Poland’s Real Estate Portals – A Guide to Property Sale Sites

Let me say, living in the age of the internet has its perks. Just imagine, you’re on the hunt for a new house. You know, the days of sifting through newspapers are long gone. Now, we have real estate portals. These online platforms have taken over, giving you all the info you need with just a few clicks.

They’re pretty popular too. And why wouldn’t they be? You can search for properties, compare prices, and even set up viewings. How awesome is that? But that’s not all.

Real Estate Portals in Poland – Guide

Let me tell you why these portals are so important. For one, they have this massive database of properties. Whether you’re looking to buy, rent or invest, they’ve got you covered. And it’s not just that.

You can filter the search results to match exactly what you want. Be it location, size, or number of rooms, or even price – they’ve got it all. And let me tell you, it’s worth to say that these precise filters can save you a lot of time by showing you only what you’re interested in.

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Real Estate Portals in Poland

I believe you’ll appreciate how these portals collect property listings from various sources, such as real estate agencies, developers, and even private owners. All in one place. This means no more hopping from one website to another or wasting time with newspaper ads.

Getting More From Portals

But let’s not stop there. Real estate portals offer more than just listings. They provide crucial tools to make your property hunt as smooth as possible. They’re almost like your personal real estate assistant.

And I am convinced that if you want to know every little detail about a property without visiting it, these platforms have you covered. They provide complete descriptions, photographs, floor plans, and even details about nearby amenities.

But what if you need to talk to the property owner or a real estate agency? Well, most portals let you contact them directly. You can ask additional questions or even arrange a tour to check out the property in person. All this interactive feature does is create a seamless bridge between you and the sellers.

Real Estate Portals in 2023 – The Big Players in Poland

Let’s cut to the chase. Here’s a ranking of the most frequented real estate portals in Poland as of April 2023:

  1. Otodom.pl – This site tops the list, pulling in a crowd of 67 million. I think it is worth saying, this is the go-to portal for real estate browsing in Poland.
  2. Gratka.pl – Not to be overshadowed, this portal drew a hefty 25 million visitors.
  3. Morizon.pl – Landing in third, Morizon.pl was visited by 19 million real estate enthusiasts.
  4. Domiporta.pl – Securing the fourth spot, this site can boast about 8 million visits.
  5. Nieruchomosci-online.pl – This real estate service received around 4 million visits.
  6. Mieszkania.pl – With approximately 3.5 million visits, this portal is definitely in the game.
  7. Domy.pl – Attracting the same number of visits as Mieszkania.pl, this site also had about 3.5 million visitors.
  8. Oferty.net – Not to be left behind, this portal drew in 2 million visitors.
  9. Nieruchomosci.lento.pl – Last but not least, this section of the Lento.pl site saw about 1 million visits.

In short, the Polish real estate scene is buzzing online. If you’re interested in finding property, these are the websites you need to be on.

Powerful Marketing Tools

I think it’s worth saying that real estate portals aren’t just for property hunters. They’re great marketing tools for sellers and developers too. Allow me to explain how.

You see, if you’re a seller, these platforms give you the chance to show off your property in a really engaging way. Think detailed descriptions, attractive photos, and even visualizations. Add info about the location and surroundings and voila! You’ve got yourself a real eye-catcher.

And if you need a little extra push, some portals even let you highlight and promote your listings. That means more visibility and a higher chance of finding a buyer.

Traffic Analysis – Understanding Popularity

Real estate portals are the go-to for promoting a property. And their main aim? To get inquiries, of course. If you’re a seller working with real estate agencies, you get additional promotion across different portals.

But how do we measure the popularity of these portals?

Well, one tool that we often use is similarweb.com. It lets us see the number of visits to each portal, divided into different traffic sources. However, it’s worth to note that we left out portals like gratka.pl, olx.pl, and gumtree.pl.

The Industry Leader

So, who’s the king of the hill? That’s a no-brainer. Otodom.pl leads the pack with four times the visits compared to others.

