Poland’s Infamous Serial Killers – The Horrors That Continue to Haunt

Do you want to read a scarry tale of the serial killers that once lurked within Poland’s seemingly ordinary society? These predators took many forms – a respected family man, a blood-thirsty man, a lewd thief. All hid behind everyday masks, revealing their horrifying identities only in the wake of their gruesome deeds.

Imagine being in an isolated, desolate place. There, discarded like unwanted waste, lie the massacred and mutilated bodies of women and children. Stripped bare, dismembered, violated… the terrifying aftermath of a killer’s satisfaction. It’s worth saying that, despite relentless efforts, authorities often fell short in capturing these beasts.

But let me tell you, when the common people lent a hand, the collective power led to the beasts’ downfall. The culprits were finally brought to justice, convicted and met their end.

Władysław Mazurkiewicz – The Suave Murderer

Meet Władysław Mazurkiewicz, a highly esteemed member of post-war Krakow society. An epitome of opulence, he flaunted his wealth and charmed those around him. Picture this – a handsome gentleman, in a luxury car, leaving a trail of expensive perfume. Yet, beneath this facade was a gruesome secret.

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Władysław Mazurkiewicz – Serial Killers

Let me explain how he committed his ghastly crimes. Mazurkiewicz served his victims potassium cyanide in something as innocent as tea or ham sandwiches. After their untimely deaths, he stole their valuables and disposed of their bodies in the most horrifying manners.

If you think this is shocking, know this – he even walled up two of his neighbors in his own garage. Over time, he replaced poison with a gun, adding another terrifying method to his repertoire.

His reign of terror ended abruptly in 1955 when he shot a sleeping passenger. Spooked by the sudden bang, the victim managed to escape. It was only later, when he saw a doctor, did he discover a bullet lodged in his skull.

Władysław Mazurkiewicz – Serial Killers

The truth about Mazurkiewicz unraveled, and by the summer of 1956, he stood trial for his monstrous crimes. After reading the evidence, he proudly confessed to killing 30 people. However, only six murders were proven. Six was enough, though. He was sentenced to death.

Interestingly, he met his end with a smile, earning him the nickname „Beautiful Władzio” in the media. His execution took place on either January 29 or 31, 1957. His parting words?

„Goodbye, gentlemen! Soon we will all meet there!”

Władysław Baczyński – The Vengeful Worker

On the other end of the spectrum was Władysław Baczyński, an employee who transformed into an executioner for his oppressive superiors. From July 1946 to April 1957, he killed multiple employers who had, in his opinion, disrespected and hurt their workers.

Władysław Baczyński – Serial Killer

Despite the horrific nature of his actions, Baczyński showed no remorse. Instead, he tried to simulate mental illness in court. However, justice wasn’t fooled. On May 17, 1960, Baczyński, too, was hanged, finally paying for his sins.

If you need a take-away from these chilling tales, remember this – monsters often wear ordinary faces. Look beyond the surface, and remember to always uphold justice, no matter the cost.

Józef Cyppek – The Niebuszewo Nightmare

Allow me to introduce you to Józef Cyppek, more infamously known as the butcher from Niebuszewo. This man, a railway locksmith and driver, was easily recognized by his prosthetic leg and large arms. His identity, though, remained an enigma. Was he Polish or German? An intriguing clue was a swastika tattoo under his arm.

This is where it gets grisly. Imagine this scene. A room. A couch. On it, a butchered body – a corpse with its head, arms, legs, and entrails horrifically detached. Nearby, a meat grinder with remnants of its dreadful purpose.

Józef Cyppek – Serial Killer

Traces of a human heart and liver on plates. This is the gut-churning scene from September 11, 1952, when Józef Cyppek brutally murdered his neighbor, Irena Jarosz.

Cyppek didn’t deny his heinous act. His trial was swift. In just a few days, he was sentenced to death on September 17 and met his end on November 3, 1952. But that’s not all. His monstrous behavior ran even deeper.

During the investigation, it was discovered that Cyppek, posing as a kindhearted cinema cashier, preyed on children who were short on money for tickets. He’d offer to make up the shortfall.

The reality? He lured them, killed them, and took their dismembered bodies to abandoned warehouses. There, he transformed them into edible products. The grisly end to his victims? They were sold as his homemade bigos at a nearby bazaar.

Bogdan Arnold – The Deceptive „Lord of the Flies”

Let’s shift our attention to Bogdan Arnold. After an unsuccessful marriage, he left Kalisz and journeyed to Silesia, carrying with him a chilling secret. There, Arnold targeted prostitutes, killing them to avoid paying for their services.

Bogdan Arnold – Serial Killer

His neighbors saw him as a calm, non-confrontational, and modest individual. That’s why, even when a pungent stench began to seep from his apartment and vermin swarmed their residences, they chose to ignore the signs for a long time. Little did they know, their quiet neighbor was harboring a horrifying secret that would shock them to the core.

On June 8, 1967, the grim truth came to light. The Rybosz brothers, Józef and Walter, alarmed by the unbearable odor and hoards of flies from Arnold’s attic apartment, reported to the police. The sight that greeted the officers was nothing short of nightmare-inducing.

Corpses lay piled beneath a window sill, decayed so terribly that neither sex nor the number of bodies could be determined. Amid the rotting flesh crawled thousands of larvae and insects.

Bogdan Arnold – Serial Killer

Adding to the macabre tale, Arnold, seemingly unfazed, stood amongst the onlookers as the police searched his apartment. After a brief escape, he turned himself in, confessing to the murders of four prostitutes. He was sentenced to death on March 9, 1968. His last request before his execution on December 16? A mere cigarette.

