Top 6 Places to Drive a Tank in Poland: A Bucket List Adventure

Driving a tank is an incredible experience, not only for military enthusiasts, but for anyone who wants to feel an adrenaline rush. You can really feel the extraordinary power and strength of the tank, and it’s a unique and unusual adventure that I would honestly recommend to anyone.

In my experience, the first moment with a tank is really impressive. The view of the tank surrounded by the forest scenery is like a scene from a movie, reminiscent of „Fury” but with more vibrant colors and without Brad Pitt nearby. It wasn’t until I heard the roar of the engine that I realized the sheer power I was dealing with.

The experience was simply amazing, with the noise, scenery, and smell of burning oil making me feel like I was on a real military training ground for a moment. If you’re a thrill seeker, the driver can push the limits a bit, but hold on tight!

Click Play to See How The Footage From a Tank Ride in Poland

The adventure doesn’t end when you leave the tank. You can take your time to inspect the tank and take some memorable photos. If you’re interested in the technical details, the driver will be happy to share any information. Personally, I can say that this experience fulfilled one of my childhood dreams, and I’ll cherish the memory for a long time.

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Reasons why you should consider a tank ride:

  • To experience the raw power and strength of a tank.
  • For a unique and exhilarating adventure unlike any other.
  • To unleash your inner soldier and feel like a hero!

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Militaria Anhol – Riding on a Tank in Gorzów Wielkopolski

Everyday life is hard, but riding on a T55 tank is even harder! This unique opportunity allows you to experience one of the most important military constructions of the Soviet era. During the ride, you’ll learn about the tank’s equipment and history, and join a group of visitors for a thrilling ride on the tank’s armor.

Driving a T-55 Tank in Poland – Anhol in Gorzow Wielkopolski

For an additional fee you can get a certificate of the ride, a set of comemorative photos and a movie. The price is 160 PLN for the film and photos, 70 PLN for the photos only and 100 PLN for the film only. Accompanying persons may also visit the attractions.

The certificate is offered for two attractions: „Driving a T-55 Tank” or „Driving a Gvozdika Howitzer”. Please keep in mind that you cannot drive a tank on your own in this location. You just sit on it.

Fort „Marian” – Riding on a T-55 Tank in Malechowo

Here you’ll enjoy a 20-minute ride through the challenging terrain of Fort Marian. The T-55 tank, a modernized Polish design, has helped to strengthen our land forces. Its exceptional driving characteristics, immense strength and durability make it one of the greatest military achievements.

Driving a Tank in Poland – Fort Marian

During the ride, you’ll be accompanied by an experienced specialist who will also act as your narrator, giving you an unforgettable history lesson.

You’ll be part of a group of ten seated in one of the most iconic armored war vehicles. This certificate makes the perfect gift or fun activity to enjoy with friends, but more importantly, it’s a history lesson in action.

As a bonus, those who redeem the voucher will also have the opportunity to visit the Museum of Technology, which showcases the forerunners of the Polish Armed Forces. You can learn more about Poland’s artillery forces here.

Museum of Military Technology „Gryf” – Riding on a Panther Tank in Tricity (Gdansk, Gdynia, Sopot)

If you’re looking for an unforgettable gift for a military or motorization enthusiast, look no further. The opportunity to drive a tank is a rare and exciting experience, and now you can give your loved one the chance to climb inside this iron beast with their friends. They will feel the ground shake beneath the tank’s tracks and experience an unforgettable rush of emotion.

Driving a Tank in Poland – Museum of Military Technology „Gryf

The Panther tank is a legendary German machine designed in response to the Soviet T-34. It’s a true symbol of military might, armed with a 75mm cannon stabilized in two planes. Riding in this tank will be an experience unlike any other, whether your loved one is a seasoned military enthusiast or just someone who’s open to new experiences.

Such event is not only a chance to ride in a piece of history – it also includes a visit to the GRYF Museum, where you can see even more military technology exhibits, especially from the World War II era.

