Oscypek Museum in Zakopane: A Must-Visit Place for Cheese Lovers

Oscypek is a traditional smoked hard cheese made from the milk of Polish Mountain Sheep, often mixed with a small proportion of Polish Red Cow milk. Oscypek is produced between May and September. Some experts believe that the name of the cheese comes from the „scypan” stage of production, during which the cheese is shredded to remove the whey. During this process, cheese makers also use 'oscypiorki’ – wooden molds to shape the cheese and create the distinctive decorations.

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Oscypek Cheese Production

Here you can see with your own eyes the production process of the famous highland cheese. Follow all the steps of its production according to a traditional recipe. Learn about the origin of the shepherds from the Tatra Mountains and what a kosor, ferula and pucenia is. All this will be presented to you in an interactive way, giving you the chance to actively participate.

Make Your Own Oscypek Cheese

Experience the joy of being a Juhas. Our experienced shepherds will be present to guide you as you make your own cheese from sheep, lamb or goat. You decide what shape you’ll make.

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The shop offers a wide selection of the best cheeses, including original certified oscypek from nearby shepherd’s huts, gołka, redykołki and other cheeses from Gazdowie. Treat yourself to the delicious bunz and handmade aromatic sheep’s cheese made according to an old recipe. You can also buy souvenirs and handicrafts from the region.

Ticket Prices and Location

For those looking for entertainment, shows can be arranged at the museum on days when it is closed or at other times. A minimum of 20 people is required. Tickets are in pdf format, so there’s no need to print them. To purchase tickets online, you’ll be directed to the website www.mt7.eu. The MT7 system will take care of the ticket booking.

  • Regular ticket: PLN 30
  • Reduced ticket: PLN 25 (for children from 5 years of age, pupils and students up to 26 years of age)
  • Reduced ticket: PLN 25 (for senior citizens over 60)
  • Free admission: Children under 5 years


  • https://www.muzeumoscypka.pl/