Poland Per Day Budget – Making Your Holidays Last Longer

Let me tell you, when those summer holidays start knocking, it’s time to get those pennies counted. Ever wondered what the cost of holidays for 2023 both in Poland might look like? What would the average prices for a beach-side stay or a cozy mountain retreat be?

Or maybe, you’ve been thinking about an all-inclusive holiday package in July, August, or September. Well, I can tell, a bunch of experts crunched the numbers and did quite a bit of research. Stick around to know about the financial side of your 2023 holiday fun in Poland.

How Much for a Day in Poland?

An important part of any holiday trip to Poland is to get your finances right. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning to stick to one place or roam around the country. I know you’re probably scratching your head over how much money you should bring along. Now, let me say, there’s no hard and fast rule here. The key? Plan your budget well.

Stegna Beach in Poland

You have to decide first how much cold, hard cash you’re bringing, and how much you’re comfortable splurging using your card. Using a currency card can be handy, but remember, it’s not always universally accepted. If you want to use a public restroom in a Polish holiday resort, grab local delicacies from small stalls, or buy tickets to tourist attractions, chances are you’re gonna need cash.

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What Factors Influence the Cost? I think it’s worth to say, the final cost of your trip depends on a bunch of factors. What should you watch out for while planning a holiday budget?

Budgeting for Summer 2023 in Poland

If you haven’t put any thought into your summer vacation plans yet, first check if your wallet agrees. Numerous studies carried out by experts indicate the potential cost of holidays in Poland for 2023.

I have done a round-up of the findings from social and survey studies conducted by four different tourism industry centers. It paints a picture not only of where to plan vacation, but also the costs you need to brace for when planning a holiday in this inflation era.

In our round-up, you’ll find answers to pressing questions such as:

  • How much will the 2023 holidays in Poland cost us?
  • What are the average prices for holiday accommodation in Sopot and Zakopane?
  • Where can you get the best deal for all-inclusive holidays in July, August, and September?
  • Where exactly in the country do Poles want to spend their holidays?

So, if you need this info, read on. It will help you get an idea of the budget you should prepare for your 2023 summer holiday.

Holidays in Poland During Inflation Times

Let me tell you, it seems that even an ongoing economic crisis and steep inflation can’t put a damper on our summer 2023 holiday plans. A survey from the Polish Tourist Organization (POT) reveals that a whopping 65% of Poles are ready to hit the road and stay at least one night away from home this summer.

Kołobrzeg – Beautiful place for vacation in Poland

According to a study by Noclegowo.pl, about 85% of Polish holiday trips will last up to a week. The annual Provident Barometer survey chimes in, showing that 21% of Poles will take a holiday ranging from 8 to 14 days, and a mere 8.3% are up for a holiday stretching longer than two weeks.

The Cost of 2023 Holidays in Poland – The Numbers

Survey participants were quizzed about how much they planned to splash out on their 2-weeks summer 2023 holidays in Poland:

  • 42% are budgeting up to PLN 1500 per person
  • 28% have a budget ceiling of PLN 3000 per person
  • 15% are set to spend over PLN 3000 per person

How Much for Accommodation?

Noclegowo.pl’s study gives us a peek into the specific amounts Poles will likely shell out for accommodation at popular tourist spots. Here are the estimated daily costs per person:

For beach lovers:

  • Gdańsk – around 100 PLN
  • Sopot – roughly 125 PLN
  • Gdynia – about 140 PLN

And mountains area:

  • Zakopane – around 110 PLN
  • Karpacz – also 110 PLN

As you can see, the costs of vacations at the Baltic Sea, the Tatras, or the Karkonosze Mountains for the 2023 holidays are quite similar. But it’s worth noting, mountain resorts tend to be a tad cheaper than the famous seaside spots.

Gdańsk – Popular holiday destination

A Look at the Rising Cost of Accommodation

Based on the Noclegowo.pl findings, the average accommodation cost for tourists in Poland during the holdays this year is around PLN 1800. That’s a big jump from 2022, when the cost was roughly PLN 930, but not a huge leap from 2021, which saw costs around PLN 1500.

The Rise of Rural Holidays

I am convinced that more and more people are finding charm in simplicity. Picture this: spending your holidays nestled in a quaint Polish village, maybe on an intriguing agritourism farm. Sounds like a serene escape, doesn’t it? So, if you want to trade city lights for starry nights, Polish countryside might be just the place for your next holiday.

How Do Poland Holiday Costs Stack Up Against Other Countries?