You see, these top portals have something in common. They let you promote secondary market offers or rentals. And this, my friend, equals more customers and higher traffic. So the next time you’re wondering which portal to use, keep these insights in mind.

Real Estate Sites Traffic Sources

Let’s start with a question: what brings in all this traffic? Well, the tool we use, Similarweb, helps us answer that. I can tell you it points us to three main sources: social media, organic searches, and direct visits.

So, Similarweb, if you’ve never heard of it, is this cool online platform that lets us dig deep into website traffic and online user behavior. It’s like a window into the number of visits to a site, the sources of traffic (think organic search results, ads, social media), the time spent on the site, and even user demographics. And it does this for millions of sites all over the world. It’s a goldmine for marketing agencies, SEO specialists, and web analysts.

The Portals in Focus

Now, let’s look at otodom.pl and obido.pl. These portals got most of their traffic from search engines. But you need to know, optimizing real estate websites for search engines isn’t an easy task. That’s because ranking high on keywords can be really tough.

Direct visits also account for a significant chunk of the traffic. This tells us just how popular the portal is, and more importantly, how well-known its address is.

Surprises and Stats

There were some surprises too. For instance, the obido.pl platform had a notable number of visits from social media, as you can see from the chart below.

The concept of 'Estimated Total Traffic’ is another useful thing to know about. It’s basically an educated guess of the total number of visits to a site over a specific period. It’s one of the key indicators in online marketing and website traffic analysis, helping us gauge the popularity of a page and how effective it is at pulling in new users.

Remember, though, it’s just an estimate. The real number of visits could be different, thanks to things like session time, unique users, and visit frequency. So, treat it as a guide, not as a basis for key business decisions.

The Traffic Rankings

Here’s a list of real estate portals and their estimated total traffic:

  1. otodom.pl: 14,420,000
  2. morizon.pl: 3,660,000
  3. nieruchomosci-online.pl: 2,830,000
  4. domiporta.pl: 1,880,000
  5. rynekpierwotny.pl: 752,460
  6. szybko.pl: 741,930
  7. domy.pl: 420,890
  8. klikmapa.pl: 323,560
  9. obido.pl: 295,580
  10. krn.pl: 279,000

That’s quite a list, huh? Keep these stats in mind if you’re planning to list a property or looking for one.

Delving Deeper – Traffic from Search Engines

The thing about analyzing website statistics is that estimated traffic from search engines is a big deal. This refers to the number of visits to a site that come via search results. This is a crucial measure because most of the traffic on websites comes from these search results. Tools like Google Analytics or SEMrush are super helpful here, letting you monitor this traffic and evaluate the effectiveness of activities like SEO.

Keep in mind though, estimated traffic from search engines isn’t a precise measure of visits to a site, because it doesn’t account for all traffic sources. We’re talking about links from other sites, direct access, or traffic from social media. But I believe it’s still a crucial tool for analyzing marketing effectiveness and planning strategies for site development.

Here’s how some real estate portals rank in terms of estimated traffic from search engines:

  1. otodom.pl: 3,238,732
  2. morizon.pl: 1,862,940
  3. nieruchomosci-online.pl: 1,837,236
  4. domiporta.pl: 1,168,232
  5. szybko.pl: 509,632
  6. rynekpierwotny.pl: 494,517
  7. klikmapa.pl: 235,228
  8. domy.pl: 225,513
  9. krn.pl: 96,813
  10. obido.pl: 77,176

The Lowdown on Direct Traffic

Next, let’s talk about estimated direct traffic. This is about unique users who directly type in the page address in the browser, or have it bookmarked or saved in their history. In other words, this is traffic that comes from direct navigation to the site, not from clicking links from other sources.

Estimated direct traffic tells us a lot. It tells us how many people are aware of a site, and how often they come back to it directly. It’s a measure of user loyalty and brand recognition. Again, tools like Google Analytics or SimilarWeb are handy for measuring this.

