Warm Your Winter with Poland’s Best Christmas Music Selections

Let me tell you about the Polish Christmas songs. They are as beautiful as the iconic American hits. Listen to my selected Christmas tunes, like „Jest taki dzień„, „Pada śnieg„, and „Ding Dong„. You’ll feel the magic of this special time!

Polish Christmas songs, alongside traditional carols, can make your Christmas merrier. But, let’s start early! The preparations for Christmas are the perfect time to listen to songs that will usher us into this unique time. The choice of Christmas hits is vast, with the polish song hit „Jest Taki dzień” leading the pack. However, this time, we’re focusing on Polish Christmas songs. I’ve picked 10 hits for you. Listen to them all!

Polish Christmas Songs – Top 10 Hits for Christmas

  • Czerwone Gitary – „Jest taki dzień
  • Skaldowie – „Z kopyta kulig rwie
  • Edyta Górniak, Krzysztof Antkowiak – „Pada śnieg
  • Arka Noego – „Świeć, gwiazdeczko, świeć
  • Blue Cafe – „Święta w nas
  • Katarzyna Skrzynecka – „Oszaleli Anieli
  • Kayah – „Ding Dong
  • Andrzej Piaseczny, Seweryn Krajewski – „Wielkie świąteczne całowanie”
  • Ryszard Rynkowski – „Dziś nadzieja rodzi się
  • De-Su – „Kto wie, czy za rogiem nie stoi Anioł z Bogiem”

Polish Christmas Songs

Below, you’ll find our chosen list of Polish Christmas songs. Among them, you’ll find nothing but hits, including a children’s Christmas song by Arka Noego. These are the biggest Christmas hits. You’ll definitely want these playing in your homes!

Czerwone Gitary – „Jest taki dzień

This is the biggest Christmas hit in our country. Everyone hums this song at Christmas. You could actually call it the Polish equivalent of Wham’s „Last Christmas”. This song is already over 43 years old. The music was composed by Seweryn Krajewski, and the lyrics are by Krzysztof Dzikowski (a lyricist for major hits of Czerwone Gitary, such as „Anna Maria„, „Ciągle pada„, „Tak bardzo się starałem” and for other outstanding artists).

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Excerpt from „Jest taki dzień” translated into English (just so you know what it means):

There’s such a day…
Very warm, though it’s December.
Day, a normal day,
When all disputes end.

There’s such a day,
When joy greets everyone,
Day, that every
One of us knows from the cradle…

Skaldowie – „Z kopyta kulig rwie

Next on our list is „Z kopyta kulig rwie„, one of the most popular songs by Skaldowie. It was written in 1969 for the movie „Kulig„. In 2014, this song made its debut on the official charts of the most frequently broadcast songs on radio stations in Poland. I think it is worth saying that probably everyone in Poland knows this Christmas song, right?

Excerpt from „Z kopyta kulig rwie” translated into English:

Pa pa pa pa pa pa pa…

The sleighs are pulled by mountain horses,
Hey, there are girls in the sleigh, with highlanders beside them. / x2
Pa pa pa pa pa pa pa…
Someone yells something, we don’t know what,
Hey, the echo responds, they’re paid for it. / x2
Pa pa pa pa pa pa pa…

Edyta Górniak, Krzysztof Antkowiak – „Pada śnieg

Next up, the queen of Polish pop music in a beautiful composition from her mini-album „Kolędy„. The amazing voice of Edyta Górniak in duet with Krzysztof Antkowiak will melt anyone’s heart. We also love this magical song for Christmas.

Excerpt from „Pada śnieg” translated into English:

When the Old Year is already gray
Frost loses on trees
When you already have
The smells of the big Christmas chest in you
A Christmas carp is already swimming in the bathtub
The balcony turns into a forest
Dad hides something because
He had a meeting with Santa…

Arka Noego – „Świeć, gwiazdeczko, świeć

The well-known and once very popular children’s music band Arka Noego has something typically Christmassy in their repertoire. „Świeć, gwiazdeczko, świeć” is a very cheerful, joyous Christmas song for children. I can tell, your little ones also love it, don’t they?

Excerpt from „Świeć gwiazdeczko, świeć” translated into English:

Lead me where God was born
Lead me, I can’t be late x2
Ref: Shine, little star, shine
Lead me to Jesus… x2

Blue Cafe – „Święta w nas

A few years ago, Blue Cafe recorded their Christmas offering, featuring the current vocalist – Dominika Gawęda. Even though it’s a relatively new song, it’s already a Christmas hit!

Excerpt from „Święta w nas” translated into English:

The sky is full of stars today
And again, the Christmas time is so close
Everyone becomes a child
As in a white dream
Everyone is together
Another year burns with the power of wishes…

Katarzyna Skrzynecka – „Oszaleli Anieli

This is one of the most popular Christmas songs performed by the famous actress, who is highly talented vocally. „Oszaleli Anieli” is a Christmas song that should resound in every home. It’s wonderful!

Excerpt from „Oszaleli Anieli” translated into English:

Angels have gone mad, angels…

We, the little ones on earth,
Wrapped in the mist of cold…
Like little flames, we resist the frost…
When the house of our hands
Will protect warm words…
So our hearts won’t freeze to the bone…

Kayah – „Ding Dong

In 2014, Kayah joined the stars who recorded their Christmas offerings for fans. Since then, during the Christmas period, this song is one of the most poplar on many Polish radio stations. No wonder, it’s a very Christmassy, atmospheric song!

Excerpt from „Ding Dong” translated into English:

Where does this confusion come from,
Why such a bustle,
There is outside the window today,
After all, the world… yesterday seemed to sleep.

It’s a bit like a fairy tale, isn’t it?
You won’t be fooled, you’re grown up after all…

Ding Dong…

Andrzej Piaseczny, Seweryn Krajewski – „Wielkie świąteczne całowanie”

This is the result of a collaboration between a well-known vocalist and one of Poland’s most outstanding composers. The song is the quintessence of everything that’s most important in Christmas – happiness, forgiveness, joy, and love.

Excerpt from „Wielkie świąteczne całowanie” translated into English:

Today, fire reconciles with water
You’ll get a snowball today
An invitation in the middle of winter
For a big Christmas kiss…

Ryszard Rynkowski – „Dziś nadzieja rodzi się

Ryszard Rynkowski is one of the veterans of the Polish music scene. His interpretation of the song „Dziś nadzieja rodzi się nadzieja” touches the heart! Have a listen:

Excerpt from „Dziś nadzieja rodzi się” translated into English:

What taste does the snow have now.
The taste of wafer or the taste of tears?
So much sorrow is absorbed by the whiteness.
So many wishes the whiteness will take in…

De-Su – „Kto wie, czy za rogiem nie czai się Anioł z Bogiem”

This song is by a female vocal trio popular in the 90s. It’s a real Christmas hit, probably known and liked by everyone, so it couldn’t be missing from our compialtion of Polish Christmas songs.

Excerpt from „Kto wie, czy za rogiem nie stoi anioł z Bogiem” translated into English:

Who knows, around the corner
Is there an Angel with God?
Not observing the events,
And not fulfilling dreams,
Who knows?…


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