It’s a common belief among Poles that holidays abroad usually leave a bigger dent in the wallet compared to domestic ones. Let me break down the amounts Poles are setting aside for their foreign holidays this year, according to research by POT:

  • 19% are looking at up to PLN 1500 per person
  • 27% have capped their budget at PLN 3000 per person
  • 44% are ready to spend over PLN 3000 per person

The Average Booking Value in 2023

If we turn to the TravelPlanet study, it shows that the average booking value for 2023 holidays via travel agencies ranges from 7.5 thousand to 10 thousand PLN. That’s for a whopping 83% of bookings, with a per person cost of 2 to 2.5 thousand PLN.

Budget-Friendly Holidays Abroad in 2023

So where’s the best bang for your buck for foreign holidays in 2023? TravelPlanet experts have come up with a list of countries offering the most value. They’ve estimated average prices for a stay for two people, with full or partial all-inclusive packages.

  • Bulgaria, Greece, and Spain: around 5000 PLN for a HB stay.
  • Turkey and Egypt: 6,000 PLN offer full all-inclusive options.

What Drives the Costs of Your Stay in Poland?

Well, it all depends on how you plan to spend your vacation. Planning your trip on your own could need a bigger piggy bank. Make sure you do your homework online to check how prices look like at your destination.

As a heads up, the larger cities on the Polish Baltic Sea can be pricier than the smaller spa towns by the shore. And if you’re considering Hel, it’s worth to say it can be a bit on the steep side too.

On the flip side, if you’re eyeing foreign travel, be prepared for a bit of sticker shock in Scandinavian countries, Switzerland, or Belgium. Prices for accommodation and food there can be double what you’d find in Poland! Italy, Spain, or Portugal are a bit more affordable.

If you’re headed to the Czech Republic, Slovenia, or Slovakia, you’ll find prices quite similar to back home. But, if you’re planning to visit a continent outside of Europe, destinations like Vietnam, Egypt, Ghana, or Mexico, the price of air tickets will take a large bite out of your budget.

Factors to Consider in Your Travel Budget

When you’re planning your trip, take into account these costs:

  • Accommodation: Staying in a hostel will be lighter on your wallet than a double room in a hotel. The thickness of your wallet decides what you can afford. Also, smaller towns usually offer lower prices than popular cities.
  • Hotel Amenities: Consider extras like bed linen changes, poolside sun loungers, or a spa zone.
  • Meals: Check if breakfast is included in your hotel stay. Get a sense of average restaurant and cafe prices, and don’t forget city treats like ice cream, coffee, drinks, or local delicacies. If you’re cooking, check supermarket prices, especially on foreign trips, as they can vary a lot from Poland.
  • Entry Fees: This covers museums, aquariums, botanical gardens, castles, observation towers, and other attractions. Remember, kids and students usually get discounts.
  • Local Transport: This includes buses, trams, metros, taxis, or boat rides between islands. If you’re using public transport often, a weekly or multi-day ticket could be cheaper.
  • Sports Activities: Consider costs of diving, kitesurfing, rafting, kayaking, or bicycle rental.
  • Souvenirs: You’ll want to bring back memories of your trip.
  • Extra Charges: These include parking fees or restroom charges.

What to Consider in All-Inclusive Trips

All Inclusive Destination in Poland

Choosing an all-inclusive trip? That’s a different ball game altogether. With these trips, the cost of your stay is bundled into the price you pay the travel agency. You won’t need to bring much more with you on your trip. But, beware, sometimes all-inclusive deals can hide some sneaky extras.

For instance, tourist tax surcharges that you’ll need to foot, fees for sunbeds, towels, or drinks by the hotel pool. I think it is worth saying, always check the offer details to save yourself any nasty surprises.

What Else Can Influence Your Trip’s Cost?

Alongside your destination, the length of your stay is a biggie – the longer, the more cash you’ll need. When you plan to leave (mid-holiday season or not) and when you book your accommodation or tickets can make a difference too.

Usually, the earlier you book, the better prices you’ll find. But I am convinced, it’s good to remember that during the tourist season, prices in popular cities can get a bit crazy.

Planning Your Holiday Expenses

How much you spend on a holiday trip is a personal thing. It all boils down to where you’re going, how long for, and how you want to spend your vacation. It’s wise to bring enough money to cover your estimated costs plus a bit extra for those unxpected hiccups.

Keep an eye on market prices, especially with inflation always on the rise. Allow me to explain, plan everything so you don’t have to worry about whether you’ll run out of money during your trip. Stick to your budget and enjoy your holidays knowing you’ve got everything under control!


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