Now, here are the estimated direct traffic numbers for some real estate portals:

  1. otodom.pl: 4,863,866
  2. morizon.pl: 767,136
  3. nieruchomosci-online.pl: 617,789
  4. domiporta.pl: 448,004
  5. rynekpierwotny.pl: 208,281
  6. szybko.pl: 143,489
  7. krn.pl: 108,364
  8. domy.pl: 99,751
  9. obido.pl: 92,369
  10. klikmapa.pl: 61,962

It’s worth to say, keep these stats handy. They might help you decide where to list or search for properties.

Rulers of the Real Estate Portals

Let’s dive into real estate portals. Otodom.pl is the reigning champion, boasting an average of 3 million visits. To achieve this, it indexed over 62,250 phrases in the top ten and another 60,100 in the top three.

What does this tell us? Otodom.pl generates the most traffic for websites. Other portals like Morizon.pl or nieruchomości-online.pl get almost half as many entries from search engines.

But I think it is worth saying that a well-known brand will get up to forty percent more entries from search engines, using brand words. For example, let’s look at Obido.pl in Google search. It’s a young portal, but it quickly gets a good number of visits.

The Big Nine in Real Estate Portals in Poland

According to SimilarWeb’s rankings, which provide top-notch stats on website visitors, we can see the leaders in real estate portals. The rankings are determined by the number of visitors to each website over the past six months. Allow me to explain who’s who in the world of real estate portals where you can quickly buy or sell property.

1. olx.pl

For years, olx.pl has been the undefeated champion, earning the most visitors, including in the last six months. This site has seen over 115 million users. That’s a big wow! Users spend, on average, about 10 minutes here.

Olx.pl – One of the best real estates portals in Poland

olx.pl is a titan among advertising portals in Poland. For years, it has been revolutionizing how we conduct buying and selling. It offers a platform for users to post ads across many categories, including real estate, vehicles, jobs, fashion, and electronics. In this article, we’re zooming in on how olx.pl has impacted Poland’s e-commerce market.

Internet and olx.pl – A Perfect Match

The rise of the internet and digital technologies has spawned many online platforms that make online trading easier. However, olx.pl stands out from the pack thanks to its simplicity and massive popularity. Users can swiftly and easily sift through hundreds of thousands of ads, customizing their search using advanced filters.

olx.pl lets you buy and sell products from both professional sellers and other users. This provides great opportunities for folks looking to declutter or those on the hunt for bargains. The wide variety of categories means there’s something for everyone.

A huge advantage of olx.pl is the option to haggle over prices. Users can touch base with the seller and negotiate the price before buying. This ensures you can snag a good deal and also get more details about the product. Many people also use the compare offers feature to find the best deal available.

A Tool for Entrepreneurs and Sustainability

If you’re an entrepreneur keen on promoting your products or services, olx.pl is your tool. The option to place ads for free or for a nominal fee lures many sellers, both big and small. This platform creates an ideal environment for establishing business contacts and boosting sales.

olx.pl also plays a significant role in socio-economic sustainability as it promotes the recycling and reuse of objects.

Safety is another perk of using olx.pl. The portal ensures users feel confident when transacting and sidestep scams. You can verify your account, leave reviews about other users, and use the Safe Shopping section, which contains tips on safe online trading.

Let’s not forget the olx.pl mobile app. It lets you use the service on smartphones and tablets. This means users can stay in the loop with the latest listings and transact even on the go. The app offers handy features like notifications about new offers, chats with sellers, and easy ad posting.

2. Otodom.pl

Otodom.pl hits the list in the 2nd position, pulling in over 16,180,000 visits in the last six months. Now, I think it is worth saying, compared to the OLX’s monstrous numbers, this website grabbed only 11% of the total visits. However, users stick around for almost 9 minutes on average, that’s pretty impressive, wouldn’t you agree?

Otodom.pl – Polish Real Estate Portal

Otodom.pl isn’t just another website, it’s a revolutionary real estate portal that has seized enormous fame in Poland. If you need a platform to scroll through thousands of apartments and houses up for sale or rent, you’ve found your haven. But it’s not just about listings, there’s more to the story.

