Few Interesting Facts About the Flags of Poland and Indonesia

Did you know that almost every country has its own flag? While there are hundreds of different designs, some flags are more similar to the Polish flag than others. For example, Indonesia and Monaco both have red and white flags. However, the shades of the colors are different. There is also this flag of Hesse state in Germany. However, it includes a field with the coat of arms in addition to the red and white stripes. Despite these similarities, it’s important to note that each country’s flag is unique and holds a special meaning for its people.

Flag of Indonesia (left) and Poland (right)

Is it White and Red or Red and White?

The flag of Poland is a white and red rectangle with a white stripe on top and a red stripe on the bottom. But sometimes there is confusion, and the flag is displayed with the colors reversed, with a red stripe on top and a white stripe on the bottom. Interestingly, as I stated above, there are actually other countries that use this color scheme in their flags.

Although both flags are similar to some extent, each of them has a completely different format:.

  • Poland’s flag proportions: 5:8
  • Indonesian flag proportions: 2:3.

The Polish Flag’s Color Meaning

The colors chosen for a national flag are usually meaningful and significant to the country’s history and society. This is certainly the case for the white and red flag of Poland. White symbolizes purity and spirituality, while red represents struggle, life, and blood. In the context of Polish history, these colors represent national virtues and the sacrifices made in defense of the country. It’s clear that the flag of Poland holds a great deal of symbolic importance for the people of Poland.

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How Old is the Polish Flag?

The white and red colors of the Polish flag were officially introduced by parliament on February 7, 1831. However, it wasn’t until after World War I, in 1919, that the white and red flag was recognized as a national symbol. These colors are actually derived from the coat of arms of Poland and hold a great deal of significance for the country.

Flag of Indonesia

Did you know that the flag of Indonesia is called Sang Dwiwarna, which means „living man”? This flag is 800 years old, although it was not officially recognized until 1945. The name of the flag refers to the meanings of its colors, which are white for the soul and red for the body. This can be interpreted to mean that the flag represents the people of Indonesia and their unity as a nation.

August 17 – The Most Important Public Holiday

August 17th is a special holiday in Indonesia, known as Independence Day. This holiday commemorates the proclamation of Indonesia’s independence in 1945, which was declared by Sukarno, the leader of the Indonesian resistance against the Dutch empire and Indonesia’s first president.

In honor of this important event, celebrations begin the day before, and the country is decorated with the national colors of red and white.

Similarity: The Eagle in the Emblems of Poland and Indonesia

The national emblem of Indonesia features a golden eagle called Garuda, which is a deity in Hinduism and Buddhism. On the eagle’s chest there is a shield with five fields, each containing a symbol that represents an important aspect of Indonesian culture. The upper left field features the head of a wild buffalo called a banteng, the upper right field contains a tree, the lower left field shows rice and cotton, and the lower right field has a chain. The central field contains a star. The eagle holds a ribbon with the inscription „Bhinneka Tunggal Ika,” which is the country’s motto.

In Poland, the eagle has been used as the official coat of arms for the entire country since 1295. The graphic form of the eagle has changed over the centuries. The current form, which was adopted in 1927 (designed by Professor Zygmunt Kamiński), is based on the eagle from the time of Stefan Batory. It’s worth noting that this design is actually better suited for a seal or round shield rather than a rectangular (heraldic) one.

Today, the eagle is a protected symbol of the state of Poland and can be found on the buildings of state administration at all levels, in schools and courts, and on the obverse sides of Polish coins. It is also visible on the sportswear of teams representing Poland.

Mistakes Related to the Flags of Poland and Indonesia

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for mistakes to be made when organizing events, especially when it comes to displaying flags. One mistake is confusion over the order of the colors on the Polish and Indonesian flags. For instance, such a mistake took place during the South Asian Games.

Mistake at the 2017 Southeast Asian Games

Indonesian authorities were outraged at the organizers of the Southeast Asian Games in Malaysia, who used the Polish flag instead of the Indonesian flag to represent Indonesia at the opening ceremony. The mistake was met with widespread outrage in Indonesian society and highlights the importance of being careful when representing different countries and their cultural symbols.

Incorrect Indonesia Flag during the Southeast Asian Games in 2017

It’s worth noting that Indonesia and Malaysia often have cool relations and have a complicated history, with both countries sometimes accusing each other of presenting inappropriate traditional foods and other cultural elements. The Southeast Asian Games are an important event, and it’s essential that all countries are represented with respect and attention to detail.

In response to the mistake, a meeting was held between the sports ministers of Indonesia and Malaysia. The Malaysian minister, Khairy Jamaluddin, acknowledged that the mistake was „unintentional and happened as a result of carelessness”.The Indonesian minister, Imam Nahrawi, accepted the apology, and the two ministers shook hands at a press conference. Nahrawi emphasized the importance of avoiding similar mistakes in the future.

Incident in a Polish school

There was an incident in May 2020 where three flags were flown on masts in front of the high school complex in the city of Ostrołęka. One of the flags was the white and red flag of Poland, another was the tricolor flag of Ostrołęka, and the third was a red and white flag. It was not clear which country this flag represented, but it’s possible that there was a mistake or that an outsider switched the flag’s position as a joke. According to the school, the error was corrected the same day.


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