Hit The Club in Wroclaw: The Ultimate List of the Top 15 Clubs

Wroclaw is one of the most modern cities in Poland, with all the bells and whistles of a rapidly growing capital. It’s a great destination for tourists who want to explore the city’s many historical monuments, as well as for students and party-goers who are looking for a good night out in the city’s best clubs and discos. Check out the options and make sure you get the most out of your visit!

The Best Night Clubs in Wroclaw

Wroclaw is not only a great place to explore, but it also has a wide range of venues to enjoy. There’s no shortage of restaurants and cafes where you can sample some amazing food and drinks. For those who like to party, there are plenty of pubs, clubs and discos to choose from. We’ve rounded up the best clubs in the city, so take a look at our recommendations and find the perfect place to dance the night away.

Casa de la Musica

Taking off on a wonderful tour of the city’s hot spots, it’s a must to check out Casa de la Musica. This place opened its doors in 2008 and has been wowing the crowd ever since. It has the classic ambiance of pre-revolutionary Cuba, making it seem like you’re strolling down the streets of Havana in the 20s or 30s.

Jose Torres, the godfather of this club, is an authentic testament to its credibility. There’s also a restaurant in Krakow that’s designed in a similar fashion, and more info on the other clubs in the city can be found here.

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At Casa de la Musica, you have three different rooms to choose from. Two are situated in the building and the other is in the summer garden. It’s located at 11/12 Old Market Square and is open all day, starting at 3 p.m. On the weekends, the fun goes on until the wee hours of the morning, ending at 6 a.m.

Bezsenność Club (Insomnia)

If you’re looking to have a good time but prefer a quieter atmosphere than typical Latin clubs, Insomnia is the spot for you. Its design is more like a home than a regular club, and there are concerts and performances that take place.

This place also throws dance parties centered around a specific theme, and the best DJs in the city will make sure you don’t stop having fun until morning. You can find Insomnia at 51 Ruska Street, and it’s open on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 9 pm until 5 am.

Domówka (Home Party)

If you’re looking to get together and have some fun, you should definitely check out Klub Domówka. This place has an up-to-date design and has all the amenities you need for a great night, like a modern sound system, lighting, and a huge dance floor for all your dancing needs.

To make sure you and your friends have a great time, it’s best to book a lodge in advance. Plus, this venue also hosts theme parties with exclusive DJs. You can find it on Market Square, open from 9am to 5pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

Multiple Parties in a Single Evening in Wrocław

Are you having a tough time deciding which club to hit in Wroclaw? Don’t sweat it! Why choose when you can have them all in one epic night? Let me say, the nightlife in this city is simply electric. And guess what? There’s a super fun way to experience it all – a club crawl or pub crawl!

Intrigued? You should be! Picture this: you are led around by locals who not only know the town like the back of their hand but also know how to party. These guys are pros. They’ll take you to the finest clubs in Wroclaw, introduce you to top-notch food and drinks, and ensure you have an unforgettable night.

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What Does a Wroclaw Night Like This Look Like?

Imagine painting the town red in style, hopping from one buzzing hotspot to another, trying out a wide array of beers and shots, and savouring the vibrant nightlife of Wroclaw. Sounds exhilarating, doesn’t it?

Your local guides will share the best-kept secrets of Wroclaw’s nightlife, bringing you to hidden gems that the tourists rarely see. With every new location, you meet a bunch of cool new people, partake in excitng drinking games, and take a shot or two. I am convinced that by the end of the night, you’ll have gathered a treasure trove of fun memories. Plus, you get a free pass to the last club of the night. It’s a night out in Wroclaw like no other!

What’s in the Typical Package?

If you’re wondering what usually comes with a club crawl, here you go:

  • 2 complimentary beers or shots (to get the party started!)
  • A free shot at every bar you visit (talk about a warm welcome!)
  • VIP entries to all the clubs (you’ll feel like a rock star!)
  • Drinking games that crank up the fun factor
  • Discounts on drinks (more reasons to cheer!)
  • The company of super fun local guides

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Manana Cafe

Wroclaw has a one-of-a-kind spot on its clubbing map, and it’s called Manana Cafe. In the day, it works as a chill café that invites visitors to explore the city of Lower Silesia, but at night it transforms into an amazing club where people don’t even bother to sit down.

To get to the restaurant, you have to go through a courtyard, but the fun happens outside. During any season of the year, you can dance to your favorite tunes from all around the globe.

You can find Manana Cafe at 8-10 St. Nicholas Street. It opens its doors every Friday and Saturday from 8 p.m. till 7 a.m., and you can enjoy the outdoor atmosphere and have a great time.

Antidotum (Antidote)

You can find clubs all around Wroclaw, but the majority of them are located in the area of the Old Market Square. Antidotum is one such place and it can be a great solution to your boredom and entertainment needs. The interior is quite unique and the dance floor is spacious enough for everyone who wants to have a good time.

