Uncovering the Mystery of Two Abandoned Planes in Poland

I’m excited to write the article about these two abandoned planes in Poland. They are located in a remote area and one of them haven’t been used in a long time. They seem to be old and forgotten. But are they really?

Where are they and what happened to the people who used to fly them? Lets learn more about these planes and their history. I will find out how they ended up in locations they are now and if they are realy being abandoned. I will also try to uncover some secrets or interesting stories about these aircrafts.

Antonow An-24 Wreck

An abandoned plane can be found in the town of Stare Olesno, on a small island within the Anpol holiday center (at Kolejowa 2 street). The entire area is surrounded by the Stobrawa Forests. There is a camping field and three guarded beaches at the bathing area. You can not only relax here (there is a tent field available), but also go kayaking and water cycling. There is also a playground for children, places for bonfires and grilling, and a restaurant.

This abandoned machine has actually become a local attraction. It is a place for many tourists to take souvenir photos. This unusual sight is attracting more and more attention every year. The wreck in Stare Olesno is an Antonov An-24. It is a narrow-body turboprop aircraft. Machines of this series were manufactured between 1959 and 1979 and flew in the Polish Airlines LOT.

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They were not robust and „reliable” aircrafts. The fact that they were faulty is evidenced by several air crashes. One of them occurred when an airplane of this type (SP-LTF, owned by PLL LOT) crashed in 1969 at the north slope of Polica, in the Zawoja region (53 people died at the time).

Due to safety concerns, Polish Airlines replaced the fleet with newer Western designs over time. An-24 series aircraft were replaced by Italian-French ATR aircraft.

The Story of an Abandoned Aircraft

This particular Antonov An-24 is now a tourist attraction. It was brought to Stare Olesno from the Warsaw airport in the 1990s by the late co-owner of the Anpol resort.

Initially, the plane was placed in another location, however, the machine was destroyed. It is interesting to note that the plane was originally supposed to serve as a restaurant. Eventually, it was placed on a small island in the lake and became a swimming attraction.

The Anpol resort itself, besides attracting fans of water sports, is famous for its outdoor events. These include a motorcycle rally, concerts, and festivals featuring various musical genres.

Antonow An-24 Wreck Location

  • https://goo.gl/maps/QPvBB1LbY3ZE6Vfu5
  • 50.91255570414383, 18.375819370775197

Łoś Aircraft in the Dłutów Forest

The World War II outbreak anniversary was an opportunity to organize a number of ceremonies in honor of Polish soldiers who fought for their homeland in 1939. There was a special one that was the culmination of the community’s and several aviation enthusiasts’ efforts to honor the pilots who died on their soil. The way in which the citizens of the Dłutów commemorated the events of September 1939 deserves a more extensive presentation.

Łoś from Dłutow Forest is a monument dedicated to the killed pilots who belonged to the 3rd Platoon of the 212th Bomb Squadron, which was stationed in Kuciny near Aleksandrów Łódzki. The model was built at the location of the emergency landing of the crew. The plane’s side number in 1939 was 72.16. It was reproduced in 1:1 scale by two people – LOT Polish Airlines pilot captain Wojciech Tomaszewski and Jan Rybak – head of the Dłutowo Voluntary Fire Department. It is located exactly where the plane stopped after the emergency landing, and in the same position.

This video is made in Polish language by the Urbex Team, however you may use subtitles or just look at stunning pictures.

It took over 500 hours of work in total, and it was built using 100 sheets of steel and approximately 6,000 rivets. The body painting features the original color, which was identified based on parts excavated from the accident location. There is also a memorial obelisk standing next to the machine. It has photos of pilots who died in similar crashes near Dlutow (the youngest of them was only 20 years old).

The Story of the Pilots

On September 4, 1939, the III Platoon of the 212th Bomb Squadron, based at the Kuciny airport near Aleksandrow Łódzki, under the command of Lieutenant Observer Kazimierz Żukowski, received an order to bomb German motorized columns in the Wielun area. None of the crews returned from this mission.

Emergency Landing

The formation of three planes was led by Łoś 72.43, commanded by Lt. Obs. Kazimierz Żukowski, to his left flew Łoś 72.16, led by Lt. Obs. Kazimierz Dzik, and to his right was Łoś 72.91, led by Lt. Obs. Mieczysław Bykowski. Soon after takeoff, the Łoś formation was intercepted by eight Messerschmitt BF109D from 1./ZG2. Lt. Obs. Kazimierz ukowski’s plane was shot down over the village of Sladkowice and crashed onto Stefan Dychto’s field after two attacks by the three Messerschmitts. The entire crew died. They were all buried at the cemetery in Dłutów.

Lt. Obs. Mieczysaw Bykowski’s shot-down plane crashed into a peat pit in the Patoki area (about 8 kilometers from Sladkowice). The plane was on fire. Only one pilot, Sgt. Pilot Kazimierz Kaczmarek, survived by jumping out with a parachute. He was rescued by the Polish army. After the fire was put out, only the wings and the tail of the plane stuck out of the wreckage. The local residents who arrived at the scene were unable to take the pilots out of the plane because of the fire. The bodies of two of them were taken out the next day. The body of the third pilot, Lt. Bykowski, was not extracted until 1940. They were all buried at the cemetery in Drużbice.

Łoś Aircraft Location

  • https://goo.gl/maps/xGhsqTHi524Gor626
  • 51.56056388451924, 19.35858207310773


These two abandoned planes in Poland offer a unique and interesting opportunity for exploration. Such forgotten places have a rich history as well as are surrounded by mystery, which makes them an exciting destination for those interested in urban exploration or aviation history. Not only can you enjoy the sights of these relics, but you can also learn about the events that took place in that area. Whether you’re an aviation enthusiast or you’re simply looking for a unique experience, a visit to these planes will surely be unforgettable.


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