The real estate market has been running at full tilt. I know you’re searching for an ideal place to live. It can be hard, but that’s where Otodom.pl comes into play. It’s your toolbox for easily finding current offers on properities across various locations. The portal makes it a breeze to filter offers based on your needs. Location, area, price, type of property – you name it, they sort it.

It’s more than a property-listing platform. You’ll find detailed descriptions of properties, photographs, and often virtual tours of the interiors. Now that’s a feature I am convinced makes decision making a lot easier.

Users can directly engage with owners or real estate agents through a contact form or phone number. Quick and efficient, right? If you want to gain insights on market trends or need advice on mortgage loans, renovations, or legal matters, you’ve got a valuable source of knowledge at Otodom.pl.

3. Sprzedajemy.pl

3rd in line, we’ve got sprzedajemy.pl making a significant mark with a score of 13 million visits. On average, users hang out here for about 4 minutes, typically scanning the first 4 search tabs.

Sprzedajemy.pl is changing the face of e-commerce in Poland. It’s your one-stop portal to sell and buy a wide assortment of products and services. As the digital wave surges forward, it’s a platform that many Poles have turned to for their online trading needs.

Sprzedajemy.pl – Polish Real Estate Portal

If you’re in search of a variety of categories, Sprzedajemy.pl is your treasure trove. Electronics, fashion, home and garden, sports, services – you can find or sell practically anything here. The key highlight of Sprzedajemy.pl, I believe, is its simplicity and user-friendly interface. It’s super easy to post ads and navigate through the listings.

Safety is a prime concern at Sprzedajemy.pl. You need to know that the portal goes the extra mile to ensure secure transactions. You can verify accounts, rate other users based on their transaction history, which gives you the confidnece you need. If you’re on the hunt for a bargain, the platform lets you negotiate prices with sellers.

In conclusion, it is worth to say that Sprzedajemy.pl is an ideal tool for entrepreneurs as well. It invites a broad range of customers by allowing both individuals and companies to place ads.

4. Lento.pl

I believe Lento.pl holds a significant position in the digital market. Gaining the attention of over 6 million users in just half a year, it commands a robust presence in the virtual sphere. Now, if you’re thinking about how long users stick around on this platform, the answer is an impressive average of 8 minutes. You’ll usually find users skimming through the first 7 pages per visit.

If you’ve ever wanted a one-stop shop for local classifieds across various categories, Lento.pl is it. Picture yourself scrolling through ads pertaining to real estate, work, automotive, fashion, home and garden, as well as services. The beauty of Lento.pl is its local approach, connecting you with sellers and buyers in your region, which I can tell is invaluable in today’s crowded digital space.

The simplicity of Lento.pl is worth highlighting. It caters to all users regardless of their tech savvy-ness. Placing an ad is straightforward, making it a user-friendly platform for everyone.

But what’s more, it promotes local businesses too. Small and medium enterprises get to advertise their services within specific areas, enhancing their visibility within the local community.

Transaction security at Lento.pl is a standout. It builds user trust by enabling account verification and promoting user feedback. This ensures you’re transacting with reliable people. Moreover, the platform facilitates communication, allowing interested parties to easily reach out to advertisers.

5. Nieruchomosci-Online.pl

Nieruchomosci-Online.pl, a major player in the online real estate market, recorded 4,390,000 visits in the last six months. Users tend to go through the first 9 pages during a single visit, spending an average of 6 minutes on the site.

As the real estate market continues to expand, tools like Nieruchomosci-Online.pl become increasingly essential. It allows users to find their dream property from a variety of categories including flats, houses, plots, commercial premises and commercial real estate.

If you’re looking for an efficient and effective property search, the portal’s advanced search tools are a game-changer. They allow users to filter offers according to various criteria like location, area, price, number of rooms or additional amenities. This focused search ensures you only see offers that meet your expectations.

