The Best Premium Vodka Brands You Can Buy in Poland – My Ranking

Vodka. The clear, potent elixir that we can sip neat or mix into vibrant cocktails. If you’re someone who appreciates a good drink, you’ve probably wondered: among the thousands of vodkas in Poland – from industrial vodkas to craft vodka, from flavored vodkas to spirits, and from regular to premium vodkas – which one reigns supreme? Which out of all vodkas available in Poland offers the best taste?

Allow me to guide you through my 2023 polish vodka rankings. Buckle up, because we’re in for a smooth ride!

Retman Crystal Vodka

Let’s start with Retman Crystal Vodka, a true gem in the vodka world. It owes its unique aroma and flavor to top-notch raw materials and a pure spirit achieved through a 5-column rectification proces. You need to know that Retman is more than just its taste; it comes with 135 years of distilling experience from Torun’s Quality Vodkas, a respected distillery.

Its natural spring water, drawn from as deep as 220 meters, and the aging process that refines its aroma and flavor make it a perfect choice for special occasions. If you want to make a classy gift, its elegant packaging does the job brilliantly!


Then we have Pravda, a Polish vodka that’s a testament to the centuries-old spirit craftsmanship. It’s made with luxury rye spirit and spring water drawn from a mountain zone. The recipe, refined since 1743, was crafted to please the discerning palates of Polish magnates and nobility.

Elit Vodka

Next, Elit Vodka. It’s sourced from wheat of the Kerschinkoye estate in the Tambov region, and it’s incredibly pure. I am convinced that its four-fold filtration and freezing to -18°C are behind its smoothnes. And, let me say, the hints of anise and spices are truly delightful!

Retman Strong Vodka

Retman makes a second appearance with Retman Strong Vodka. It’s a bold blend of strength and flavor, bottled at a whopping 50% strength. If you appreciate strong liquors, you’ll love the balance achieved by the distillery’s 135 years of experience, advanced technology, and natural ingredients.

Beluga Gold

Let’s not forget Beluga Gold, a Russian vodka steeped in heritage. This vodka pairs malt spirit with Siberian well water and then adds a touch of rice esence and rhodiola extract. The outcome? A full, nuanced flavor that offers notes of cereals and herbs.

Taiga Shtof

Now, let’s turn our attention to Taiga Shtof, a vodka born in the harshest yet purest conditions on Earth. Made from high-quality grains and pure Siberian spring water, this vodka comes with a distinct sweetness and subtle woody notes that will certainly appeal to your senses.


The next vodka on our list, Horst, stands out from the crowd. It blends potato and pea distillates into an award-winning, delicate-tasting vodka. I can tell you that you’ll find notes of vanilla, horseradish, peas, and potato, with subtle chocolate and fruity accents in its taste.


Stoli, once known as Stolichnaya, is a brand with a deep history. Today under Latvian ownership, this rye and wheat vodka brings forth a gentle flavor thanks to its four-fold distillation and triple filtration. And, it is worth to say, it’s the first vodka to travel to space!

Jakob Haberfeld Consent

Another remarkable vodka is Jakob Haberfeld Consent, a luxury drink made from high-quality rye spirit and spring water. I know from its well-balanced composition, you will detect a hint of rye in both aroma and taste, followed by a slightly sweet and delicate herbal finish.

Hlibny Dar

Next up is Hlibny Dar, a Ukrainian vodka that outshines many in its price category. I think you’d be surprised to find that despite its affordability, it’s made from natural ingredients, high-quality spirits, and pure artesian water.

Ostoya The Charcoal Filtered Edition

Ostoya The Charcoal Filtered Edition stands tall in the top premium category. The Charcoal Filtered version undergoes an extra charcoal filtration step, adding an intriguing depth to its flavor profile. You need to know that this wheat vodka is a Bieszczady Mountains product, revealing accents of oak, burnt wood, and vanilla.

Jednorodna Ziemniaczana

The Jednorodna Ziemniaczana is all about homogeneity. It’s made exclusively from potatoes, bringing a gentle, sweet taste with „earthy” notes. I believe you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the blend of herbal and potato flavors that slowly evolve into fresh cucumber and citrus notes, ending with an intriguing herbal and horseradish hint.

Dwór Sieraków

As we near the end of our list, let’s talk about Dwód Sierakow. It’s a Polish craft vodka made from grain spirit, plum and apple distillates, and enriched with tinctures of rosehip, vanilla, oats, and raisins. The result? A sweet and fruity delight, with a noticeable plum touch.

Rada Respect

Finally, let me introduce you to the Rada Respect . This Ukrainian vodka combines high-quality grain alcohol and artesian water to create an incredibly mild drink. What’s more, its stylish bottle, resembling a skyscraper, is a piece of art designed by French artists.

So, there you have it. An exciting journey through the diverse world of vodkas. It’s quite a lot to take in, right? But remember, the world of vodka is as expansive as it is exquisite. There’s always a new taste, a new experience waiting for you. So, if you’re up for it, step out and explore