The Biggest Poland’s Aqua Parks – Your Ticket to Summer Fun

Are you a water enthusiast who loves a good swim and looking or the best Aqua parks in Poland? Do you find joy in spending quality, active time with your family? Or perhaps, all you need is a peaceful relaxation in a warm, comforting space? If you’re nodding yes to any of these, then this is the article for you. Let me tell you about the biggest aquaparks in Poland.

The Best 16 Aquaparks in Poland

Planning a family day out? I believe, an aquapark trip is one of the best ideas. Allow me to explain, you don’t have to go the extra mile, or rather, hundreds of kilometers from major polish cities for unique fun.

Large and thrilling aquaparks, featuring swimming pools, slides, and various water games are available in every corner of the country. Let me say, you can find the best water parks right in Poland.

Here’s a list of 16 large water parks in different Polish cities. It features both the must-visit tourist locations and spontaneous visit-worthy aquaparks that can surprise the little ones. Regardless of the water park you choose, a myriad of interesting attractions await you.

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Park of Poland Suntago Water

The Park of Poland Suntago Water World is known as the largest indoor water park in the country, situated in Wręcza near Mszczonów, approximately 60 km from Warsaw.

The park is in constant development, and I can tell, it already leaves a massive impression. In the future, this biggest aquapark in Poland promises more space and activities for adults and children. Let’s look at some of the existing attractions:

  1. Relax Zone – It’s a unique area designed to give a holiday vibe. To bring you closer to the tropics, it’s adorned with real palm trees imported from Florida, Costa Rica, and Malaysia. The zone houses 18 different pools, including mineral pools. For true relaxation, a visit to Suntago Wellness & SPA is a must, where you can enjoy rejuvenating full-body treatments.
  2. Jamango – Named as the “power of water sensations”, Jamango offers an array of thrilling attractions. Its water jungle layout includes 32 slides totaling a length of 3200 meters! For the little ones, there are water playgrounds and a paddling pool. And after all the water fun, you can head to the pool bar or one of the world cuisine restaurants.

Binkowski Resort Tropical Pools

Imagine you’re stepping into a place that takes you straight to the tropics. That’s what you get at the Binkowski Resort Tropical Pools in Kielce.

Binkowski Resort Tropical Pools

You’re going to find exotic vegetation there, boosting your sense of relaxation and nature immersion. And since the aquapark is part of a hotel, it’s easy to pair your water fun with comfy accommodation. Let me tell you what’s waiting for you there:

  • Pools: The aquapark’s heart is the “Blue Lagoon,” a large pool spanning 320 m2. With a depth of 1.3 m and a tropical bar nearby, it’s the perfect spot for a chilled-out holiday. Picture yourself lounging on a couch, sipping your favorite drink. You can also unwind in one of the two vital brine pools or the six hydromassage pools available. For the little ones, there’s a separate, shallow pool packed with lots of water fun.
  • Water Slides: At the Binkowski Resort Tropical Pools, guests have three big slides at their disposal. The standout is the almost 150 m long “Magic Eye,” which you can only go down on pontoons. If you prefer sliding without pontoons, the “Anaconda + UFO” offers a thrilling 40-meter ride.
Binkowski Resort Tropical Pools

Aquapark Sopot

If you’re in Sopot and want to swim any time of the year, Aquapark Sopot is the place to be. Not in the sea, but a place where water sports enthusiasts and relaxation seekers alike will enjoy their time.

Aquapark Sopot

Of course, the young ones aren’t left out, with both indoor and outdoor pools available. Here’s what you can expect:

  • For Swimmers: You’ll find various swimming pools tailored for different purposes. If speed’s your thing, you’ll love the 25-meter, 4-lane paraswimming pool. If you’re looking for a peaceful swim, there are recreational pools and a year-round outdoor pool.
  • For Thrill Seekers: You can mix activity with fun with a range of slides on offer. The “Wild River” is a unique experience that mimics bathing in a mountain stream thanks to the strong water current. Young people and families with children will find two- and three-track family slides, plus smaller attractions on the water playground.

So if you’re after an aquatic adventure or simply want to unwind, Poland’s aquaparks offer a great experience for everyone!

Aquapark Sopot

Waterpark Reda

Just a few dozen kilometers away from Sopot, in the town of Reda, there’s another aquapark that will make your jaw drop. It’s got the usual aquapark fun, sure, but let me tell you about something that sets Aquapark Reda apart… Sharks! Yes, you heard it right:

  • Shark Slide: This might be the only slide of its kind in the world. In Reda, you can jump into the mouth of a shark (not a real one, of course) and embark on an adrenaline-pumping journey through a lit-up tunnel beneath a shark-filled aquarium. On the “Shark Slide,” you’ll come face to face with the awe-inspiring blacktip sharks.
  • River Expedition: To get a taste of everything Aquapark Reda offers, you’ve got to try the River Expedition water path. This lazy-rafting adventure takes you on a 315-meter-long route through the entire park. Along the way, you’ll spot quirky features like the Volcano jacuzzi, teepee tents, and a glance at all the available slides.

