The Best Time to Visit Zakopane for Hiking and Outdoor Activities

Preparing well for your trip to Zakopane will ensure a hassle-free experience away from traffic jams, crowds and noise. Just plan smart – pick the right dates, book your accommodation early, and gather as much information as possible about the city and its surroundings. Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your Zakopane adventure. In my experience, the best time to visit Zakopane is in spring and fall – the days are still long and prices are significantly lower.

The Best Time to Visit Zakopane

Most people dislike crowded trails and prefer to explore the city at their own pace. This is why more and more visitors are choosing the off-season to enjoy the serene nature and rich Podhale culture without having to navigate through crowds.

The ideal time is early fall and throughout spring, except for long weekends. I can say that the number of tourists decreases significantly at the beginning of September. No more school trips or families with children, as the school year begins. The center of Zakopane becomes accessible without long queues.

Temperature in Particular Months in Zakopane For Best Visit

Exploring Zakopane when there are fewer tourists on the trails and in the city allows you to focus more on the attractions and surroundings. This is especially important if you want to visit popular destinations like Morskie Oko.

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I admit, if you’re drawn to famous routes and peaks like Gubałówka, Kasprowy Wierch or Morskie Oko, you should be prepared for crowds during the season. But off-season, you’ll have more freedom to connect with nature and discover Zakopane more intimately. Staying near Krupówki will give you more energy and enthusiasm for the morning hikes.

When Are the Trails Least Crowded in Zakopane?

I know that the most crowded time on the tourist trails is in summer – when the weather and the holiday season are favorable. Winter, on the other hand, attracts only die-hard winter enthusiasts and avid winter hikers – venturing into remote areas without proper preparation is ill-advised. As a result, most tourists stay in the city and on the ski slopes.

If you are a fan of spring nature, you’ll enjoy visiting the valleys of the Tatra Mountains. Dolina Chochołowska and Rusinowa Polana, for example, boast beautiful carpets of crocuses and nature coming back to life. Spring also has the advantage of being the least crowded season in Zakopane. Roads are empty and queues at tourist attractions are much shorter.

Similarly, in the fall, the number of tourists decreases rapidly and the landscape changes into breathtaking colors.

Staying near Krupówki is an excellent location for a vacation regardless of the season. You’ll be treated to beautiful views and have easy access to nearby attractions.

When is Zakopane the Cheapest?

Another advantage of visiting Zakopane in the off-season is that accommodation, attractions and some restaurants are cheaper. The highest prices in Zakopane are around the New Year – from Christmas to the end of the holidays. Then the prices decrease, increase again for the summer season and decrease again in the fall. I know for a fact that Zakopane is much cheaper in the off-season.

The Best Time to Book Accommodation in Zakopane

To ensure a hassle-free trip, I recommend booking your accommodation right after you finalize your travel dates. That way you’ll have a wide selection of rooms and apartments to choose from. Apartments near Krupówki are still very popular with guests.

If you’re interested in apartments, Zakopane offers numerous options, not only in the city center (Krupówki and surrounding areas), but also in more scenic locations with captivating mountain views. If you’re traveling during the low season, you’re likely to find lower prices for the same length of stay.

Last minute deals in Zakopane can also be an attractive option if you’re into spontaneous travel or bargain hunting.

Here are four essential tips for planning a trip to Zakopane:

  1. Dress for the weather and pack everything you need for your trip (including a raincoat, water, and food). Remember that mountain weather can be unpredictable, so it’s best to be prepared for all conditions.
  2. Regularly check weather forecasts, trail conditions and updates from the Tatra National Park.
  3. Tailor your trip plan to your abilities – if you’re not sure you can do a particular trail, allow extra time or shorten the route.
  4. To avoid crowds, opt for lesser-known trails and places to eat – they can be just as enjoyable and less crowded. For example, skip Morskie Oko and explore less frequented mountain trails.

What to Pack for Your Trip to Zakopane?

Life in Zakopane near Krupówki is busy both day and night, so bring a spacious backpack with all the essentials. Although there are plenty of places to eat in the city center, pack dry snacks and drinks to keep your energy up while hiking.

Towels, soap, and blankets are usually provided in apartment rentals. Zakopane is known for its unpredictable weather, so don’t forget a rain cape, sweatshirt, earbands, and comfortable pants. For nights out in the city center, pack a comfortable dress or shirt. Also bring appropriate footwear for long hikes, sunglasses and other sportswear.

How to Spend Rainy Days in Zakopane?

The weather in and around the Tatras can be quite fickle, so it’s wise to consider alternative plans for rainy days. Fortunately, Zakopane offers a variety of indoor attractions, including numerous SPA centers, an aqua park, and indoor playgrounds for children.

Those interested in culture and history can visit museums showcasing Podhale’s cultural heritage, such as the Zakopane Style Museum, the Tatra Museum, and the Jan Kasprowicz Museum. Most of the museums in Zakopane are located in historic villas, which are worth visiting in their own right.

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Create Your Zakopane Itinerary Based on Your Interests

Zakopane, the capital of the Tatra Mountains, is a diverse destination with numerous attractions. When planning a trip to Zakopane, you may feel overwhelmed by the endless list of things to see and do. To make the most of your time, it’s important to consider your interests before your visit. **By prioritizing your preferences, you can determine which sights to explore first.

Of course, many mountain lovers visit Zakopane for its hiking opportunities. If that’s your main interest, conquering the peaks might be the ideal choice. But not everyone wants to climb the highest peaks. Some may prefer scenic views and unique water reservoirs, which are abundant in Zakopane and its surroundings.

You can hike to Rysy or visit Czarny Staw at the foot of the mountain. For sports enthusiasts, the Wielka Krokiew ski jump – Poland’s most famous ski jump – should be at the top of the list. However, its location allows anyone staying in Zakopane to catch a glimpse of it without spending too much time traveling.

A 3-Day Trip or a Week in Zakopane? Plan According to the Length of Your Stay

When creating a Zakopane itinerary, make sure it fits the length of your stay. If you’re only in town for three days, accept that you won’t see everything. Avoid cramming your schedule, as this will make you feel rushed. For a 3-day trip, it’s best to limit your itinerary to a single type of attraction.

What does this mean? Choose a theme for your trip. For example, if your focus is on hiking, don’t include other activities. In three days you can easily visit Hala Ornak and Czarny Staw and climb Gubałówka and Kasprowy Wierch.

However, you may not have enough time to explore Zakopane’s museums. On the other hand, if you’re fascinated by the local highlander culture, dedicate your trip to discovering it. Visit Willa Koliba, which houses the Zakopane Style Museum, the Kornel Makuszyński Museum, and the Oscypek Museum, all of which are must-see attractions in Zakopane.

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Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or a week-long vacation, a trip to Zakopane is a great way to spend time with family and friends. It’s an ideal way to get away from it all and recharge your batteries.