Termy Chochołowskie – A Perfect Family Getaway for Relaxation and Fun

Let me say that if you’re looking for a fantastic family-friendly destination, look no further than the Termy Chochołowskie. Located in the serene town of Chochołów, just a few minutes away from the bustling center of Zakopane, this thermal pool complex offers a stunning view of the nearby Tatra Mountains. Opened in 2016, it’s the largest of its kind in Podhale, and I am convinced it has something for everyone in the family.

Dive into the Warm Embrace of Healing Thermal Baths

I believe that the 30 pools and barrels filled with thermal water, known for their healing properties, are the main attractions of Termy Chochołowskie. The complex features both outdoor and indoor pools, with the outdoor area boasting two thermal pools covering a total area of 1,493 square meters. You’ll also find thrilling features like an artificial wave, a wild river, and water jets.

If you need some indoor relaxation, there are pools with massage stations, seven smaller Jacuzzi basins, and an impressive 79 square meter Jacuzzi. I think the special brine Jacuzzi is definitely worth trying – it’s the ultimate relaxation experience!

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Fun-Filled Attractions for Kids at Termy Chochołowskie

Being there, you need to know that the Chochołowski Baths complex has plenty of attractions designed specifically for kids. They offer two separate zones: the Small Children’s Zone and the Big Children’s Zone. The Small Children’s Zone features a 35 square meter playground and a paddling pool with a depth of just 30 centimeters, ensuring a safe playtime for little ones.

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For the more adventurous kids, the Big Kids Zone offers family slides and a steam room designed just for them! Parents will also appreciate the Aquarium playroom. And if you visit durin the summer months, don’t miss the outdoor water playground and the Ship swimming pool!

Sports and Swimming Activities at Chochołowskie Baths

I know that Chochołowskie Baths has something for everyone, including swimming enthusiasts! The complex is divided into two levels, offering a range of options for swimmers of all levels. On level 0, you’ll find a 16 × 8-meter swimming pool, perfect for enjoying a leisurely swim.

I need to say, this might be one of the safest swimming pools in Poland, thanks to the specialized POSEIDON monitoring system that supports lifeguards by monitoring swimmers’ behaviors. For those looking to beat their personal best, level -1 houses a 25 × 10-meter sports swimming pool.

Outdoor Thermal Pools with Water Attractions

If you want some fresh air, the outdoor thermal pools offer an array of water attractions:

  • LEVEL 0: A 638 m² pool with a depth of 1.2 meters, featuring an artificial wave, water jets, basketball, and volleyball
  • LEVEL -1: An 855 m² pool with a depth of 1.25 meters, boasting a rappid river, artificial wave, water jets, climbing net, and water bar

Indoor Thermal Pools

For some indoor relaxation, the complex offers:

  • Two 99 m² swimming pools with a depth of 1.2 meters, complete with massage stations
  • Seven small jacuzzi pools, six of them measuring 4.9 m² and 1-meter deep, and one 16 m² pool, also 1-meter deep
  • A large 79 m² jacuzzi pool with a depth of 1 meter
  • A salt jacuzzi measuring 16 m² and 1-meter deep

Fun and Play for Kids at Chochołowskie Baths

Children Zone in Chochołowskie Termy

It’s worth mentioning that the Chochołowskie Baths also cater to children, offering:

  • A Small Children’s Zone with a 35 m² indoor playground and a 0.3-meter deep paddling pool
  • A Big Children’s Zone featuring indoor family slides and a steam room just for kids
  • The Aquarium playroom on level +1, located next to the café
  • An outdoor playground with water attractions and the Ship swimming pool (open only during summer)

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Operating Hours

Here are the opening hours for various facilities at Chochołowskie Baths:

  • Pools: 9:00-22:00
  • Sauna: 10:00-22:00
  • Spa: 9:00-21:00
  • Sports Center: 8:00-22:00
  • Restaurant: 12:00-21:00 (Saturday 12:00-22:00)
  • Chochołowskie Miscellaneous: 9:00-20:00
  • Sports Shop: 9:00-20:30


The prices for Chochołowskie Termy vary depending on the season and the type of ticket. Here are the ticket prices for both high and low seasons:

High Season Prices (Valid during holidays, weekends, and long weekends):

Ticket Type3hNo Time LimitEntrance after 19:00Family Tickets (2+1)Family Tickets (2+2)Third and subsequent child
NormalPLN 89PLN 129PLN 69PLN 219PLN 249PLN 39
Discounted (3-16 Years)PLN 69PLN 109PLN 55
Senior 60+ / DisabledPLN 75PLN 115PLN 59PLN 309PLN 369PLN 49
High Season Prices 2023

Low Season Prices (Valid outside the period of holidays, weekends, and long weekends):

Ticket Type3hNo Time LimitEntrance after 19:00Family Tickets (2+1)Family Tickets (2+2)Third and subsequent child
NormalPLN 75PLN 105PLN 59PLN 179PLN 209PLN 29
Discounted (3-16 Years)PLN 55PLN 85PLN 45
Senior 60+ / DisabledPLN 59PLN 89PLN 49PLN 249PLN 299PLN 39
Low Season Prices 2023

Kids under 3 years old can enjoy the facilities for free! Please note that the swimming pool is reserved for swimmers or swimming schools under the supervision of an instructor. The maximum number of people allowed in the pool is 50. The age limit for child pricing is from the 3rd birthday up to the 16th birthday.

Keep in mind that there’s a surcharge for exceeding the time limit, which is PLN 0.50 for each minute per person. Additionally, there’s a one-time surcharge of PLN 10 per person for the swimming pool and PLN 40 per person for the Saunarium. If you happen to leave the facility 15 minutes after closing, there’s a PLN 15 surcharge per person, with an additional charge of PLN 15 for every subsequent 5 minutes.

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Accommodations Near Termy Chochołowskie

Below I will provide you with unmatched accommodation experience in close proximity to the rejuvenating Chochołowskie thermal pools. The close location is the perfect choice for those seeking a blend of relaxation, revitalization, and convenience. The thermal pools are just a stone’s throw away, saving you time and making your stay even more relaxing and enjoyable.

Here are few reasons why I choose to stay in close proximity to thermal pools instead of the center of Zakopane:

  1. Convenience – With accommodation just steps away from the thermal pools, you can easily slip from your room to the pools whenever you desire. No long travel times or busy schedules to worry about – you are at the heart of your relaxation destination.
  2. Flexibility – Having your accommodation close to the thermal pools gives you the freedom to plan your day as you wish. Want an early morning soak or a late-night dip? It’s all possible and completely hassle-free.
  3. Time-Saving -Traveling to distant attractions can consume a substantial part of your vacation time. By staying close to the thermal pools, you maximize your relaxation and exploration time.
  4. Immersive Experience – Staying close to the thermal pools lets you fully immerse yourself in the thermal pool experience. The healing power of thermal waters and the stunning mountain views will be at your disposal throughout your stay.
  5. Uninterrupted Relaxation – Your relaxation doesn’t have to be limited to the time spent in the thermal pools. The tranquility of the area permeates your accommodation, ensuring a peaceful, restorative retreat from dawn to dusk and beyond.

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