Where to Party in Sopot: The Best Clubs and Bars

Sopot has been a beloved tourist destination for many years, and it’s no wonder why. There’s no one who hasn’t heard of the Forest Opera or the longest wooden pier in Europe. For centuries, the artistic and intellectual parts of Poland have come to the city, and visitors from around the world have come to bask in the sun. It’s also a popular spot for locals to admire the power of the sea and the wide sandy beach. Plus, the city is a hotspot for clubgoers on the weekends, as the dance floors are always full of people, especially those from the capital. It’s easy to find something fun to do in Sopot – here are the top discos that are definitely worth checking out.

Sfinks (Sphinx)

Sfinks 700, located at Aleja Franciszka Mamuszki 1, is a music venue that aims to cater to all preferences. They feature two distinct rooms, one offering more intense music and the other with a more soothing, chill vibe. The venue offers plenty of space with separate bars, so you can take a break to chat or dance until sunrise without having to fight through a large crowd. The club also serves delicious food and features unique concerts.

Gorzko Gorzko

If you’re looking for a place to throw a wedding-style bash, Gorzko Gorzko in Sopot is the spot. Let your imagination run wild as you and your guests are greeted with a bride and groom, a ringleader, and all your favorite wedding snacks and games. And of course, no wedding would be complete without a bit of bubbly! Even though evening attire is recommended, it’s not a requirement. So, who’s ready to get the party started?

Kiss Ass

For those who love classic rock music, Kiss Ass at 6 Grunwaldzka Street in Sopot is an excellent option. You can enjoy a cigarette in the hall without any qualms, though its size may not be sufficient due to its increasing popularity. People who visit the club often are delighted by the extremely affordable prices for alcoholic beverages.

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Atelier – Music Club

Looking for a place to dance in Sopot? Look no further than the Atelier Club. Located at the edge of the Northern Park and within the foyers of two theaters, this club has been alive and kicking since the early 2000s. With music from the 70s, 80s and 90s, Atelier Club is the perfect place to let loose and enjoy a drink while admiring the sea and pier. The club also prides itself on its stylish glassware, which is becoming harder and harder to find in establishments nowadays.

Zła Kobieta (Bad Woman)

If late-night fun is what you’re looking for, you should check out the club at 53 Bohaterów Monte Cassino Street in the Crooked House. This is the perfect spot for dancers who want to keep the party going until the sun rises. With a wide variety of music, you can enjoy the newest songs as well as some old favorites.

Dive into Sopot’s Nightlife with a Local Guide

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If you ever find yourself in Sopot, Poland, scratching your head about which pub to hit up, don’t sweat it. I have another solution for you: get yourself a local professional guide. These folks know the ins and outs of Sopot’s pub scene like the back of their hands. They’ll guide you effortlessly through the city’s top pubs, ensuring you get the most out of your time. Here’s why embarking on this pub crawl with a guide is a no-brainer:

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The Benefits of Guided Pub Crawling

I think we all love simplicity, right? Especially when we’re trying to have a good time. This guided pub crawl does just that. It cuts through the confusion and provides a fun, no-nonsense way to enjoy Sopot’s buzzing nightlife. A local guide, steeped in the city’s history, will not just take you pub-hopping. They’ll give you a slice of Sopot’s culture that goes way beyond a regular night out.

I am convinced that these guides can enhance your experience in a multitude of ways. For starters, they introduce you to local customs and traditional Polish drinks. These local insights not only enrich your cultural knowledge but also ramp up the fun quotient.

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Keeping the Gang Together

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Sit Back and Enjoy the Ride

Most importantly, I believe that by having a professional guide at your side, you get to let your hair down completely. You can just focus on enjoying your night, knowing that you’re soaking in the best of Sopot’s pub scene, thanks to your expert guide.

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Mewa Towarzyska (Social Seagull)

From the moment it opened, Mewa Towarzyska has become a favorite of Sopot’s nightlife. Smaller than the other clubs, it’s a great spot to gather and let loose, with an inviting and relaxed atmosphere, and plenty of tunes from the past two decades – from pop to rock and funky. With a focus on fun and not on fancy clothes or money, this place often hosts themed parties that are sure to be a hit!

