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Having a plane entirely at your disposal sounds quite amazing, right? By reading this article you’ll discover a whole new way of conducting business and feel as though distance no longer poses any challenges. Forget about queues at crowded airports. Instead, enjoy your travels from the comfort of rented aircraft and go to the terminal, and after just 10 minutes after arrival, you’ll be off to your planned destination.

Chartering Planes in Poland – Types of Rental

The variety of charter fleets in Poland and airports around the world allows for a trip tailored to your individual preferences. They will plan your journey in such a way that you can conduct your business meetings during the day, and enjoy a home-cooked dinner in the evening. If you are interested, then this article is for you.

Holiday Charters in Poland

This is a type of rental where you experience the freedom of traveling by private plane during your vacations. You can find yourself on a dream beach, savor the cuisine of your favorite resort, or revisit old acquaintances by traveling with family or friends to your favorite corner of the world.

The company will usually organize your flight within few hours from the moment you confirm it. The charter companies will also happily take care of any additional services, including limousine rental, table reservations at your favorite restaurant, and all other concierge services.

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Medical Flights

Under special circumstances, medical flights requiring urgent patient transport are also organized in Poland. Air transport is the quickest solution when immediate intervention and patient transport to a hospital is required.

Cargo Flights

If you need to urgently transport car parts or other specialist equipment, there’s no need to risk road transport. Choose air transport for its speed and safety.

Group and Event Flights

In Poland, there are also services for renting larger machines to transport large groups. As I can tell from the Internet, customers include international corporations, sports clubs, and event companies. Renting a passenger plane is always tailored to individual orders.

Group flights offer a great opportunity for celebrating corporate events and are also a very convenient solution for incentive tourism. Nothing strengthens business relationships like a good team-building activity.

Benefits of Renting a Plane for Traveling in Poland

Here are a few reasons why people rent planes in our country:

  • Time saving– You can arrive at the airport just 15 minutes before takeoff, saving time otherwise wasted in security check queues. The captain and airport staff are waiting for you.
  • Freedom of choice – Set your own flight schedule and modify it according to current needs. The air taxi will wait for you.
  • No limits – Ski equipment, bikes, pets, golf gear, a crate of drinks, a bunch of friends… when the whole plane is just for you, there’s no need to hold back.

Where to Rent a Plane in Poland and How Much Does It Cost?

Here are a few examples of companies and prices that I’ve found on the Internet:

LunaJets – A Robust Fleet at

LunaJets has access to over 4800 modern private jets and can arrange flights to all countries in the world. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, private air transportation is equipped to meet all your needs.

LunaJets Embraer Lineage 1000 VIP Airliner

Now, allow me to explain, LunaJets also specializes in arranging private jet rentals for cargo transport, „last minute” flights, helicopter rentals, and medical rescue flights. Renting a private jet drastically shortens flight times to and from Europe, Asia, and the United States.

Charter Flights for Businesses

If you’re a business traveler in need of quick transportation, LunaJets has a wealth of experience in organizing private jet flights for businesses. They can charter any business jet available in the market, from turboprops to airliners (also known as Heads of State). You can reach them 24/7.

To give you a sense, a Cessna Citation Mustang rental from London to Geneva for two people with a return flight on the same day costs around 8,500 euros.

Renting Jets for Leisure

If you want to whisk away for a European weekend, a summer holiday by the Mediterranean Sea, or a ski resort in winter, LunaJets’ private jets are at your disposal. Private air transport is a comfortable and fast way to travel with familt and friends.

LunaJets Embraer Lineage 1000 VIP Airliner

Renting a private jet for a winter flight from London to Chambery is the fastest way to transport your skis and get close to your holiday home in Megeve or Courchevel. A summer flight on an Embraer Legacy 650 from Moscow Vnukovo to Olbia Costa Smeralda for six passengers costs around 28,000 euros.

Group Charter Flights

Chartering a private jet is a highly efficient method of group transport. LunaJets understands the travel needs of touring music bands, sports teams, governments, and global institutions.

Their team of private air transport consultants is at your disposal 24/7 to help you charter a passenger or regional aircraft with the necessary configuration and economy or business class cabins for groups of over 20 people.

Group charter is a great opportunity to lower the cost per passenger, ensuring hassle-free travel and handling passenger and luggage logistics worldwide.

Charter Cargo Transport

LunaJets also provides the safe transport of goods on board their aircraft. Whether it’s priceless artwork, hazardous cargo, confidential documents, or exceptionally large and heavy items, their team of experts will help you rent the right jet.

„Last Minute” Private Jet Rentals

For „last minute” flights, private air transport is the best way to quickly reach even the most remote destination. LunaJets’ team of private air transport consultants is available 24/7 and will find you an aircraft available at the departure airport and handle all necessary formalities so you can depart within the next 90 minutes.

If your commercial flight is canceled or you’re notified of an urgent meeting in a city not serviced by commercial planes, rent a private plane to fly from Hamburg to La Rochelle in two hours with no stops along the way. A same-day return fligth on a small jet like the Cessna Citation CJ4 starts from 12,500 euros.

Helicopter Charter Flights in Poland

If you want to reach your destination with ease, I believe, LunaJets is your best bet. Say you’re trying to get to a ski resort in winter or a yacht in the summer, they’ll aid you in hiring a private helicopter. I am convinced, renting a helicopter is the most efficient way to travel from Nice to Monaco, and it’s not too pricey, starting at 1050 euros.

Emergency Services for Quick Aid

LunaJets is also there when you’re in need of medical help. With their team available 24/7, they’ll organize flights for various crisis situations. Imagine transporting a patient from one bed to another, repatriation, or even quick private flights to deliver first aid supplies.

Their private jets for medical purposes are appropriately adapted for patients requiring immediate help. For instance, an air ambulance rental of a LearJet 45XR, flying from Faro in Portugal to London, would cost you around 20,000 euros.

Bartolini Air – Aircraft Charters in Poland

If you need a smooth journey, Bartolini Air lets you decide the departure time. Show up at the VIP terminal just 15 minutes before takeoff and fly straight to the airport closest to your destination, whether it’s Cannes, Florence, or Saint Moritz.

They’re available round-the-clock, every day of the week. Just fill out a form below, call them, or email your travel plan, and they’ll handle the rest.

With Bartolini Air, the world becomes smaller, and you feel truly free, away from crowds, travel restrictions, and airline discipline. And with access to over 300 airports throughout Poland, you’ve got options!

Fleet of Aircrafts in Bartolini Air

Here is the list of planes that you can rent with this company:

Cessna Citation Jet 1

As part of the Air Operator Certificate (EASA AOC), they operate their fleet of American Cessna Citation Jet 1 (C525) with beautifully renovated cabins. These are ideal for a quick and comfortable journey across Europe, with their low operational costs ensuring a reasonable charter price. Here’s a bit about this jet:

  • Number of seats: 6 + 2 pilots
  • Maximum speed: 700 km/h
  • Maximum range: 2000 km
  • Number of aircraft in the fleet: 3

The Sky is Just the Beginning

If you need an aircraft with different characteristics than their own (range, number of seats, etc.), Bartolini Air will propose the optimal machine for you from another operator.

This company guarantees the lowest possible price by finding the aircraft closest to your departure airport. It is worth to say, they make use of their constant access to almost all airships offered for charter worldwide.


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