The club hosts events with a lot of enthusiasm and these events are organized for both students and guests from abroad. If you’re interested, you can find it at 32 Kielbasnicza Street, close to the Old Market Square, and it’s open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Cherry Club

In 2011, the Cherry Club made its debut on the Wroclaw nightlife scene and quickly became the go-to spot for those who appreciate the finer things in life. It’s like you’ve been transported to one of the hottest nightclubs in a major European city! If you’re looking for a comfortable place to have a good time, this is the spot for you.

The Cherry Club has two dance floors, its own VIP Room, a chill Lounge area, and a main bar with a great atmosphere. The sound system is also top-notch, and you can listen to the tunes of experienced DJs from all around Europe. Located at 10 Kuznicza Street, the venue is open on Fridays and Saturdays from 10 pm to 5 am.

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Grey Music Club

If you’re into nightlife and love experiencing top-notch club entertainment, this is the place for you! You’ll be amazed by the sophisticated decor, the music, and the outstanding performances. Grey Music Club is divided into different areas, such as the Main Room, the VIP Room, the Champagne Zone, and the World Class Zone.

On those summer days you can also hang out at the summer zone. Plus, you’ll get to listen to popular DJs spinning the best tunes! Located at 8 Świętego Mikołaja St., this venue is open Fridays and Saturdays at 9 p.m. If you’re in Poznan, you can check out the other great clubs in the city – we’ve got 15 amazing suggestions for you!


If you’re a fan of pounding club music, you should definitely come to this place. It’s one of the most popular spots in Wroclaw and it even had episodes of Warsaw Shore filmed there! You can get your groove on with sets from well-known DJs such as Peran Van Dijk, Dj Hubertus, and Marc Van Linden.

The venue also has themed nights, and you can find Topless Bartenders, Summer Vibes, University Of X-Demon, and big-name Polish music acts there. It’s located at 7 Wolności Square and is open from 10 pm to 6 am on Fridays and Saturdays.

Lewitacja (Levitation)

If you’re looking for a good night out in Wroclaw, you’ll be pleased to know that there are some places that are open almost every day of the week. One of them is Levitacja, which is available for your entertainment Monday through Saturday.

With a great selection of music and a wide range of activities – from PubQuizy to karaoke – you’ll find something to suit all tastes. All this fun starts at 7 pm, so why not come along and make it a night to remember?

Schody Donikąd (Stairway to Nowhere)

If you’re a fan of creative design and out-of-the-ordinary music, then the Stairway to Nowhere club is the perfect place for you. It stands out from the other clubs located in Wroclaw and is based on the theme of the 1920s. Live concerts, jam sessions and dance parties are an integral part of the atmosphere. You can also try one of their unique cocktails or opt for a classic favorite.

This is a great spot to unwind after a long week of work, since it is open every day of the week (except Sunday), starting at 5 pm. If you’re looking for a place to have a good time and party until dawn, Wroclaw has you covered. You can find a range of nightclubs that offer a variety of music, decorations, and themed events. All in all, Wroclaw is the ideal destination to have a blast!

Czarny Kot (Black Cat Club)

Located on Ruska Street, the Black Cat Club is a great spot to mix art and have a good time. It’s popular amongst the younger crowd, but absolutely everyone can find something to enjoy here. As the owners prioritize high-quality music, the atmosphere is always lively and welcoming. It’s an inclusive place, and once you’ve visited, you’ll be sure to come back for more.

One Love

One Love club is situated on the street of Ofiar Oświęcimskich and it has an incredible vibe and a lot of fun. It is especially recommended to visit during the weekend. The DJ is always ready to get the guests excited and make sure they keep dancing. Moreover, the bar is well-equipped to serve the guests.


It’s a much-loved spot among both locals and travelers alike due to its stylish interior, superior service, and a wide range of musical genres. You’ll never be bored here, especially with the large dance floor always full of people ready to let loose. There are so many reasons to come here, but if you need a convincing one, it’s the pure fun you’re guaranteed to have.

Ciało” Club (The Body)

If you’re looking for an interesting and modern spot to hang out with your pals, then Club Ciało is the right place for you! Located on Joannitsa Street, this location boasts an intriguing decor that’s illuminated by unique lighting. Plus, you can rely on the excellent service and top-notch atmosphere to make your time spent with your pals even more enjoyable.

HAH Club

HAH is a spot for everyone, no matter their background, size, height, or sexual orientation. This place has been focusing on being LGBTQ+ friendly for a long while, and such people can almost always be spotted there.

People can be who they are in this spot with its vivacious colors, Drag Queen performances, delightful drinks, awesome music, and open-mindedness. There are 3 dance halls, 3 bars, and even a smoking room that has a bar and live music. In addition to the regular evening dances, there are also themed parties and talks from time to time, which focus on critical topics.


Those looking for a good time until the sun comes up will find plenty to do in Wroclaw. You can dance to all the latest beats here. Additionally, live music fans will find something to enjoy here. The clubs in Wroclaw are definitely worth checking out – they boast impressive decorations and they often put on themed parties. So, if you’re in Lower Silesia, you should definitely seize the opportunity to have some fun!

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