The Poland Boat Show: Where Boating Dreams Come True

The boating industry gets more and more popular worldwide, and Poland has made a name for itself in this motorboat segment as well. Specifically, we specialize in producing boats up to 11 meters that have outboard engines. Poland is considered the European leader and holds the second spot worldwide, just behind the United States.

One of the things that sets the Polish boating industry on such international level are luxury vessels. These boats have won many awards at prestigious competitions around the world. If you want to see them for yourself, the Poland Boat Show is the place to be.

The Poland Boat Show is a good opportunity to see these beautiful boats and learn about the latest industry trends. For those who have some extra cash, it is also a great chance to make a purchase and fulfill their boating dreams.

An Overview of The Poland Boat Show and What to Expect From The Event

The Poland Boat Show is the result of the combination of two other trade shows: The Warsaw Boat Show and The Lodz Boat Show. The show brings together over 200 exhibitors, including manufacturers and distributors of sailing and motorboat equipment, as well as water enthusiasts.

Usually the show takes place on an area of over 50,000 square meters and features over 200 vessels, including sailing yachts, motorboats, fishing boats, kayaks, and pontoons. You will also see there many equipment solutions, such as navigation equipment, clothing, and diving gear. Additionally we will find there suppliers of sailing and motorboat services and finance.

The Latest Boats on Display

Usually the show lasts a few days. Last year, during the first day, I saw a noticeable increase in exhibitors compared to the previous edition. I believe this is a testament to the potential that the show has to offer. As I already explained, last year’s event was marked by the merger of two trade fairs, the Warsaw Yacht Show and the Boat Show which was previously held in Lodz.

The merger was a good move from both a business and environmental perspective, as it addresses the demands of the market that needs a single, central location.

Over the course of four days, the event featured many informative lectures, workshops and conferences. One of the highlights was the lecture by Capt. Krzysztof Baranowski.

In addition to sailing yachts and motor yachts, visitors had the opportunity to learn about a wide range of yacht equipment, sailing machines and sailing clothing.

It was also possible to get your yacht insured on site, or take advantage of the offers from charter companies. There were also interesting offers from kayaking and fishing companies. For art enthusiasts, there were also exhibits of maritime art and handicrafts by companies like Monego and Giftdeco which were quite impressive.

The event also featured successful food and beverage outlets, making it a great day out for families. This year’s edition is full of optimism, and I can’t wait to see how it continues to develop in the future.

A Glimpse Into The Future of Boating with the Latest Technology

As I observed during the show, modern yachts are designed with cutting-edge materials and equipped with everything you need for a comfortable stay on board. They are refined in every detail, from the technologies used to the interior design. The use of innovative solutions leads to exceptional performance and easy, pleasant control, which is crucial for safety when sailing on a luxury yacht.

When it comes to the standard of furnishings, many of the cabins are perfectly arranged and functional despite their small size, ensuring the highest level of comfort. The selection of individual elements, use of natural materials, and thoughtful decoration mean that you don’t have to leave the yacht to find comfort and entertainment.

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During all days of the show, manufacturers and distributors of sailing and motor yachts, sport boats, kayaks, bicycles and jet skis, fishing boats, houseboats, pontoons, belaying and rescue equipment, boat trailers, and sailing apparel, electronics and navigation were all on display.

Companies offering yacht and boat charters, as well as service providers, insurance and leasing providers also participated. Diving enthusiasts were also cordially invited to the zone specifically designed for them, where diving equipment, diving expeditions and diving schools were available.

In summary, the Poland Boat Show is a must-see event for anyone passionate about boats or in the industry. It offers a chance to see the best boats, learn about the newest trends and make a purchase all in one place.