Countries Surrounding Poland Explained in 1,000 Words

The length of the Polish border is 3,505.27 kilometers. Land-wise, the country is surrounded by the territories of the following countries: Russian Federation, Republic of Lithuania, Republic of Belarus, Ukraine, Slovak Republic, Czech Republic and Federal Republic of Germany.

Length of Poland’s borders:.

  • Total – 3582 km
  • With the Czech Republic – 790 km
  • with Slovakia – 539 km
  • with Ukraine – 529 km
  • with Germany – 467 km
  • with Belarus – 416 km
  • with Russia – 210 km
  • with Lithuania – 103 km
  • maritime – 440 km

Since you already know who Poland shares borders with, it’s time to learn more about the layout of the borders. The total length of Poland’s borders, including the sea border, is 3511 km. The shortest Polish border is the one with Lithuania, it is only 104 km long and has been in place since 1945. How is this possible Since Lithuania was created after the collapse of the USSR? Thing is that the Polish-Soviet border at that time ran in exactly the same way as the shortest Polish border today.

Due to the course of some borders in the mountains, the longest are the borders with the Czech Republic (796 km) and Slovakia (541 km). Although looking at the map, it would seem that the longest is the border with Ukraine (535 km), it actually ranks third due to its lowland course.

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What Are the Natural Borders of Poland?

The natural borders of Poland are:

  • border river in the east: the Bug
  • border rivers in the west: the Oder and Lusatian Neisse
  • the name of the mighty: the Baltic Sea
  • mountains; from the southwest: the Sudetes; from the south: the Carpathian Mountains.

The course of land borders, is overwhelmingly based on natural barriers – the Oder and Lusatian Neisse (Germany), the Sudetenland (Czech Republic), the Carpathian Mountains (Slovakia), and the Bug River (partly in Ukraine and in Belarus). The artificial course almost entirely borders Russia and parts of Ukraine, Belarus, and Lithuania).

Let’s make a breakdown by topographic orientation:

  • Poland’s southern neighbors are the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
  • Poland’s eastern neighbors are Ukraine, Belarus, and Lithuania.
  • Poland’s western neighbor is Germany.
  • Poland’s northern neighbor is Russia and the Baltic Sea.

What Characterizes Poland’s Neighbors?

Except for our western neighbors, Germany, and Lithuania, all of Poland’s neighbors share common ancestors: the Slavs, an Indo-European tribe. We also share with these countries a common history, similar language, culture, and values.

Furthermore, we also have 2 countries surrounding Poland that do not belong to the Slavic culture. These are Germany (Poland’s longtime rival with whom we fought for independence) as well as Lithuania. For many years, Lithuania and Poland were part of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

Despite such different relations in the past, Poland and its neighbors are countries that live in harmony. There is extensive trade, especially to the west.

The Capital Cities of Neighboring Countries

CountryCapital City
Czech RepublicPrague

At this point, it appears that the number of countries with which Poland shares borders will remain constant in the coming years. Although, as recent events have shown, certain countries have a tendency to breach and change their national borders.

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Where Did The Borders and Countries Surrounding Poland Come From?

The current route of Poland’s borders was established in 1945 at the Yalta Conference. It was where the leaders of the USSR (Russia), the US, and Great Britain considered the future of post-war Europe. As a result of the arrangements, the borders changed significantly in relation to 1939.

Poland lost its eastern borderlands, but received so-called “recovered territories,” i.e., territories taken from the Third Reich (part of Upper Silesia, the Opole region, Lower Silesia, Lubusz land, Western Pomerania, and part of Gdansk Pomerania, as well as part of former East Prussia in the area of Warmia and Masuria).

How Are the Borders Physically Marked?

The course of the state border on land as well as the demarcation of internal sea waters and the territorial sea with neighboring countries are defined in international agreements.

The course of the state border on land and in internal sea waters is marked by border signs. International agreements concluded by the Republic of Poland with neighboring states specify the location, shape, dimensions, color of border signs, and the rules for their maintenance.

In order to protect the state border, a border road strip and a border zone are established. The border road strip is an area 15 meters wide, counting inland from the line of the state border or from the shore of the border waters or the seashore.

How Many Countries Border Poland?

Currently, Poland shares borders with 7 countries – Russia in the north, Lithuania in the northeast, Belarus and Ukraine in the east, Slovakia and the Czech Republic in the south, and Germany in the west. In the north, the state border runs along the line of the territorial waters of the Baltic Sea.

Does Russia Share a Border with Poland?

The length of the Polish border with the Russian Federation is 232 km (the land section is 209.83 km, and the rest is the sea between the Republic of Poland and the Russian Federation, at 22.21 km). The Kaliningrad region is Russia’s most western region. The territory of the oblast is separated from the rest of the country by areas of independent states and has no land access to the main part of the Russian state. It is an exclave. The oblast borders Lithuania and Poland. If you are interested in learning more about this particular and interesting border, read this article. I explain how it is possible that Poland borders only a piece of Russia, and not the entire country.

The States That are Located Between Poland and Russia

Poland shares a border with a part of Russia known as the Kaliningrad Oblast. Continental Russia doesn’t directly share a border with Poland, and it is separated from it by a number of countries. Ukraine and Belarus separate Russia and Poland on the southern side. In fact, these two countries form the longest border. In the northern part, Poland is also separated from Russia by Lithuania, Latvia, and further above, Estonia.