Butcher of Zakopane: He Dreamed of Becoming a Serial Killer

Józef C. had a strong fascination with serial killers, and one day he met a 16-year-old boy who offered him a ride home. Unfortunately, Józef took advantage of the situation and murdered the boy in his sleep.

The District Court in Nowy Sącz sentenced Józef to 25 years in prison. The victim’s family is still fighting for justice, hoping to increase the sentence to life in prison.

I can never forgive him for what he did, it has completely changed my life.

– said the heartbroken mother.

The court sentenced Józef C. to 25 years in prison for the murder of 16-year-old Marcin. Józef will be eligible for parole after 20 years and must pay financial compensation to Marcin’s family. The prosecutor requested further psychiatric tests, but the court refused. The prosecutor’s office will now consider an appeal, while the victim’s family has already announced its intention to appeal the court’s decision.

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The Night of The Crime

On the night of August 11-12, 2014, Józef C. got behind the wheel, armed with a hammer, gloves and a malicious plan. He knew that there was a festival at the Tooth and it was the perfect opportunity to find someone drunk and trusting. As fate would have it, he stumbled upon 16-year-old Marcin Majerczyk from Ząb.

Disguising his intentions, he offered the teenager a ride home, only to take him to the forest of Brzeziny near Zakopane. There he hit him several times with a hammer and threw him out of the car. In an effort to cover his tracks, he left a signature in the form of a note on the boy’s phone that read „Sasquatch”.

Butcher of Zakopane at the Crime Scene | Source: Zakopane Police

This is the name of the mythical creature from North America, and it was made at 4 a.m., leading officers to conclude that it must be the signature of the killer.

Disappearance of the Victim

The investigation into Marcin’s disappearance quickly linked the body found in the woods to him. Identification of the body confirmed this fact, and the autopsy revealed that he had been struck five times in the head with a blunt object, most likely a hammer.

The police initially suspected three young people who had conflicts with Marcin, but after questioning they were found to have nothing to do with the crime.

Marcin Was Well Known and Popular

The disagreements were mainly the result of a lack of appreciation for Marcin, who was a well-liked person in Ząb. Despite his difficulties at school, he was a kind soul. It was difficult to find anyone in the area who would speak ill of Marcin. He avoided trouble, was always smiling and led a peaceful life. He even helped out with the volunteer fire department.

He also worked as a taxi driver in Gubałówka and was even featured on the cover of Bravo Sport magazine as a sports enthusiast.

Police focused on the suspected killer’s signature, which was quickly linked to rapper Ice Cub’s song „Sasquatch,” which featured a murder scene in the woods. The video has since been viewed nearly 14 million times on YouTube. In addition, evidence indicated that the car that likely drove Marcin to the tourist trail was muddy, suggesting that its owner had gone to a car wash afterward.

Victim’s Family

Danuta Majerczyk, the victim’s mother, has been demanding a life sentence for Józef C. ever since. However, the court said it couldn’t impose such a sentence because the man had cooperated with the justice system. In an interview with TVN24.pl, Danuta Majerczyk spoke about her son Marcin, an innocent victim of the tragedy.

She described him as a polite, quiet and hardworking child who had no enemies. She also expressed her sorrow that Józef C. had ruined her life and that she could not forgive him for his actions. Before the court hearing, the prosecutor described the event as follows: Józef C. offered Marcin a ride home and then murdered him by beating him at least four times with a hammer.

Both the victim’s family and the prosecution asked the court to sentence Józef C. to life imprisonment, but the court ruled that such a sentence could not be imposed because the convict had cooperated with the justice system.

In an interview with TVN24.pl, Danuta Majerczyk spoke about her son Marcin, who was a kind, calm and hardworking person without any enemies. She expressed her pain that Józef C. had taken her life and that she could not forgive him.

The prosecutor described the incident in detail, stating that Józef C. had offered Marcin a ride home and then struck him at least four times with a hammer.

Józef the Butcher Was Interested in Crimes Since Young Age

The 22-year-old man confessed to the police in Zakopane that he has been interested in serial killers for a long time. He revealed that he was particularly fascinated by Ted Bundy, who is widely regarded as one of the most heinous serial killers in the history of the United States. Bundy had confessed to more than 30 murders.

On this particular night, the man wanted to kill someone, police reported after questioning him.

He had gone to the festival in Ząb on August 10th and had driven his car to offer a ride home to the people he chose. He even had two men in his car, but let them go because he „enjoyed talking to them,” according to the police officer in charge of the case. The two men were lucky to escape with their lives.


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