The Water Park in Krakow

Let me tell you about another adventure in Krakow. The Water Park in Krakow has been a thrilling destination for more than 20 years. Millions of visitors have enjoyed its ever-expanding range of attractions.

One unique feature is the climbing water wall. You don’t need any fancy gear or shoes. You just swim up to the wall and start climbing. If you make it to the top, great! If not, no worries – you’ll have a soft, wet landing.

For those seeking a calmer experience, the park’s Saunarium is the place to be. They offer a wide variety of options: Russian banya, fire, herbal, spectacular, dry, sea bath, and even a salt cave sauna. These options not only provide relaxation but also health benefits.

Aquapark Fala in Łódź

Now, if you need to escape to a water park but aren’t near the sea or mountains, Aquapark Fala in Łódź has got you covered. It’s one of the largest water parks in Poland, open year-round with a broad range of attractions.

Aquapark Fala in Łódź

First up is the wave pool. If you’ve ever dreamed of riding ocean waves, this is the place to be. It’s great for relaxing, with warm water and a gentle slope that’s perfect for families with young kids.

If you’re after more excitement, you’ll love the year-round MegaSlides. Remember these names: Orange, Red, Anaconda, Twister, Thunder, and Banzai. They’re your tickets to thrilling water descents, with lighting and sound effects to enhance the experience.

Aqua Park Zakopane

Finally, let’s explore Aqua Park Zakopane, nestled in the heart of the Tatra Mountains. But this isn’t just about mountain hikes and ski jumping. Here, water lovers will find a unique place to relax.

 Aqua Park Zakopane

The outdoor balneological pool is a real treat. Fed by thermal waters at a toasty 38-39 °C, you can unwind with massage jets and bottom geysers, all while taking in breathtaking views of the Tatras.

Indoor pools also offer the warmth of thermal water and attractions for all ages. For instance, there’s a water swing where you can create your own waves, the Wild River that simulates a mountain stream, and five different slides.

So whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or looking for some relaxation, you’ll find your perfect spot here in Zakopane.

Warmia Baths – Termy Warmińskie

In the far north of Poland lies Termy Warmińskie, the northernmost thermal facility in the country. Tucked away in Lidzbark Warmiński, it’s the perfect place for a short getaway or a longer vacation.

Warmia Baths – Termy Warmińskie

The Active Thermal Bath is a haven for those seeking a blend of relaxation and physical activity. It features a pool with six lanes, a multipurpose pool with a waterfall and grotto, a seasonal rushing river, and a children’s pool filled with fun areas.

For a more serene experience, you might want to check out the Terma Relaks. It boasts a vital pool with massage options like shoulder showers, a waterfall, underwater loungers, and massage jets.

They also have a year-round outdoor pool, where you can bask in hot water even during the frosty winter months.

Uniejów Baths – Termy Uniejów

In the heart of Poland, you’ll find Termy Uniejów. It’s conveniently located, less than 2 hours drive from Warsaw, ŁódźPoznańToruńBydgoszcz or Katowice.

Uniejów Baths – Termy Uniejów

Their outdoor swimming pool features several pools for both children and adults. It offers a variety of water attractions and relaxation opportunities. You can lounge in the brine pool, feel the thrill on the slides, or enjoy the kids’ area with your little ones.

They also have an indoor swimming pool that is especially a hit with the youngest visitors. It features a pirate ship that spurs the imagination and encourages play. Adults can indulge in the hydromassage zones, relax at the graduation tower, or enjoy a soak in the brine-spa pool.

Terma Bukovina in Bukowina Tatrzańska

At the foot of the Tatra Mountains lies Termy Bukovina in Bukowina Tatrzańska. It’s one of the most modern spa complexes in Europe, fed by thermal water sourced from a depth of 2400m. The surrounding Tatra National Park only enhances the tranquil atmosphere.

Terma Bukovina in Bukowina Tatrzańska

Inside, you’ll find pools with interesting names like Bulgotnik, Bonior Bass, Jacuzzi, Jacuzzi 2, Bystry Potok, Mocydełko, Zostawnica. The largest among them – Bonior Bassist – is known for its unique shape and the freedom it provides for swimming.

Outside, the pools sport creative names too. Niebieskisko Dolina, Cepersko Płań, Jaskinia nad Porońcem, Corny Staw, and Letni Mocydełko are situated on different levels, offering opportunities for both active and relaxed leisure.

If you love hot bahts, remember the name Blue Valley, as it’s the warmest of Bukovina Baths’ pools.

Aquapark Białka Tatrzanska

Nestled in the picturesque slopes of Podhale is Terma Bania, the year-round water park also known as Aquapark Białka Tatrzańska. It’s not just about the fun and relaxation, the place is also a feast for the eyes.

