Zakopane’s Nightlife Gems: A Guide to the Best Clubs

Zakopane is an iconic destination in Poland. It is visited by travelers from all corners of the country. Thanks to its stunning landscapes and snowy weather, the town is an ideal spot for winter sports like trekking, skiing, and snowboarding. Furthermore, there are plenty of museums, aqua parks, and attractions that are suitable for all ages. In the center of Zakopane, you can find all kinds of places – from bars and restaurants to music clubs and discos. They are open day and night. If you’re looking for the best spots for a great time, here are places in and around Zakopane that you must visit.

Muzyczna Grota Młyńska

If you are a fan of Podhale culture, then Music Club Grota is definitely the place to be. Here, you can partake in concerts, dances, and highland-style performances, as well as be entertained with Balkan music in the evenings or partake in a Carpathian feast. The Grota is based at a Zakopane inn. In addition to alcoholic beverages, you can also enjoy local specialties and regional culinary treats.

Although it looks like an inn from the outside, once you get in, you’ll find a dance floor and some of the best DJs around to put on a show every Saturday night. Not to mention the delicious drinks and food they have to offer. Come on down and join in on the fun!

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Le Scandale

If you’re looking for something a bit different, check out Le Scandale. It’s the perfect spot for a night out. There are three distinct rooms to explore: the Aperitif Bar, which has comfy couches and tables and serves up tasty cocktails and hot dishes; the Cocktail Room, which is the perfect place for a boogie; and the Music Loft, which is ideal for private events like hen and stag dos, corporate events, and receptions. As well as the great music, the club also boasts an extensive selection of spirits from around the globe, that can be mixed into delicious and exotic drinks. There’s also themed evenings, regular events, and performances by artists and musicians.

Le Scandale is a wonderful spot for those in their 30s. It has something for everyone, being a fresh bar that is open to new ideas, boasting the best music and a stylish interior.

La Playa

If you’re looking for a night out with a twist, La Playa is the place to be. Located in the middle of the Tatra Mountains, this joint blends together the best of a pub, pizzeria, and music club. Although you won’t find a huge dance floor and flashy lights, the atmosphere at La Playa is always buzzing. They offer drinks and unique local beers, as well as organizing themed parties, dances, and sports picnics. It’s the ideal spot for those looking for a cozy, laid back night out!

Odskocznia na Parkiecie

If you’re looking for a great night out in Zakopane, you have to check out Odskocznia na Parkiecie! Not only do they serve up delicious regional dishes like oscypek, highlander sour soup, pork knuckle, and lamb, but they also host dance parties with live music every evening. You can get your groove on until late with the daily musical performances – and of course, wash it all down with some fine drinks and local spirits!

Brewery Watra

At the Watra Brewery Restaurant, visitors will be welcomed to an industrial-style space with a cozy, hospitable atmosphere. This little venue is a great spot to come for a night out, with live music, dancing, and traditional Podhale dances. They offer a selection of beers, wines, regional spirits, and tasty snacks and dishes for dinner.

The „Granit”

The „Granit” in Zakopane is the place to be for weekend fun! It’s a great music club with lots of amenities, like VIP boxes and amazing lighting. The dance floor is always packed with young people on Fridays and Saturdays, and the bar selection is unbeatable. Plus, there are tons of themed events, performances from well-known DJs, and the option to book private events like bachelor and bachelorette parties and birthdays.

This hotspot boasts a range of special events and live performances, situated close to the well-known Krupowki street, making it a popular destination for travelers from across the globe.

Vavavoom Club

Klub Vavavoom is without a doubt the most favored music venue in Zakopane. For the past seventeen years, its dance floors have been continually filled with patrons. The club has a vast selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages from all over the globe, and it’s home to many regular and theme-based gatherings such as St. Andrew’s, Santa Claus and Halloween parties. Every December, the club celebrates its birthday with an extravagant celebration, drawing in people from the whole region.

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The club is popular with people in their 20s, but it’s also open to those in their 30s, who can stay until sunrise and have a great time. This awesome spot has been around for 30 years, boasting a unique atmosphere and industrial-style lounges.

Europejska Restaurant / Club

If you’re looking for a great place to eat, drink and have a good time, then you won’t want to miss the amazing restaurant on Krupówki Street! Not only does it have a cozy cafe downstairs, but an upstairs club for a night out. The food is delicious and the prices are affordable – what more could you ask for? The bar staff are knowledgeable and can chat with guests in a friendly manner, and the atmosphere is always interesting. Plus, the interior is finished with style and class.


Piekielko is the perfect place to go if you’re looking to have a great time! Not only is it a disco with billiards, but it also works as a cafe, so you can enjoy some delicious food and drinks while you’re here. When the night starts getting going, you can head to the dance floor and move to the beat of the biggest hits. It’s situated in the Central Sports Center and provides a great atmosphere, a huge dance floor, delicious drinks, and the chance to meet some really interesting people.

„Bania” Club – Town: Bialka Tatrzanska

If you’re visiting Podhale, you won’t want to miss the amazing Bania Thermal Baths in Białka Tatrzańska. Not only does this place feature a plethora of thermal pools, a restaurant, and a hotel, but you can also enjoy a music club. With its modern, roomy interiors and futuristic lighting, it’s the perfect place to have a night to remember, full of fun and dancing to the best hits. As an added bonus, you can find all kinds of craft beers and excellent wines and strong spirits from all over the world at the bars.

Casanova – Town: Ciche

The Casanova club is located in the small village of Ciche, just 20 kilometers from Zakopane. The club boasts two lively disco halls, where guests can dance to popular hits across genres including pop, R&B, Latin American music, and Polish music. Three bars offer an array of colorful drinks, including alcohol and soft drinks. Additionally, the club features a pizzeria with a wide selection of quick snacks.

Toaster – Town: Nowy Targ

The Toster Music Club is located in the picturesque Nowy Targ Market Square, just 23km from the center of Zakopane. Every weekend, the club comes alive with dance-themed parties and electrifying performances by DJs, ensuring that the audience has a great time. The Toster boasts a modern interior design, a lively party atmosphere, and a wide range of alcohol and drinks to choose from in the restaurant.

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