Rocking Poland – Most Popular Performers and Bands in Poland

Let’s talk about the most popular artists, bands and tracks in Poland on Spotify in 2023. This year’s list of top artists and albums mostly includes Polish performers. The most prominent was 2115. In second place, we find sanah, followed by Mata.

Frequently Played Songs and Bands in Poland in 2023

Have you checked out your Spotify Wrapped 2023? I’m sure you want to know what’s hot in the music scene. Spotify doesn’t just sum up individual users, but it also counts the musical choices by countries. In 2023, Polish users of Spotify mostly chose local artists. The only foreign artist to make it into the Polish TOP 10 is Harry Styles.

Allow me to present the most played songs in Poland:

  • SB Maffija, White 2115, Białas, Kinny Zimmer, Bedoes 2115, Pedro – Lawenda
  • Mr. Polska, Abel De Jong – Złote Tarasy
  • Malik Montana, DaChoyce, SRNO – Jetlag (feat. The Plug)
  • sanah, Dawid Podsiadło – ostatnia nadzieja
  • Mata, Trooh Hippi – Szafir
  • Oki, Nolyrics Beats – Jakie To Uczucie?
  • sanah, Kwiat Jabłoni – Szary świat
  • White 2115 – RiRi
  • Oki, Nolyrics Beats – Jeżyk!
  • Harry Styles – As It Was

If you want to know about the song that tops the list, it’s worth to say that “Lawenda” by SB Maffija, White 2115, Białas, Kinny Zimmer, Bedoes 2115, Pedro is leading the way.

You need to know that Polish music is really making a statement on the global platform, and local artists are rocking the charts. If you need a fresh playlist, these tracks might be your next favorite hits.

Most Frequently Listened Artists in Poland

I know you’re curious about who’s rocking the charts in Poland, so let’s dive into the details of the most frequently listened artists. Here’s the list:

  • White 2115
  • sanah
  • Mata
  • SB Maffija
  • Oki
  • Young Igi
  • Bedoes 2115
  • Malik Montana
  • Żabson
  • Kukon

White 2115

I’m sure you’ve heard of White 2115 (Sebastian Czekaj), a Polish singer, rapper, and songwriter, and a member of 2115. He’s colaborated with names like Bedoes, Blacha, Mata, Żabson, Beteo, Białas, Szpaku, and Zeamson.


sanah (Zuzanna Irena Grabowska de domo Jurczak) is not just a Polish singer, but also a violinist, songwriter, and composer. Her music includes indie pop, art pop, and digital pop. The pseudonym “sanah” came from shortening the English version of her first name – Susannah.


Mata | Source: Youtube

Now, let me tell you about Mata, also known as Skute Bobo or Młody Matczak. That’s Michał Matczak – a Polish rapper, singer, and songwriter. He’s worked with rappers like Malik Montan, white 2115, Young Leos, Żabson, Quebonafide, Popek, Taco Hemingway, or Białas. Plus, he founded the music group Gombao33.

SB Maffija

You should know about SBM Label, a Polish hip-hop label in Warszawa. Previously known as SB Maffija Label, the label includes artists like Solar, Białas, Beteo, Jan-Rapowanie, Mata, Adi Nowak, Kinny Zimmer, Fukaj, Janusz Walczuk, and Kacperczyk, as well as music producers: Lanek, DJ Johny, Pedro, and francis.

Young Igi (Igor Ośmiałowski), the trap performer from Trójmiasto, is the most popular on Spotify. He’s collaborated with Szpaku, Peja, Pikers, Quebonafide, Schafter, Margaret, Kizo, and Malik Montana. He released his first official album, Konfetti, on October 19, 2018, and was born in Gdynia.

Bedoes 2115

Next up, Bedoes 2115 (Borys Piotr Przybylski), a Polish rapper, and songwriter who founded 2115. He belongs to SBM Label and has collaborated with rappers like Solar, Białas, White 2115, Blacha, Taco Hemingway, Lanek, Young Multi, Quebonafide, and Canadian rapper Pressa.

Malik Montana

Allow me to present you Malik Montana (Mosa Ghawsi) is – a German-Polish rapper and songwriter of Afghan and Polish origin.


Last but not least, Żabson (Mateusz Zawistowski), a Polish rapper, and songwriter.

It’s worth saying that these artists are shaping the music scene in Poland. If you want to discover new sounds and talents, you can’t go wrong with any of these names!