Aquapark Białka Tatrzanska

The Fun Zone is perfect if you’re looking for some active family time. Pools with hot water come with all sorts of fun features like cannons and water jets, carousels, artificial waves, waterfalls, and mini slides. They’ve made sure that even the youngest visitors get a unique experience.

If relaxation is what you’re after, the Relaxation Zone is for you. You can bask in the tranquility of the indoor and outdoor pools, savor the beautiful views of the Tatra Mountains, and enjoy the drink bar.

The fun doesn’t stop there, you can indulge in water massage facilities or head to the Saunarium.

Warmia Park in Pluski

Head about 20 km south of Olsztyn, and you’ll find Warmia Park in Pluski. It’s an aquapark that’s more than just water fun, it also features a hotel, spa center, and conference center.

You can dive into the sports 25-meter swimming pool, enjoy the brine pool or zone with lounges, experience water massages, or check out underwater aquariums. And, don’t forget the slides! If you’re a thrill-seeker, you must try the Kamikaze and the rushing river.

In the Valley of Health, you’ll find health treatments paired with water attractions. You can choose oxygen therapy, enjoy algae or purification treatments in special caves, or tend to your respiratory health with graduation towers.

Termy Maltańskie in Poznań

Termy Maltańskie in Poznań is the largest water recreation and sports complex in Poland. It boasts an aquapark, sports pools, a sauna zone, and SPA. It’s near Lake Malta, hence the name.

Termy Maltańskie in Poznań

Slide enthusiasts will have a blast with their selection of slides. There are extreme slides like Turbo and Kamikaze that’ll get your adrenaline pumping. They also have a multimedia slide that captivates with visual and sound effects.

Their array of outdoor and indoor pools is impressive. There are pools suitable for children and ones with added features like waves or hydromassages. Do not miss the unique golden cascades, evoking the image of a golden grotto.

Aquapark Wrocław

If you’re ever in the capital of Lower Silesia, the Aquapark Wroclaw is a must-visit. It has more than just swimming pools for sports and recreation. You can also find other features designed for relaxation and health.

Aquapark Wrocław

The Pools are where the fun’s at. The centerpiece is a large swimming pool with waves as high as 70 cm. If that doesn’t get you excited, they have 7 slides with lengths varying from 8 to 186 m. Try the lazy river too.

It’s a great way to explore the place, whether you want to go with the flow or swim around actively.

Now, let’s talk about the Halodarium and Tepidarium. They’re special places for those seeking calm and wellness. The Halodarium, with a temperature of around 65°C, is great if you have respiratory issues.

The Tepidarium has a lower temperature, about 35-40 °C, making it ideal for people with circulatory problems.

Aquapark Chochołów

Chochołowskie Termy Thermal Baths, also known as Aquapark Chochołów, is the largest thermal bath in Poland. With 30 swimming pools and nearly 3000 m2 of water surface, it’s more than just a water park. It’s a sports and leisure complex where you can relax and have active fun in a stunning natural setting.

Aquapark Chochołów

The Chochołowskie swimming pools offer so much variety, there’s something for everyone. There are outdoor and indoor thermal pools, jacuzzi pools, a children’s area, and additional fun features like a climbing net, water volleyball and basketball, and 3 slides for a full day of fun.

What’s unique to Chochołowskie Termy is the Chochołowska normobaria, a modern pressure chamber. Here, you can relax in an environment with higher pressure (around 1500 hPa) and air with more oxygen, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen than usual. The benefits extend to both your physical and mental wellbeing.

Nemo World in Dąbrowa Górnicza

For two decades, Nemo Świat Rozrywki has been the go-to water park in Dąbrowa Górnicza. It offers both indoor and outdoor bathing options. It’s not just swimming pools, saunas, and massages, but there’s a gym, bowling alley, and billiard club as well. Trust me, it’s hard to get bored at Nemo World of Entertainment.

Nemo World in Dąbrowa Górnicza

The Pools here will get you hooked. There’s a large, oddly-shaped indoor recreational pool, an outflow pool that connects to an external one, kiddie pools, and even 2 sports pools – one inside and one outside.

You can enjoy the water in Dąbrowa Górnicza any way you like. And with a total volume of 31 350 m3, there’s plenty of space to splash around.

I believe you’ll love the Sauna world. It’s perfect for recharging after some fun in the water. Start with the Sanarium where the temperature is around 70 °C. If you’re a sauna veteran who can handle higher temperatures, the Finnish sauna is your next stop.

You could also go for a unique ceremony in the Alpine House. But if you’re not a fan of extreme heat, don’t worry. They have a steam bath, a tepidarium, and an aromatic grotto too.

Aquapark or Bust!

Whether you’re planning a day trip or a longer vacation, an aquapark visit is a great idea. I can tell you, the whole family will have a blast. The good news is that Poland has a lot of great options. Many are just a short drive away. So all you have to do is pick your perdfect aquapark, pack your bags, and hit the road!