Stay Connected – The Most Widely Used Messaging App in Poland

Let me say this first, in terms of messaging apps, Messenger has no match in Poland. Are you a user as well? I know that the current jumble in the instant messaging scene can make it tricky to find the one perfect fit. But, it doesn’t mean netizens don’t have a favorite. In Poland, the undisputed champ is Messenger, pulling in roughly 22 million users each month.

Most Used Messaging App in Poland

Since the pandemic took root, our work routines, and more, have drastically changed. Many face-to-face interactions have shifted online, either temporarily or permanently. This transition calls for effective communication tools.

If you’re in Poland, you need to know that the most popular instant messenger is Messenger. I can tell you this, according to Mediapanel’s data, this Facebook-owned app pulls in about 22 million users every month. Each user stays engaged for 6-7 hours per month. These whopping numbers unmistakably signal Facebook’s dominance.

Facebook Messenger

Polish Users and Messenger – A Close Bond

I am convinced that the data paints a clear picture. In July, over 21.64 million Polish internet users hopped onto Messenger, translating into a 72.83% reach. And it is worth to say, each user clocked an average of 6 hours and 50 minutes on the app or the website, according to data crunched by Wirtualnemedia.

Such statistics make Messenger the leader of the pack in every ranking. The app’s biggest strength is the average usage time, which outdoes its competitors. In this category, the second-place Discord and the third-place WhatsApp engage users for just over half the time, clocking in 3 hours 10 minutes and 2 hours 42 minutes respectively.

Competition Struggles to Keep Up

However, things look different when it comes to coverage. Google trails Messenger with over 15.5 million users. But unfortunately, it hasn’t been successful in retaining users for long. This certainly indicates that Google currently lacks a worthy instant messenger that users would like to use longer.

Telegram Messanger

Let me tell you, Telegram also makes an appearance in these statistics and it boasts a sizable fan base in Poland. According to the data, the messenger lured over 2.5 million users in July, achieving an 8.64% reach. On the other hand, Signal lags noticeably behind, considered a direct rival to Telegram, with a reach of 5.55%.

A Slight Dip for Teams and Zoom

Let me tell you something intriguing, since the dawn of 2020, when our world got rocked by the pandemic, platforms like Teams and Zoom saw a tremendous rise. These apps, aimed at group video chats, proved their mettle during virtual work meetings or remote schooling during lockdowns.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that these apps have landed a spot on the mentioned list, and they’re scoring pretty solid results. With Microsoft’s Teams, we’re looking at 2.28 million users and a 7.67% reach, whereas Zoom stands at 2.08 million users and a 7% reach.

I can tell you this, there are strong signs that these platforms might see a jump in usage as the school year begins and vacation times come to an end. Without a doubt, the demand for these messengers will soar once again.

A Dive into Messenger User Trends

If we were to compare the above data with previous months, we’d notice that nearly every messenger has experienced a drop in users and reach. But allow me to explain, Mediapanel clarifies that they updated their range estimation methods at the start of July. So, it’s quite challenging to make a reliable comparison of July’s data with the earlier months.

Whatsapp Messanger

I believe the real trend will only unfold in a few weeks, when we have data from the following months that’s been collected in this new, updated way. If you’re into these trends, I think it’s worth saying, stay tuned for that upcoming data.