Poland’s Student Cities: A Comparison of Costs, Life and Education

In total, there are 369 educational centers scattered throughout 97 cities in Poland. They have 1.3 million students, with 235,500 of them attending schools in Warsaw. Researchers from the Polish Economic Institute determined that, apart from the capital, the cities most populated with students are Krakow, Poznan, and Wroclaw. Their research demonstrates that academic endeavors have an enormous impact of nearly 80% on the economic and social growth of cities.

Despite the fact that Warsaw and Krakow have the most students overall, Podkowa Leśna (332), Poznań (221) and Rzeszów (211) are the most successful when it comes to the ratio of students to population size, with 134 students per 1,000 people in the capital. On a national level, the average is 34 students per 1,000 citizens.

Warsaw has a student population of over 235,000, which puts it ahead of the likes of Rome, Madrid, and Barcelona and second only to Paris in the whole of Europe.

Top 5 Cities Best For Studying

I researched the Polish locations that are preferred by students and what benefits they can provide to those who seek not only quality education, but also amusement and pleasure during their educational years. Speaking of pleasure – you probably want to read my other article about the best cities in Poland in terms of nighlife.

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It’s clear that Warsaw is always full of life, not just for a few months of the year, so it’s no surprise it’s earned the title of Student City! In fact, Warsaw is the largest student center in Poland, with an impressive 235,000 students. That’s enough to put it at second place in Europe, only behind Paris and ahead of Rome, Madrid, and Barcelona. Please also check nightlife in Warsaw.

There are more than 80 public and private universities in the capital, offering around 300 majors. Some of the best-known universities here include the University of Warsaw, the Warsaw University of Technology, the Warsaw School of Economics, the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, the Warsaw Medical University, the Leon Kozminski Academy, and the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music.


Many high school graduates have the ambition to spend their period of study in Krakow, due to its unique atmosphere. This year alone, 35,000 of them made their dreams come true and started their studies at the Jagiellonian University. But UJ is not the only educational institution in the former capital of Poland – there are almost 30 universities with a total of approximately 200,000 students.

Students are drawn to Krakow as it allows them to combine their studies with an array of exciting activities, such as exhibitions, concerts, festivals, and theatrical performances. Furthermore, the Old Town, Kazimierz and Kleparz are full of cozy restaurants, cafes, and pubs, where friends can gather to have a pleasant time, even when it’s raining outside.

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It’s almost impossible not to fall in love with Poznan – a captivating city that’s home to rich culture, delicious food, distinct dialects and a vibrant nightlife. Every year, the city attracts ambitious, entrepreneurial and passionate young people who come to experience its unique offerings. With nearly 30 universities to choose from,

Poznan has options for everyone – from ugrofinistics and mechatronics to cognitive science and artistic soldering. It’s no surprise that Adam Mickiewicz University, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, is the city’s largest university and is popular among students. The University of Economics and Poznan University of Technology are also well-visited.


Wroclaw is considered to be the fourth most academically-minded city in Poland, according to the Polish Economic Institute. Here, there are 192 students per thousand citizens, and it’s not surprising to witness them on the streets almost year-round. The main universities in Wroclaw are the Wroclaw University, the Wroclaw University of Technology, the Academy of Physical Education, and the General Tadeusz Kosciuszko Higher School of Land Forces Officers. They have a great time here, as there are many pubs, clubs, and other entertainment venues they can enjoy in the evenings. Plus, Wroclaw is an excellent starting point for visiting the Czech Republic and Germany.


On one side, Lodz is a former industrial center and on the other, a modern, growing city – a perfect place for the young generation to live, learn, and have fun. Is it really like that? Over 70,000 students presently enrolled in the city may have a different opinion because of the unique atmosphere of the city, which is especially inviting to young creatives.

One of the world’s most distinguished art schools, the Lodz Film School, is situated here. Many prominent people, such as Andrzej Wajda, Roman Polanski, Janusz Gajos, Krzysztof Zanussi, and Malgorzata Szumowska, were graduates of this school. The local Academy of Fine Arts, located at 121 Wojska Polskiego St, is also widely popular and worth visiting, even if your purpose of visiting Lodz is not necessarily to study.

Education in Poland’s Student Cities

The position of the universities was largely determined by their level of education, which is of great importance when selecting a particular university. Only public universities were considered in the evaluation.

The number of points awarded was determined by factors such as their position in the Prospect’s nationwide ranking of higher education institutions. Moreover, those universities that were ranked among the top ones in The World University Rankings 2020 were awarded additional points.

Out of all the contenders, Warsaw came out on top with a significant lead compared to the second place, Cracow, which was 8 points behind. Poznań, on the other hand, lagged 40 points behind Warsaw. The lowest ranked universities were Gorzów Wielkopolski, Zielona Góra and Olsztyn.


Number of Universities in Polish Cities – Ranking

Ranking of cities by total number of universities:


Costs in Particular Cities

Not all students have the luxury of studying without having to worry about every cent. That’s why I investigated how much it would cost to live in various cities, including the cost of a dorm, a single room and a two-bedroom apartment. Additionally, I looked at the price of monthly public transportation tickets. So, where is studying the most economical?

Gorzow Wielkopolski came out on top which means it is the cheapest, followed by Zielona Gora, and Olsztyn. Warsaw, however, was the most expensive city of the group. It was followed by Wrocław, Poznań, and Gdańsk.

1Gorzow Wlkp.
2Zielona Góra
Ranking of the Cities by the cost of living

The Cities in Poland That You Can Come for Erasmus Programme

Here is the list of all polish universities that accept Erasmus programme. You can learn from this table in which city is located particular school.

Erasmus SchoolCity
Uniwersytet Śląski w KatowicachKatowice
Uniwersytet JagiellońskiKrakow
Uniwersytet WarszawskiWarsaw
Uniwersytet im. Adama MickiewiczaPoznan
Uniwersytet GdańskiGdansk
Uniwersytet OpolskiOpole
Uniwersytet Mikołaja KopernikaTorun
Politechnika PoznańskaPoznan
Politechnika WarszawskaWarsaw
Akademia Górniczo-HutniczaKrakow
Politechnika ŚląskaGliwice
Politechnika WrocławskaWrocław
Politechnika ŁódzkaŁódź
Uniwersytet WrocławskiWrocław
Politechnika KoszalińskaKoszalin
Uniwersytet Przyrodniczy Wrocław
Szkoła Główna Gospodarstwa WiejskiegoWarsaw
Szkoła Główna HandlowaWarsaw


The study environment is undeniably an important part of college life, but it shouldn’t be the only thing to consider when selecting a university. Primarily, you should base your decision on the institution’s academic level and the selection of disciplines offered, as well as the job opportunities it may bring.


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