Rówień Krupowa Park – A Favorite Place for Rest in Zakopane

The majestic Rówień Krupowa Park is the largest and most famous park in Zakopane. It’s a favorite place for Zakopane locals to stroll and a great place for tourists to rest after a long hike in the mountains. The meadow is famous for its breathtaking view of Giewont on one side and Gubałówka on the other.

Tourists can’t help but take a photo of the iconic wooden „Zakopane” sign against the backdrop of Giewont. Zakopane residents also like to come here with their children to play on the playground or just to hang out and chat on a bench. From time to time outdoor events are held in the park.

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Location of the Park in Zakopane

Located in the center of Zakopane, Rówień Krupowa is the largest city park with an area of 24 hectares. It’s divided into two parts – Rówień Krupowa Dolna and Rówień Krupowa Górna – divided by Tadeusza Kościuszki Street. It was named after the Krupa family, who owned the land. Known as the „Zakopane Central Park” or „Zakopane Bounty”, it offers a breathtaking view of the Tatras and their two most famous peaks – Giewont and Gubałówka. It is a perfect destination for those who want to admire the beauty of the mountains.

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History of Równia Krupowa

As early as the end of the 19th century, plans were made to build two town halls to meet the needs of the growing population of Zakopane and its frequent visitors. As a result, the area of Równia Krupowa was developed, especially on its western and eastern sides, near the Faluszowe and Bystra creeks.

However, an important central part of the meadow was preserved, which offered many opportunities for walks, recreation and sports. In 1929, two stadiums were built in the area: a year-round stadium in the northern part (Krupowa Dolna) and a winter stadium in the southern part (Krupowa Górna).

Równia Krupowa Dolna was also a sports ground with tennis courts in summer and an ice rink in winter. Various sports events such as ice hockey, skating, horse riding, athletics, shooting competitions, car and motorcycle races were regularly held here. Mountain opera performances were also held here.

Since 1977 Równia Krupowa has been protected as a landscape park. In 2013 a children’s playground was built, and in 2018 the park was thoroughly renovated, with the addition of bicycle paths, benches, deck chairs, and other amenities. There were plans to open an amusement arcade, but these were met with protests from the locals, and the idea was eventually dropped. Rówień Krupowa was also included in the list of monuments.

Lower Rówień Krupowa Park

The smaller Dolna Rówień Krupowa in the northern part of the park is more developed than the rest. Walkers can take a leisurely stroll among the alleys and benches and find many installations and sculptures, mostly around Aleja 3 Maja.

One of the most popular attractions is the seven-meter-high „Orbit” sculpture, created by Zakopane sculptor Henryk Burzek in the 70s and nicknamed „The City Secretary’s Ear” by the locals. Another favorite of visitors is the wooden „Zakopane” inscription near the Town Hall, which is beautifully illuminated at night.

It’s a great place to take pictures with the iconic Giewont in the background. On Dolna Równia Krupowa there is also a safe playground for children, with special material to cushion falls. There are also lots of fun things for children of all ages, such as houses connected by bridges, slides, swings, a sand pit and a seasonal amusement park.

Upper Rówień Krupowa Park

You will find Rówień Krupowa Górna (Upper Rówień Krupowa) in the south, near the Tatra Mountains. It is larger than the northern part, but at the same time more remote and less developed. You can find the Zakopane Hydrological and Meteorological Station and one of Zakopane’s most popular tourist attractions, the Upside Down House, in its neighborhood.

Events and Parties at Równia Krupowa

Równia Krupowa is the perfect place for people to have a good time. From concerts to festivals, from picnics to handicraft events, there is something for everyone. Every year a funfair and sometimes even a circus come to the area, offering visitors a unique experience. Winter visitors can enjoy cross-country ski trails and an ice rink, while children can enjoy snow hills. Traditional highlander products can also be purchased at occasional handicraft events. You will never run out of fun in Równia Krupowa.

The International Festival of Mountain Folklore is a prestigious, world-renowned event held every summer in Równia Krupowa. It brings together folk groups from mountainous regions all over the world – from the Alps to the Himalayas and the Andes. Every winter you can take part in the New Year’s Eve extravaganza: „Sylwester Marzeń z Dwójką”, broadcast by TVP. During this party you can enjoy concerts of famous Polish and foreign music stars.

A Resting Place for Zakopane Residents and Tourists

Równia Krupowa is a popular place for locals and visitors to take a break when visiting Giewont. You can choose to relax on one of the benches or even on a deck chair. Right next to Równia Krupowa is the iconic Krupówki Street, the main street of Zakopane.



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