Poland for Kids: Engaging Children’s Books That Teach About Poland

As someone with experience in literature and child development, I understand that different stages of life come with their own set of rules, requirements, and cognitive abilities. It’s natural for parents to want to buy books that their children will love and cherish as fond memories. However, it’s important to choose book gifts that will last beyond the fleeting moments of childhood.

With the sheer number of options available in bookstores, it can be overwhelming to choose the perfect book. That’s why I recommend giving your child an English-language book that explores the origins and history of the Polish state. Not only will this provide an engaging reading experience, but it can also foster a sense of cultural appreciation and curiosity in your child.

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I have to admit that I scoured the Internet for children’s books about Poland written in English, but unfortunately, my search yielded few results. In fact, I found only one book about Poland that is suitable for children.

On the other hand, I did find another book in English that provides a comprehensive description of Poland’s history, but it seems to be aimed at older readers. This begs the question – what should you buy for a child who wants to learn about our country? Here is the one I found:

Children’s book: „The Birth of Poland” by Jarosław Gryguć

Children’s Book About Poland : „The Birth of Poland” by Jarosław Gryguć

This book is an English version that tells the story of the beginnings of the Polish state. The author presents a concise and accessible account of Mieszko I’s reign, including information about his team of princes, the architecture of castles, daily life in them, Roman art, and the activities of craftsmen and merchants. The book also encourages readers to visit the museums of Wielkopolska, where many monuments from the first Piast era are displayed. The story is enhanced by beautiful illustrations that add an artistic dimension to the narrative.


  • Author: Jaroslaw Gryguć
  • Publisher: Media Rodzina
  • Series: Tu powstała Polska
  • Year of Publication: 2019
  • Language: English
  • Binding type: Softcover
  • Number of Pages: 24
  • Format: 23.0 x 27.0 cm
  • ISBN: 978-83-8008-647-0
  • Barcode (EAN): 9788380086470
  • Outer dimensions: 230 x 270 mm
  • Publication Date: 2019.09.09
  • Publication date: 2019.07.18

Where Can I Buy This Book For My Child?

There are several bookstores where you can buy the book, but unfortunately most of them do not offer shipping abroad. If you’re in Poland, you can try the following stores:

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The Other Book About Poland: „On Poland and Poles” by Jaroslaw Krawczyk –

Book About Poland: „On Poland and Poles” by Jaroslaw Krawczyk

I can say that this book is a fascinating account of the ups and downs of Poland and the Polish people. The author, writing in a colorful style, provides a well-rounded picture of the country’s past. They are not afraid to share their own opinions, which adds a personal touch to the narrative. I appreciate the author’s ability to balance humor and seriousness throughout the text. In addition, the comprehensive calendar of Polish history that accompanies the publication is a valuable resource for those interested in learning more about the country’s past. Overall, I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in understanding the complex history of Poland and the Polish people.

  • Format: Hardcover
  • First Edition: First
  • First Edition Date: 2015-06-19
  • ISBN: 978-83-111-3546-8
  • EAN: 9788311135468
  • Number of Pages: 376
  • Outer dimensions: 235x305mm
  • List price: 79,91 PLN

Where can I buy this book?

You can buy this book in the Amazon bookstore using this link:


  • https://lubimyczytac.pl/ksiazka/4896542/the-birth-of-poland
  • https://lubimyczytac.pl/ksiazka/276904/on-poland-and-poles