Top 6 Most Beautiful Christmas Markets in Poland

Experience the magic of Christmas markets in Poland, with their enchanting decorations, twinkling lights, enticing aromas and unforgettable atmosphere. Discover the most enchanting ones across the country!

As Christmas markets grow in popularity in Poland, the stalls of cheap „made in China” products are giving way to high-quality handicrafts, stunning decorations and regional delicacies. You’ll also find a range of accompanying events and attractions, from concerts and performances to ice rinks and merry-go-rounds. Let’s explore some of the most interesting Christmas markets in Poland.

Christmas Market in Wrocław – Amazing Event

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I must say that Wroclaw’s Market Square is home to one of the best Christmas markets in Poland. The most striking decoration you’ll notice is the impressive Christmas Windmill. As you approach from Swidnicka Street, you’ll pass through a gate that will take you to an enchanted land full of attractions for children.

In the Fairy Tale Forest, your little ones can discover the most beautiful fairy tales, take a spin on the „Rudolph and Friends” merry-go-round, participate in handicraft workshops, or challenge themselves in the Winter Labyrinth. I must admit that the artistic program is quite rich, with live performances, a fairy tale parade of elves and reindeer, and even a warm welcome from Santa.

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However, in my opinion, it’s the wide variety of items and delicacies on sale that will really be a surprise to you. From traditional Polish dishes to French pancakes and sweet Spanish churros, there’s something for everyone. High quality products from all over the world, including jewelry, ceramics, sculptures, decorations, clothing and ornaments can be found here.

It’s worth mentioning that during the fair you can meet the dwarf Presentusia, who grants Christmas wishes.

Fairy-Tale Christmas Market in Gdańsk

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The Gdansk Christmas Market, a beloved tradition, takes place at Targ Węglowy between the iconic Golden Gate and the Upland Gate. You’ll be greeted by magical decorations such as the Angel Mill, the Enchanted Carriage (perfect for photos), giant baubles and the Mistletoe Harbor, dedicated to lovers. Experience the thrill of a sleigh ride simulator, listen to the human voice of Moose Łucek, or enjoy a ride on the beautiful Venetian merry-go-round.

On weekends, you can also enjoy large-format animations. Festively decorated stalls showcase handmade jewelry, ceramics and clothing, while your palate can indulge in traditional meats and dumplings. Don’t miss the Christmas Art Fair at the nearby Armoury, which features competitions and performances.

I can tell you that last year’s Gdansk Christmas Market started earlier than previous year. It started on November 18 and was running until December 23. Stay tuned for some exciting news and updates for next Christmas!

Katowice – The Silesian Christmas Market

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This year, Katowice joins the ranks of the best Christmas markets in Poland, impressing even the regular visitors of the Gdansk and Wroclaw markets. One of the highlights was the 33-meter tall Giant Ferris Wheel, which offered a unique opportunity to see Katowice from a new perspective.

Children will be fascinated by attractions such as fairy tale houses with moving figures, a train that seems to come straight out of a fairy tale book, and an open-air movie theater with fairy tales. Meanwhile, adults (and children too!) were sure to enjoy the seasonal 20×20 meter ice rink.

Poznan – Christmas Market Extravaganza

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Poznań’s Bethlehem was one of the largest Christmas markets in Poland, and its nomination for Best Markets in Europe confirmed its exceptional quality. With a number of attractions both in the Plac Wolności and in the Old Market Square, the visitors had a lot to experience.

Attractions included the Christmas Silent Disco, a headphone party with festive tunes, which delighted young people. Other activities included Christmas Zumba, caroling, various concerts and shows. The annual Ice Sculpture Show was an incredible spectacle that amazed everyone.

Children enjoyed a variety of animations and even had the chance to meet Santa Claus, which definitely put them in a festive mood. These attractions took place in the Old Market Square from November 18 to December 27, making Poznan’s Bethlehem a truly unforgettable event.

Kraków – A Timeless Tradition of Christmas

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The oldest and perhaps most famous Christmas market in Poland, the Krakow Christmas Fair, takes place in the magical setting of the Main Market Square. In 2008, the Times recognized it as one of the most beautiful fairs in Europe, and in 2016, CNN shared similar praise.

Krakow was able to compete with other renowned European fairs not only because of the snowy weather, which is often absent from many Western European fairs, but also because of its local delicacies, such as grilled sheep’s cheese and Galician mulled wine (Wino Galicyjskie). Among the souvenirs and gifts, the wool products characteristic of the region were worth exploring.

The main attractions of the fair were the carol procession and the Dziady show. In 2021 the event took place from November 25 to 26. As a novelty, the fair was also held from December 25, 2022 to January 1, 2023, making the Krakow Christmas Fair an unforgettable experience for all participants.

Warsaw – Traditional Christmas Charm

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The biggest event in the capital was the Barbican Decorated Fair. For many years, this event enjoyed unwavering interest from residents and tourists who flocked to the old town. Smaller events were also organized in shopping centers. However, I must admit that Warsaw didn’t have a Christmas market as rich in attractions as those in Gdansk or Wroclaw. Nevertheless, the Barbican Market managed to create lasting memories for those who visited it.

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