Museum of Military Technology – Driving a T-55 Tank in Zabrze

The event will take place in the Military Technology Park in Zabrze, which is an excellent place for such an activity. The fact that the participants will be able to sit at the controls of the T-55 and drive it themselves is a unique opportunity that many military enthusiasts would like to have. It’s reassuring to know that experienced driver-mechanics will be there to provide guidance and make sure everything runs smoothly.

Driving a Tank in Poland – Museum of Military Technology in Zabrze

Riding a T-55 Tank in Warsaw / Nasielsk

As someone who has experienced a T-55 tank ride, I can tell you that the emotions you feel during this adventure cannot be compared to anything else. As you drive, sand shoots out from under the tracks, leaving behind clouds of dust as you navigate the extreme route that even the best 4×4 car cannot overcome. You’ll face hills, steep descents and obstacles that make for an unforgettable experience. Speaking of 4×4 cars – please read this fascinating story about polish „jeep”.

Riding a T-55 Tank in Warsaw / Nasielsk

Whether you’re a fan of the movie „Saving Private Ryan” or just love powerful machines, this ride on the Polygon is sure to leave a lasting impression on you.

During the ride you will experience two laps on a specially prepared tank track and it will take about 15 minutes.

The T-55 version A tank, produced between 1968 and 1981, is powered by a W-55 12-cylinder diesel engine with up to 580 hp. The total weight of the tank is 36.5 tons and it is armed with a 100 mm cannon and a 7.62 mm machine gun. From my experience I can say that this tank is a real powerhouse on the battlefield.

Driving a T-55 Tank Military Museum in Mrągowo / Olsztyn

Forget about computer simulators and low-powered cars and get on a real machine. Finally you have a chance to feel like a real soldier and impress your friends by inviting them for a ride in a war machine that is not afraid of any barricade.

Driving a T-55 Tank Military Museum in Mrągowo / Olsztyn

The gift package includes a presentation of the vehicle, a short training, and a chance to drive the tank on specially prepared terrain. One person can drive the tank, but you can invite up to 7 people to ride with you.

Did you know that T-55 tanks were used in Steven Spielberg’s award-winning movie „Bridge of Spies”? Vehicles borrowed from Poland played the military equipment of the East German Army in East Berlin, and the action of the movie takes place in the 1950s. From my experience I can tell you that driving a T-55 tank is a perfect gift for a miltary lover.

Other Communism and Retro Experiences

Listen, if you’re someone who’s got a thing for history, especially World War II, or if you’re just looking to soak up some knowledge, let me tell you, you simply can’t pass up this war-themed private tours in Poland. Climb aboard a retro minibus or retro car – yes, you heard it right – and get ready for an amazing trip down memory lane, visiting spots around the city that paint a vivid picture of the Polish history during the war.

You can join the ride in retro vehicles across multiple locations in major polish cities.
Check the available dates and cities by clicking here.

Now, I think it’s worth noting that you’re going to see some pretty amazing things. Imagine standing at the Warsaw Uprising Monument, or touching a piece of the remaining Warsaw Ghetto wall with your own hands. You’ll even see the remains of tanks and airplanes. It’s not every day you get to witness such relics up close, right?

Now, if you’re thinking about getting around, don’t worry. You’re going to ride in style in a vintage vehicle, which adds an extra layer of cool to your journey.

Tailoring Your Tour – Your Interests Matter

I know, everyone’s got their own likes and interests, and that’s why this private tour can be customized just for you. Whether you’re a deep-dive history buff or a curious learner, your experience can be tailored to match your interests.

To accompany you on this journey, there’s a professional English speaking local guide. Trust me, these folks know their stuff and are passionate about sharing their city’s history. And remember, you’re not just being ferried around in any old vehicle.

What’s Usually Included in the Tour

  • A professional English-speaking local guide
  • Transport in a retro communist vehicle to multiple locations in major cities in Poland
  • Hotel or apartment pick-up and drop-off service

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