Explore Zakopane in Style: Rent an Electric Scooter

Are you considering a visit to Zakopane, but don’t feel like walking around? Or maybe you’re tired of traffic jams and the sweltering heat of a car? You can try something different. Get out of the car and rent an electric scooter to explore all of Zakopane and enjoy a refreshing ride.

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Effortless Fun

Discover the charms of Zakopane, rent an electric scooter and explore the city at your own pace. You can find them almost everywhere, with the help of an app or in person. Whether you’re a young or an adult, you can get around and see what Zakopane has to offer. You won’t get tired on a scooter and you can enjoy the fresh air while avoiding traffic jams.

Take a ride along Krupówki, remembering that it’s a busy area. Afterwards you can visit Motylarnia, Escape Room, Be Happy Museum, galleries and museums. Want something more extreme? Just rent the necessary equipment and head to Gubałówka, where you can take on the Highlander Slide or try sliding down the ski jump pontoon. Finally, take the chairlift to the top like a professional ski jumper. Electric scooters allow you to explore Zakopane with ease.

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Zakopane Sightseeing on a Scooter

Hop on and take a photo of the picturesque Tatra Mountains with the Zakopane logo in the background. Then explore Równia Krupowa or the city park with ease – without having to expend any energy. Parking is not a problem, you can leave your scooter almost anywhere. Take a ride from Gubałówka to Kuźnice and visit the Tatra Museum, Willa Atma or the TPN Nature Education Center.

You can use your scooter in parks, on sidewalks and by the roadside where there are no sidewalks, as long as you’re not in an area with a ban. For safety, it’s recommended that you wear a helmet, especially if you’re under 18.

Where To Rent a Scooter in Zakopane?

  • Rentals usually operate from 10:00 to 20:00
  • 1h/person – PLN 30/ PLN 35
  • 2h/person – PLN 50
  • Freestanding electric scooters can be
    rented in the application for no less than PLN 25

When you buy a ticket, you are guaranteed the service. If you decide to cancel your reservation, the ticket fee will not be refunded. It is necessary to provide a valid phone number and e-mail address when making a reservation. The organizer cannot be held responsible for any losses or errors resulting from the inability to contact the customer due to incorrect contact information.

Scooter Rental Company in Zakopane

  • St. Nowotarska 27B, 34-500 Zakopane, Poland
  • Phone: +48 609 697 444
  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • Website: hulajnogi-zakopane.pl


  • hulajnogi-zakopane.pl