Experience the Best of Mielno’s Music Scene at These Top Clubs

Mielno is a renowned city in Poland, especially when it comes to having a great time. It is known as the “Polish Ibiza” due to its renowned beaches and attracts a host of tourists. For adults in their thirties, this destination is the perfect spot to have fun and enjoy themselves, as it offers plenty of activities to do.

Disco Plaza

The Disco Plaza is a popular spot for people to go to for fun and entertainment. It is located in the center of the city and caters to a diverse crowd of people. It offers a variety of activities, from dancing and karaoke, to live music and theater performances. People come to Disco Plaza to experience the vibrant atmosphere and to have a good time.


„Bajka” Club

A distinguished spot, Club Bajka provides a unique and enjoyable nightlife experience. The location has become celebrated for its vibrant atmosphere and wide range of activities. People from all over come to enjoy the music, drinks, and fun that the club has to offer. The Bajka music club is situated near the shoreline, and therefore is closer to the beach than the Disco Plaza. This spot is a genuine music club, with drinks of all colors available and amazing live music to dance to. Primarily, house music is played here, though there are also other genre-specific dance events. Additionally, a VIP room is also present.


„Arena” Club

The Arena Club is an iconic spot in Mielno and has been standing since 2011, offering tourists a plethora of attractions. Featuring two bars with one bar room that is out of this world with its arcade games and other design elements, there are floors with lodges, a dance floor and plasma screens. During events, the club offers artificial snow and pyrotechnic shows, and it has a great sound system with live performances from time to time. Not to mention the summer garden, which is open daily from 1 pm in season.


Fresh Club

I will say, just head to Fresh if you’re a fan of glitter and glamour. It’s a unique space with its elegant design and glamorous decor. Get ready for a wild night, as the club’s large dance floor is energized with the latest tunes. As for the interiors, they are interestingly decorated and will make sure you don’t leave until the morning. Apart from the regular music events, the venue also offers comfortable lodges, a VIP room and three bars, each of which offers a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. It’s a place for everyone to enjoy.


Interesting Things to do in Mielno

Mielno has a lot of attractive features and they are all worth exploring. As you already learnt, the most popular one is the party scene, which has earned the seaside town the name “Polish Ibiza”. Despite this, Mielno is also a great holiday destination for families. I was there personally, and I can tell you, there is plenty of good food, fun parks and nearby locations like Gaski and Kolobrzeg to visit.

The location of Mielno on the spit between the Baltic Sea and Lake Jamno makes it an ideal place for you to spend your leisure time. You can sunbathe on the beach or enjoy recreational activities on the lakeshore. There are also rentals available for water bikes and boats. If someone prefers cycling, there are various routes around Mielno along the Baltic coast.

How Much for Accomodation in Mielno?

When it comes to Mielno, prices can be higher than at other summer resorts. On average, a person can expect to pay around 60 zlotys for accommodation during the vacation.

However, it should be kept in mind that the cost of a holiday is determined by the location, type, and quality of the chosen place. The typical accommodations in Mielno are guest rooms and bungalows, with prices ranging from 50 to 75 zlotys per person during peak season. As for the cottages, they can cost around 300 zlotys daily.

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