Polish Dog Breeds: An Overview of The Best Four-Legged Friends

Poland is historically and culturally associated with several dog breeds recognized by the International Cynological Federation (FCI). These include the Tatra Sheepdog, Polish Greyhound, Polish Hound, Polish Hound Dog, and Polish Lowland Sheepdog.

Some guides also classify the Miniature Spitz or Pomeranian as a Polish breed, even though the breed originated in Pomerania, which was not part of Poland at the time of its creation. Therefore, Germany is considered to be the patron country of the breed.

During my travels, I met a breeder who was passionate about developing a new breed of Polish Hunting Spaniel. He explained to me that work on the breed had been going on since the late 1980s, and that the breed had been recognized at dog shows since 2017. It was nice to see the breeder’s dedication to the development and his enthusiasm for creating a new Polish dog that could also represent our country internationally.

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List of Polish Dog Breeds Recognized by the International Cynological Federation

English Breed NamePolish Breed NameFCI Standard No.
Tatra SheepdogOwczarek Podhalański252
Polish GreyhoundChart Polski333
Polish HoundOgar Polski52
Polish Hunting DogGończy Polski354
Polish Lowland SheepdogPolski Owczarek Nizinny251

Some guides classify a purebred dog as a miniature spitz (Pomeranian) in accordance with FCI Standard No. 97. However, there are different opinions about this classification. On one hand, the Pomeranian breed was developed at a time when Pomerania was not a part of Poland, so its official country of origin is Germany. On the other hand, there is the Polish Hunting Spaniel, a breed that has been developed since the late 1980s, but is not yet recognized by the International Cynological Federation.

The Polish Tatra Shepherd Dog – A Loyal and Affectionate Family Guardian

Tatra Mountain Sheepdog, Source: Public Domain

The Tatra Mountain Sheepdog is a breed of Polish shepherd and guard dog that is found primarily in the Tatra Mountains and the Beskid Mountains. Because of its origin in these areas, it is also called the Tatra Mountain Sheepdog. The breed has been documented for several centuries. However, it wasn’t until 1920 that they established controlled breeding.

These dogs were traditionally used to protect flocks and homes, as well as to assist in the search for lost animals and to drive away herds. Adult females reach 60-65 cm in height and about 45 kg in weight, and adult males reach 65-70 cm in height and about 50 kg in weight. These dogs are characterized by their large size and impressive strength.

They have a calm disposition, but are quick to take defensive action when necessary. They are very alert, intelligent, and friendly with familiar people, but can be wary of strangers. Because they were bred for outdoor work, they may not adapt well to urban environments.

Their most notable physical characteristic is their thick, white, hard-to-grip coat, which has a dense undercoat with self-cleaning properties. The breed’s coat is also characterized by a large ruff around the neck, breeches on the thighs, and a fluffy tail. Tatra Sheepdogs may be predisposed to certain health problems such as ear infections, hip and elbow dysplasia, food allergies, gastric torsion, ectropion, and entropion.

The Polish Greyhound – Dogs of the Polish Nobility

Polish Greyhound | Source: Public Domain

The Polish Greyhound is a hunting dog breed that originated in Poland and has been around since the 12th-13th centuries. It was a favorite of the Polish nobility and was used primarily to hunt hares, wolves, and birds, especially bustards, which are the largest birds in Poland.

Today, this breed is mainly used as a companion dog. It’s worth noting that since the 1970s, efforts have been made to resurrect this breed, which was nearly extinct after WWII.

The Polish Greyhound is a robust, slender and powerful dog with a well-proportioned and balanced body and a narrow muzzle. Females can reach a height of 68-75 cm, while males can reach 70-80 cm. Their weight ranges from 25 to 50 kg, and the breed can come in any color.

The coat of the Polish Greyhound is short, springy, and somewhat hard to the touch. They are known for their bravery and self-confidence, and tend to be somewhat dominant in their relationships with other dogs.

The Polish Hound – A Passionate Scent Hound With a Rich History

The Polish Hound | Source: Public Domain

The Polish Hound is a native breed of Poland used as a hunting hound to track and chase game. Records of the breed date back to the 16th century, with mentions found in literature from that time. The breed is medium-sized, with adult females reaching 55-60 cm in height and 20-26 kg in weight, and males reaching 56-65 cm in height and 25-32 kg in weight.

These dogs are known for their calm and even temperament, being extremely social and gentle with other dogs and children. They are also independent and tend to gain weight due to their love of food. The Polish Hound has a distinctive appearance, with a black or almost black body and tan markings on the head, ears, legs, belly, and thighs.

Their coatf is thick and of medium length, with a dense undercoat that is slightly longer on the back of the hind legs, the nape of the neck, and the underside of the tail.

The Polish Hunting Dog – A Versatile Hunter with a Keen Nose

The Polish Hunting Dog | Source: Public Domain

The Polish Hunting Dog belongs to the hunting dogs group and is also known as Pawłusiewicz’s Dog, named after the Polish Army Colonel Józef Leonard Pawłusiewicz, who bred them. This breed is common in Mazovia and southern Poland, particularly in Pieniny, Podhale, and western Beskid.

They typically reach an adult height of 50-55 cm (females) and 55-59 cm (males), with a similar weight of about 22-26 kg. The Polish Hound has a light, sturdy and compact body with a short coat that is black with well defined tan markings on the throat, muzzle, back, chest, inside of the thighs, toes, underside of the tail and around the anus. The coat on the head and ears is silky, while that on the body is stiff, hard, and close.

The Polish Hound is known for being gentle, brave, suspicious of strangers, intelligent, and easy to train.

The Polish Lowland Sheepdog – A Furry Herding Companion

Polish Lowland Sheepdog | Source: Public Domain

The Polish Lowland Sheepdog has been mentioned since the 16th century. It is a versatile dog that serves as a shepherd, guard, and companion. It’s also great for agility, a dog sport in which the animal is guided through an obstacle course using movement and voice commands with the goal of speed and precision.This breed is also used as a rescue dog in Scandinavian countries.

As adults, female dogs typically reach a height of 42-47 cm, while males reach 45-50 cm, with a weight range of 12-25 kg. The Polish Lowland Sheepdog has a rectangular body with a large head with a prominent black nose. They have a long, thick coat with plenty of undercoat, which makes grooming a challenging task. The breed comes in a variety of solid and spotted colors.

The Polish Lowland Sheepdog is known to be brave, energetic, cheerful, obedient, alert, and easily affectionate, but also wary of strangers.


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