Nieruchomosci-Online.pl also offers the ability to dive deep into property details. I think it’s worth saying that the portal ensures transaction security, providing a section with tips on safe real estate trading. It gives you confidence and peace of mind, whether you’re buying or renting a property.

6. Morizon.pl

Holding the fifth spot in the rankings, Morizon.pl raked in nearly 3 million visits. Visitors clocked an average of 5 minutes, typically browsing through a tad over 7 pages per visit.

For those who want an end-to-end solution for real estate, Morizon.pl is a one-stop-shop. It caters to a variety of user needs, offering current listings for properties of all types, including apartments, houses, plots, commercial premises, commercial real estate, and even holiday facilities.

Morizon.pl’s appeal lies in its simplicity. The user-friendly interface, paired with advanced search tools, allows you to tailor search results to your individual needs. Filters such as location, area, price, number of rooms, or available amenities aid in refining the listings.

Besides, Morizon.pl enables virtual exploration of properties. Detailed photographs and virtual tours allow a closer look at the interiors, room layout, and equipment, making decision-making easier.

Transaction security is a focal point of Morizon.pl. Account verification and user ratings are encouraged to ensure trust and confidence in dealings, ensuring you’re in safe hands for your transactions. Additionally, it offers extra features that simplify the real estate search and acquisition process.

7. Domiporta.pl

Domiporta.pl, owned by Auto Centrum Sp. z o.o., secured the fourth spot in our ranking with 2,330,000 visits. The average visitor stayed for about 2 minutes.

If you’re after a new place to live, Domiporta.pl could well be the key to finding your dream property. Its wide range of listings for apartments, houses, plots, and commercial real estate caters to diverse user preferences.

Navigating Domiporta.pl is a breeze, thanks to its intuitive interface and rich database. It’s designed to cater to people of all technological abilities. Plus, its advanced search tools let you filter offers according to your unique needs, honing in on the perfect place to live.

Domiporta.pl offers detailed insights into each listing. You can view photos and embark on virtual tours of the property interiors to get a better understanding of what’s on offer. This means you can make well-informed decisions before moving ahead with a transaction.

The safety of transactions on Domiporta.pl is paramount. Just like Morizon.pl, account verification and user reviews contribute to a secure and trustworthy environment for dealings. The portal also facilitates communication between users, further enhancing the property acquisition process.

8. Szybko.pl

Although Szybko.pl recorded just 455.3 visitors over the period, visitors stayed close to 3 minutes, delving into more than few tabs.

Szybko.pl is your one-stop portal for finding a variety of services and offers. If you’re constantly on the go, you need a convenient, effective way to get things done. That’s where Szybko.pl shines. It hosts a gamut of services, such as repairs, transport, financial services, healthcare, catering, and childcare.

Searching on Szybko.pl is a breeze. Its intuitive search interface, complemented by advanced filters, matches results to your unique preferences. You get detailed insights into service providers, including ratings, reviews, and recommendations, which allows you to make informed choices.

Szybko.pl goes a step further by facilitating interaction with service providers. The in-built messaging system lets you gather information, discuss requirements, and agree on specifics swiftly.

9. Okolica.pl

The Okolica.pl portal, brimming with potential, had 176.3 visitors. Users spent about three minutes, exploring consecutive tabs.

Okolica.pl is a platform that makes discovering and exploring your surroundings easy. It’s a valuable tool for anyone keen on getting to know their locale better, offering insights into restaurants, shops, tourist attractions, schools, parks, and a whole lot more.

Navigating Okolica.pl is straightforward. The user-friendly interface and advanced search tools help refine results based on your preferences. Search for places by location, category, rating, or user opinions.

Detailed information about places, including opening hours, address, ratings, reviews, and photos, help you plan visits and make decisions.

Okolica.pl fosters a community atmosphere, encouraging users to share opinions and reviews. Your ratings and comments can guide others in their own exploration.

Moreover, Okolica.pl tailors the user experience by allowing you to create favorite lists, add personal ratings and reviews, and save points of interest. This way, you have all your preferred spots in one place for easy future access.


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