Discovering The Top 5 Oriental Restaurants In Zakopane

Located near the Tatra Mountains, Zakopane has been a haven for Polish artists since the late 19th century. Its unique atmosphere and rich history attract visitors from all over the world. To cater to different tastes, the city offers a variety of dining options, from traditional highland taverns to more exotic fare. I’m happy to share my top 5 restaurant picks in Zakopane.

What Does Oriental Vietnamese and Chinese Cuisine Offer in Zakopane?

Have you come to the Zakopane area and felt the urge to taste something special? Eastern cuisine is here to offer you a wide variety of traditional savory dishes, delicious desserts and tasty snacks. Check out the local restaurants or bars to find a place that serves Chinese food.

Not only will you enjoy the amazing flavors, but you’ll also save some money with the attractive prices. Plus, you can order food to be delivered to your address or pick it up yourself, making it an even more convenient and time-saving option. Here are the best oriental restaurants in town:

1. Omakase Sushi

Food in Omakase Sushi Zakopane

This Oriental-style restaurant offers a cozy and inviting atmosphere. At Omakase Sushi Zakopane you can enjoy delicious tom yum and ramen soups, as well as sushi with unique twists like smoked salmon and tempura asparagus, or futomaki with goat cheese and pomegranate. In my experience, their vegetarian-friendly options and Japanese plum wine are sure to please.

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2. Złoty Smok (Golden Dragon)

Located in Krupówki, the Golden Dragon serves some of the best Chinese cuisine in the heart of the Tatra Mountains. The exotic décor and friendly staff complement the flavorful dishes with hot spices and tantalizing aromas. You’ll find a variety of meat, fish and vegetable dishes, all available in sweet and sour, spicy, bamboo or curry sauces.

3. Sumo Sushi

Sumo Sushi in Zakopane is the place to go for all kinds of rice rolls, from nigiri and uromaki to sashimi. Beautifully presented on dark trays, the sushi includes ingredients such as salmon, tuna and a medley of vegetables. Be sure to try their traditional Japanese broth-based soups, flavored with aromatic miso paste, seafood, lemongrass, and boiled vegetables.

4. Hoang Gia

Reminiscent of an Asian temple decorated with lanterns and oriental ornaments, Hoang Gia serves Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Thai dishes. I recommend their Vietnamese Bamboo Soup and Hoang Gia Meatball Soup. The meat dishes with bean sprouts are an explosion of flavor. The turkey or Thai chicken with coconut are excellent choices for those who prefer milder flavors.

5. Cristina Restaurant & Pizzeria

Cristina Ristorante & Pizzeria brings Italian flavors to Zakopane. This cozy place, lit by Edison bulbs and equipped with a large oven, uses Italian ingredients such as Naples coffee and special flour for its pizzas. Seafood lovers will enjoy grilled octopus, shrimp skewers, and pasta with mussels. Pizza lovers will enjoy the delicious thin crust options.

Prices of Asian Cuisine in Zakopane

Here are some average prices you can expect when visiting Chinese and other Asian restaurants in Zakopane:

Spring rolls with rice and salad18.00 – 25.00 PLN / portion
Chicken in five flavors19.00 – 29.00 PLN / portion
Crispy chicken23.00 – 28.00 PLN / portion
Shrimps in five flavors18.00 – 39.00 PLN / portion
Spicy beef22.00 – 28.00 PLN / portion
Duck in sweet and sour sauce18.00 – 24.00 PLN / portion
Chinese soup with chicken12.00 – 18.00 PLN / portion
Squid in batter19.00 – 28.00 PLN / portion
Delivery5.00 – 15.00 PLN


As an experienced traveler, I love to explore new cultures, people and places. Traveling has always been a rewarding experience for me, as it teaches me so much and brings immense joy to my life. Every destination has something surprising and inspiring to offer. Sharing my impressions and experiences with others is something I truly enjoy. I hope my recommendations for Zakopane will enhance your visit to this remarkable city. Don’t hesitate to try these fantastic restaurants. Make the most of your time in the stunning Tatra Mountains region.