Unique Club

It’s impossible to miss Unique Club Sopot at Plac Zdrojowy 1, situated right in the middle of the bustling tourist hub. Every weekend brings something new and exciting in the form of musical events. It’s also a popular spot for regulars to host corporate functions, birthdays, and bachelorette/bachelor parties.


The EGO club is not only famous for its renowned DJs, but also for its incredible service that ensures customer satisfaction. If you’re looking for a night out with amazing music, modern vibes, and professional service, then Club Ego is the place to be. You’ll be taken away by the best genres: hip hop, soul, r’n’b, URBAN and TRAP, while the original drinks will be sure to lift your spirits. Head to Crooked House on Monciak and let the night begin!

Wtedy” Club

The club located on 16 Tadeusza Kosciuszko Street in Sopot is a wonderful destination for those who want to have a pleasant evening without the hustle and bustle of a larger crowd. It is usually frequented by young adults and couples, so it’s a great place to go if you are looking to get away from the teen scene. It is a great spot to relax and feel comfortable without any pressure.

3 Siostry (3 Sisters)

“3 Siostry” is an exclusive spot with a unique atmosphere that pulls people in. It’s a place with soul, and its vintage decor, accompanied by the iconic women’s shoes scattered around, makes it unlike any other. The drinks, beer, and music provided by the DJ will keep you coming back, even though the space is limited. Nevertheless, you can still have a great time, dancing on the platform or the tables.

Viva Club

If you’re in Sopot, you won’t have any trouble getting to Viva Club Sopot – it’s situated at Aleja Franciszka Mamuszki 2. There are plenty of ticketed shows featuring a variety of Polish musicians, so both club music aficionados and hard rock fans can find something to enjoy.

Tan Club

If you’re not a fan of the overwhelming energy of a big city and the loud noises that come with it, the Tan Club is a great alternative. This spot is known for the intimate atmosphere created by its sophisticated decorations, which include wood, marble, and dark colors. Located at Bohaterów Monte Cassino 63/6 of the Haffner Center in Sopot, it’s the perfect place for a night out. Enjoy two distinct dance floors, a unique bar, and friendly staff.


If you’re planning to let loose, Story Sopot is the place for you! Situated in the Sopot Centrum building near the train station, the club offers more than 400 m2 of space for all sorts of fun. With a roof terrace equipped with deck chairs, a hookah, and plenty of room to dance, you’ll have a unique experience each and every night. Pop in and see for yourself – who knows what could happen!

Avangarda Beers & More

Avangarda Beers & More is a great spot in Sopot to check out! It’s situated at 7c/1 Dworcowa St. 6, and you can do more than just sip on some tasty beer – there’s dancing, cultural and fun events, plus some yummy food!

Party Buddy-Pub Crawl

Party Buddy-Pub Crawl is a great spot for everyone to come and hang out, no matter the size of your group. It’s conveniently located on 53 Bohaterów Monte Cassino Street, and there’s plenty to do – from playing social games and shooting range games to relaxing in the shisha bar. Tourists can’t get enough of this place, as it’s a great way to meet other travelers and make new friends. And if you need help, the staff are always on hand to provide their expertise and assistance. It’s also popular with foreign visitors, who find it easy to communicate there. It’s even a common meeting point for people who are offering to rent a room or be a guide to Sopot and the whole Tri-City area.

Spatif Pub

Spatif Pub-Klub Środowisk Twórczych is a charming Sopot establishment. It was once a hangout for the artistic elite of Poland. Nowadays, it is open to everyone without the need for an invitation or any special membership. Visitors of all ages gather to enjoy themselves, and the music is always carefully chosen by the DJ to please all those present – a point that the regulars are quick to point out.

If you this list is not enough for you, I suggest you take a look at clubs in those two close cities: Gdańsk and Gdynia. I am sure you will find something special for you. You can also hire professional pub guide, as I describe below.


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