Polish Zakopane Slippers: Keeping Your Feet Cozy All Year Round

If you’re looking for comfortable and warm slippers that also come with a rich history and cultural significance, then look no further than the Zakopane Highlander Slippers. Available in a variety of colors and patterns, these slippers are a staple of Polish folklore. They were invented by highlanders who needed durable and comfortable footwear for everyday use in mountainous conditions.

In the past, Zakopane slippers were handmade from natural materials such as leather, velour and wool. However, modern versions are still handmade, but also machine-made using various types of leather and plastic. The patterns on the slippers are typically simple and geometric, but you can also find styles with more decorative motifs.

Whether you’re a fan of classic colors like black and brown or want to add a pop of color to your loungewear with other shades, Highlander slippers are a versatile option for everyone. Their cozy and soft materials make them perfect for relaxing at home, and their unique designs are sure to make you stand out.

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Versatility of Zakopane Slippers

When it comes to cozy and comfortable footwear, Highlander slippers are a top choice for many people. Not only are they warm and durable, but they also have a thick, slip-resistant sole that makes them perfect for mountain conditions. In addition, their high heel provides extra stability when walking on uneven terrain. This makes them a practical choice for any outdoor adventure.

One of the features of the Highlander slippers is that they come in a variety of sizes and colors. Their popularity extends beyond mountain dwellers and has become a popular choice for tourists seeking a taste of the Highlander lifestyle.

The History of Zakopane Leather Slippers

While woollen highland slippers have been popular in the Podhale region for many years, highland leather laczki have a rich history of their own. Handmade by skilled Highland craftsmen, these leather slippers were made with a specially tanned and hardened leather sole. They were lined with soft and cozy sheepskin. This unique combination makes Zakopane slippers exceptionally comfortable. They improve circulation and stimulate the circulatory system of the wearer.

Zakpoane leather slippers were originally designed for use in the mountains where durability and warmth were essential. The high heel of the slippers provided extra stability when walking on uneven terrain, making them ideal for outdoor activities. Today, you can still find these slippers handmade by skilled artisans. Modern versions with rubber or non-slip soles are also available.

Another popular type of Highland home footwear is the Highland woollen slipper, also known as a „slipper” or „slippery shoe”. These slippers were traditionally made entirely of sheep’s wool and had leather soles. Today, they are also available with rubber or non-slip soles.

Whether you prefer the traditional wool slippers or the durable and comfortable leather slippers, highland footwear is an essential part of Polish folklore.

The Evolution of Highlander Slippers

Like many things, Highlander slippers and leather slippers have evolved over time to keep up with modern technology and changing tastes. While handmade slippers may be less common today, those that remain have improved their production process. This ensures a higher quality product on the market. In addition, new types of slippers made from different materials have emerged and gained popularity among people.

A popular example of Highlander slippers that have stood the test of time are the ones shown in the picture below. These slippers are now a favorite among tourists visiting Zakopane due to their unique design and traditional style.

Another type of slippers, wool slippers, are often called wool slippery shoes. These slippers are mostly made of natural wool and have a profiled insole for extra comfort. The soft and warm lining of the highlander slippers also provides excellent insulation against cold surfaces, making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

Cozy and Stylish Highlander Slippers for Children

Local shops offer a wide range of quality slippers, including traditional highlander slippers for children. These slippers are made of high quality materials. They are produced in a factory in Biały Dunajec, which guarantees their originality and durability.

Children’s slippers from Zakopane are typical traditional highland slippers made of leather. They are lined with leather and provide warmth and comfort on cold days. In addition to the children’s collection, they also offer a wide range of women’s and men’s slippers.

Women’s Zakpoane slippers are made of the highest quality materials and have a fur lining, perfect for cozy fall evenings. Local collections also includes ballerina slippers, regional highlander slippers and men’s home slippers.

Here are some of the options available in local shops in Zakopane:

  • Warm slippers
  • Traditional highlander slippers
  • Ballerina slippers
  • Regional highlander slippers
  • Men’s slippers

Where to Buy Authentic Zakopane Slippers?

It can be a daunting task to find a local manufacturer that not only produces authentic Highlander slippers, but is also willing to distribute their products internationally. Fortunately, I discovered a hidden gem in the form of Nowe Kapcie (https://nowekapcie.pl/). This manufacturer is dedicated to preserving the craft of making both Highlander and local Sarcopenia slippers using time-honored methods.

Their range of products is quite diverse and caters for different preferences and tastes. Visit https://nowekapcie.pl/19-pantofle-nieocieplane to browse their collection of unlined women’s slippers. For men’s Zakopane slippers, however, visit https://nowekapcie.pl/11-meskie. Some highlights of their offer include

  • A wide range of colors, patterns and styles
  • High-quality materials for optimum durability and comfort
  • Traditional craftsmanship that speaks to the heart of Polish culture
  • Customizable options to meet individual needs and preferences

Nowe Kapcie primarily serves the local Polish market. However, their website states that they are open to shipping their products to other countries. However, to discuss the specifics of international orders, interested parties must first contact them via email at [email protected]. Each customer receives the best possible product tailored to their needs through this level of personal attention and service.


If you are looking for an authentic pair of Highlander or Sarcopenia slippers, made using traditional methods and available for international shipping, look no further than Nowe Kapcie. With their diverse product line, commitment to quality, and dedication to preserving Polish heritage, you can be sure that you are investing in a piece of wearable art that will connect you to a rich heritage. So have a look around their website and don’t hesitate to contact them by e-mail to inquire about bringing a piece of Polish shoe tradition to your doorstep.


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