Military Surplus in Poland – Treasures and Cheap Military Items

Let’s talk about this unique military surplus online store we have in Poland run by the Military Property Agency (AMW). Here, you can snag some really cool, cost-effective military equipment and a variety of other knick-knacks. If you’re a military enthusiast or on the hunt for a quirky gift, you need to check out the offerings of the AMW store. Want to know what you can currently pick up at a bargain from the army? Stick around, I’ve got the details and photos right here!

This store isn’t just a random assortment of used items, far from it. Much of the AMW store’s inventory has never seen the light of day outside military storage. Sure, some of these items have served their time in the army and proved their worth, but they’re still in prime condition and ready for everyday use.

Military Surplus Means Something for Everyone

Now, you might be wondering: „Is the AMW store really for me?” Let me say, it’s not just for military enthusiasts or collectors of war-time memorabilia. If you’re a DIY maven, interior design guru, a tailor, or dressmaker, there’s definitely something for you here. Are you searching for budget-friendly gear for your home or garden? Being there, you need to know that the AMW offers some truly unique finds.

What’s up for grabs at the AMW store currently? Well, it’s not just about military clothes or boots. You’ll also find plenty of unusual items, like a wind circle, a nifty device to gauge the wind direction. Allow me to explain, you can also snag different types of specialized bags, covers, and chests from the army, and the prices are a real steal.

More Than Surplus Military Equipment

I think it’s worth to say that the Military Property Agency’s online store doesn’t stop at just military equipment. They also stock sets of utensils for shoe cleaning and maintenance, as well as shaving accessories. I am convinced you won’t find these unique items just anywhere! If you wnt to add some army-grade stuff to your home, you know where to look.

A Few Zlotys for Military Gear? Yes, Please!

What could you snag for just a few zlotys at the AMW website? I think it’s worth saying, the array of goods they offer is pretty impressive. Check out some of these cool items:

ItemDescriptionPrice (PLN)
SlippersBlack, Military Sizes: 25, 26, 27, 29, 30, 31, Liner length (cm): 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 315
Toothbrush CaseMade of green plastic2
GlovesFabric, black9
Porcelain Saucer14cm diameter, white with green strip decoration4
Spice PlateLubiana spice dish, 13cm diameter, made of white porcelain5
Shoe BrushMade of hard synthetic bristles, wood handle, dimensions: 16cm length, 4.5cm width, 1.5cm bristle height3
Porcelain Salt ShakerWhite, khaki stripe, plastic cap2
Shaving BrushNatural bristles, wooden handle, height: 7.5cm2
Khaki Military BriefsUnused, 100% cotton, Sizes: 1 (50/75 cm waist), 2 (56/84 cm waist), 3 (60/90 cm waist), 7 (75/110 cm waist)4

The Military Property Agency website also hosts some slightly pricier clothing items. For example, you could pick up a sweatshirt for 12.5 PLN, undrpants for 15 PLN, shirts ranging between 15-20 PLN, or shoes for 120-150 PLN.

Why Do We Like Buying From Surplus Agency?

If you need a reason to shop at the Military Property Agency, let me tell you, their items are:

  • Authentic: original post-military products
  • First-hand: straight from a military warehouse
  • Historic: checked by soldiers
  • Inspiring: you can give them a second life

I am convinced, with such a unique collection, you’d find something worth your while at the Military Property Agency. Happy Shopping!

This is land based store with Military Surplus in Poland