The Most Popular Jobs in Poland and Salary You Can Expect

If you’ve ever wondered about the most popular jobs in Poland in 2023, you’re not alone. There’s a vast selection for any newcomer stepping into the labor market. Still, it’s evident that some jobs have a higher appeal than others. So, let’s unravel the mystery of which professions are hot in Poland and which ones can potentially bring in an impressive paycheck. Stick with me as I go through the essentials.

We’ll be diving into a select list of popular professions in Poland, where decent earnings are pretty much a given. For each job, I’ll give a quick snapshot of what it entails and toss in the average pay in Poland for good measure.

The Top Ten Professions in Poland

In the land of pierogi and bison grass vodka, there’s a whopping list of over 2,500 professions and specialities, updated every two or three years. But, let me say, I’ve handpicked the cream of the crop – ten jobs that are all the rage in Poland right now.

1. Programmer

The siren song of the IT industry pulls in countless job seekrs, and for good reason. I can tell you that the pay scale here is nothing to scoff at. But what does a programmer actually do? In a nutshell, they craft the code for computer programs, apps, and systems. They weave magic with a medley of programming languages, databases, and other nifty tools. Coding aside, they often have to analyze requirements, pen down documentation, and put the code through its paces.

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When it comes to the cash, the average monthly earnings for programmers vary based on experience and the programming language in use. A generalist can expect to pocket between PLN 9,220 and PLN 15,150 each month, but there’s a whole lot of programmers making even more.

2. Lawyer

When you finish your studies at a law school, a world of opportunities opens up. You can become anything from a lawyer or legal advisor, to a prosecutor, judge, or notary public. The to-do list for these jobs is unique, but they all share a common goal – upholding the law. Lawyers have their hands full managing clients’ cases, acting as their champions. They’re responsible for drafting contracts, giving legal advice, and even applying for legal documents. Their negotiating skills come into play when dealing with commercial contracts, and they ensure their clients are legally secure.

I think it’s worth to say that the earnings in the legal profession aren’t too shabby. On average, a lawyer rakes in about PLN 10,546 monthly.

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3. Doctor

For ages, medicine has been viewed as a noble and prosperous profession. Running a medical practice is potentially very profitable. If you ask, what do doctors do? I’d say, primarily, they work towards preventing illnesses, conducting research, and treating various diseases and injuries. Want to be a doctor? You’ll need to complete higher medical education, go through a compulsory internship, and ace a state exam. Often, striking out on your own means taking up additional specializations.

How much does a doctor make, you ask? Their income is tied to their medical field, specialization, and workplace. On average, a doctor bags PLN 8012 monthly.

4. Sales Representative

Selling goods and services isn’t a passive game. A sales representative’s day revolves around building relationships with clients, handling orders, visiting sales points, and reporting their activity results.

If you’re wondering how much a sales rep makes, it depends on the industry and location. But, I can tell you that a sales rep in Warsaw typically pockets an average of PLN 8113 each month.

5. Computer Graphic Designer

Computer graphic designers are the creative masterminds behind templates, graphics, visualizations, illustrations, and other graphic elements you see on websites, ad campaigns, prints, and outdoor advertising. In their day-to-day, they use a bunch of advanced computer programs and tools like tablts, pens, and trackpads.

When it comes to earnings, a graphic designer’s salary hinges mostly on their experience and portfolio quality. An experienced graphic designer can expect to earn between PLN 4720 and PLN 7410 on average.

6. Bookkeeper

Bookkeepers play a vital role in keeping the financial records of a company accurate. They are often roped in to calculate liabilities, prepare and submit tax and insurance returns, and manage the circulation of sales and expense documents within the company.

How much does a bookkeeper make? The average monthly salary for an accountant is PLN 4229.

7. Construction Worker

A construction worker’s role is as diverse as the sites they work on. Their tasks can span from bricklaying, plastering, and paving, to insulating and installing equipment. They’re often collaborating with designers, electricians, and plumbers under the watchful eyes of engineers or building inspectors.

The average construction worker in Poland brings home about PLN 4223 each month. But, let me say, remember that the construction industry is at the mercy of weather conditions, so you might see some ups and downs in the average pay.

8. Professional Driver

Profesional drivers are the lifeblood of commercial transport, be it goods or passengers. They’re entrusted with maintaining their vehicle in top-notch condition, keeping transport records, abiding by road transport rules, and overseeing the loading and unloading processes.

How much does a professional driver make? A truck driver can expect an average salary of PLN 3586. If you’re on international routes, you could be looking at a higher paycheck.

9. Financial Advisor

Financial advisors are the guiding light for clients navigating through financial products like deposits, loans, and investments. They help clients understand their financial needs, find suitable offers, and assist in handling all related formalities. There’s a spectrum of specializations within advisors, such as investment advisors, credit advisors, or insurance advisors.

The median monthly salary for a financial advisor is PLN 5270. But, I believe that seasoned advisors can earn more, sometimes even exceeding PLN 8370 monthly.

10. Production Worker

A production worker’s duties are tied to their specific workplace, but typically, they’re tasked with asembling parts and components using tools and machines. They also take part in inspecting, marking, and packing finished products.

The average monthly pay for production roles is PLN 4174, but it’s worth noting that individual salaries often depend on the worker’s efficiency.

Should You Always Go for a Popular Profession?

Finding your ideal career path can feel like walking through a maze. When you’re picking a profession, it’s essential to consider not only its popularity or potential earnings but also your personal strengths, capabilities, and interests. If you listen closely to your needs, you might find that a niche profession is a better fit for you, rather than chasing after a trending job. I am convinced that working in a field you’re passionate about makes it feel less like a chore and more like a joy.

Please note that the salary information provided here is based on the data available at the time of writing this article. Actual pay may vary depending on the employer, and the candidate’s experience, education, and location.