Tadeusz Kwaśniak – The Terror of a Towel

Get ready to meet another sinister character: Tadeusz Kwaśniak. A pedophile, murderer, and thief who, after being captured by Poznań investigators, confessed to all his horrifying deeds. Yet, in a twist of fate, he took his own life in the prison on Młyńska Street.

Tadeusz Kwaśniak – Poland’s Infamous Serial Killer

Kwaśniak had a disturbing history. After being sentenced multiple times for his lewd acts on girls, he’d spent 12 years behind bars. But his release from Wronki marked the beginning of a terrifying spree of thefts, rapes, and murders that targeted boys.

From April 1990 to April 1991, Kwaśniak left a trail of destruction across Poland. He raped and killed five boys, choking them with a towel. Then, on April 22, 1991, Poznań investigators received a tip. Kwaśniak had been seen near Primary School No. 6 in the Rusa housing estate. His arrest was imminent.

Initially, he denied his guilt. But then, in a sudden outburst, he broke down.

Yes, Mr. Warden, I killed some boys, but I am tired now and I ask you to stop the interrogation. I’m going to testify tomorrow,

..he sobbed.

Tadeusz Kwaśniak’s Victim found in the bathroom

The next day, he detailed each burglary, rape, and murder. Yet, his confession did not lead to justice served. Instead, a few days later, Kwaśniak took his own life in his cell. The case, subsequently, was dismissed.

Edmund Kolanowski – The Cold Surgeon of Poznań

Now, let’s turn to Edmund Kolanowski. An average-looking man, not particularly tall or well-built. But, something was disturbing in his eyes. I think it’s worth mentioning how this mirrored his actions, as he committed his ghastly deeds with the same sinister glare.

Young Edmund Kolanowski – Serial Killer

The courts deemed his actions as extreme brutality. His method of committing crimes was downright nauseating. He was a killer and a necrophile hailing from Poznań.

Based on a three-year investigation, Kolanowski was charged with three murders and five instances of corpse desecration. The Provincial Court in Poznań found him guilty. His sentence marked the end of an era.

Edmund Kolanowski – Serial Killer

Kolanowski was hanged on July 28, 1986, in the prison on Młyńska Street. It was the last execution carried out in Poznań. If you take anything from this story, let it be the unflinching pursuit of justice by the investigators who relentlessly brought this monster to account.

Mieczysław Zub – The Uniformed Terror

Enter Mieczysław Zub. This man was not just a common criminal – he was a policeman. Yes, a man sworn to protect, turned predator. Zub committed four murders and thirteen rapes, often donning his uniform to carry out these heinous acts.

Mieczysław Zub Was a Policeman

Being dismissed from the militia didn’t deter him; instead, it fueled his murderous intent. His first horrific act happened on November 19, 1981, in Ruda Śląska. There, he raped and strangled a nineteen-year-old girl who was eight months pregnant.

Mieczysław Zub – Serial Killer

In March 1983, while committing yet another rape, he lost his pass from the steelworks, where he had found employmnt. When detained, Zub confessed to all his crimes. Even during his sentencing, he remained aggressive. Finally, in his cell and while shackled, he ended his life.

Paweł Tuchlin – The „Scorpion” Stings

Let’s talk about Paweł Tuchlin. He carried a personal problem that sparked ridicule and abuse from a young age – he wet himself at night. This cultivated anger within him, a rejected man by the women of Gdańsk. Their reason? His unpleasant odor.

Paweł Tuchlin – Serial Killer from Poland

In a terrifying twist, Tuchlin turned to murder as his weapon of revenge. Using a hammer, he killed those who ridiculed him. Throughout the investigation, he confessed to ten murders and eleven attempts. Why? He claimed murdering made him feel better.

His actions led to the gallows, and on May 25, 1987, the sentence was carried out.

Karol Kot – The Bloodthirsty Scholar

And last but not least, meet Karol Kot, dubbed the Vampire from Krakow. He was a student of the Energy Technical School who developed a gruesome taste for…blood. His bloodlust led him to commit two murders, ten attempted murders, and four arson cases.

Karol Kot – Serial Killer from Poland

On March 17, 1968, the court sentenced him to death. When justifying the sentence, the judge said:

The acts that the accused committed show that he is more dangerous than a wild beast, because he is endowed with reason.

Karol Kot – Serial Killer

So, in a chilling twist of fate, the scholar turned vampire met his end at the hands of justice.

Zdzisław Marchwicki – The Vampire of the Zagłębie

Here’s Zdzisław Marchwicki’s story. Convicted for 14 murders and seven attemtped ones, he was also known as the „Vampire of the Zagłębie„. From November 1964 to March 1970, he sowed terror among women in Poland.

Zdzisław Marchwicki – Serial Killer from Zagłębie – Poland

It is worth to say that one of his victims was Edward Gierek’s niece, and this intensified the hunt for him. The investigators were under great pressure to find him, with a huge reward of one million zlotys up for grabs. If you want to know how desperate they were, just consider that amount.

Marchwicki was arrested on January 6, 1972, after his wife complained of his abuse. Then, the lengthy trial started on September 18, 1974. It was destined to be a spectacle, and it certainly was.

Zdzisław Marchwicki – During his trial

Eventually, the court handed down the death sentence on July 28, 1975, which was carried out. However, even to this day, doubts linger whether Marchwicki was the true „Vampire from Zagłębie„.

Joachim Knychała – The Vampire’s Successor

Joachim Knychała – Serial Killer

But the horror didn’t end with Marchwicki. Enter Joachim Knychała, who earned his chilling moniker, „the Vampire from Bytom”. He followed in Marchwicki’s bloody footsteps, casting a new wave of fear and terror.

Joachim Knychała – Presenting the way he killed a woman


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