massages, floating room, Rehabilitation and Renewal Center, and fitness room are more for adults, the little guests aren’t forgotten.

They have a vibrant playroom, games room with table football and PlayStation console, an outdoor playground for sunny days, a children’s menu in the restaurant, engaging animations, and even fairy-tale projections in a family cinema!

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Lambert Medical SPA Hotel in Ustronie Morskie

Let’s dive into Hotel Lambert Medical SPA in Ustronie Morskie. Just 20m from the beach, this place is a great option for advnture seekers and those who want to boost their health. It is worth to say, they offer a swimming pool, jacuzzi, luxurious sauna and bath zone, a modern Medical SPA center, a panoramic terrace, and plenty of attractions for children.

What makes this place special is its duality. It consists of two independent buildings, one a romantic pre-war residence, the other a modern wing housing stylish Comfort, Lux and Superior studios and exclusive suites.

The beautiful seaside views and the numerous amenities at the hotel make it an ideal family relaxation spot. While you use the Medical SPA services, children can have fun in the well-equipped playroom, an outdoor playground, a games room, or join the exciting events prepared for them during the season.

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Miedzyzdroje Resort & SPA in Miedzyzdroje

In Międzyzdroje, the recently unveiled Wave Miedzyzdroje Resort & SPA is catching eyes with its unique design, superb location by the Baltic beach, and a plethora of atractions. From afar, the complex’s shape resembles a five-masted sailing ship, promising a wave of fun inside.

Here, comfortable, air-conditioned apartments carry a natural vibe, using wood, stone, and even feathers. If you’re a fan of luxury, the wellness area, with 2 swimming pools, 2 jacuzzis, and a sauna area, is for you.

I know you’ll also love their wide selection of beauty treatments, massages, and relaxing rituals. There’s a Fitness Club with top-notch Technogym equipment and personal training options for the fitness buffs.

For outdoor activities, rent bicycles and Nordic walking poles. And for the little ones, a special Kids Zone and seasonal animations will keep them occupied.

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Dune Beach Resort in Mielno

The Dune Beach Resort in Mielno, known for its lovely 25m wide beach and a bustling nightlife, mirrors the spirit of Ibiza. Their new beachside apartments, located just a short walk from Lake Jamno, are stylish and offer a slew of attractions.

There’s a wellness area with a swimming pool and jacuzzi, and a fitness space. Cycling enthusiasts can get modern and reliable electric bikes, and there’s also a golf silumator zone and a racing simulator for added fun.

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Wonders Within Reach

If that’s not enough, I can tell you, within a mere half an hour drive from the Baltic shore, you’ll discover a plethora of fascinating spots. Be ready for national parks, entertainment venues, natural wonders, and world-class monuments.

Who wouldn’t want to spend their summer by the sea, relishing the seagulls’ songs and the water view from the hotel window? I know I would! And allow me to explain, after analyzing various beach hotel offerings, we now know where your dream vacation will be most convenient.

If You Prefer Lakes to The Sea

Poland’s coastline of the Baltic Sea may stretch over 800 km, but the country also houses several thousand lakes, each offering fun and idyllic spots to stay. Think free parking, high standard rooms, diverse breakfasts, air conditioning, room service and a star next to the name as just a starter pack!

Moran Hotel & Spa

I can tell you, the 4-star Moran Hotel & Spa located by the picturesque Powidz Lake, or the unique Hotel Mikołajki Leisure & SPA ★★★★★ on Bird Island, right in the middle of Lake Mikołajskie are worth checking out. The Grand Hotel Tiffi ★★★★★ in the Iława Lake District and Hotel Robert’s Port Lake Resort & Spa ★★★★ in Masuria region also offer a perfect escape from city life with luxurious relaxation by the lake.

Head to The Adriatic If You Need Even More

And if you’ve had enough of Poland’s natural beauty, the Adriatic Sea awaits you! It’s massive at over a million km² and 250m deep. The pleasure derived from resting on its shore is immeasurable, but I assure you, it can be felt when booking a stay in a cozy hotel like the intimate Hotel Timun★★★ on the island of Hvar, or the Bluesun Hotel Alga★★★★ on the Makarska Riviera.