Terma Bania Hot Spring: A Family-Friendly Destination in Białka Tatrzańska

Terma Bania is a fantastic facility nestled in the picturesque Białka Tatrzańska. It’s connected to a hotel with the same name, but today, let’s concentrate on the swimming pool aspect. When you arrive, you’ll have access to one of the most cutting-edge thermal pool complexes (both indoor and outdoor) and the SPA & Wellness zone. I need to say, it’s an amazing spot to unwind, regardless of the season.

This is all possible due to the deep geothermal springs in Podhale, which make the pool temperatures incredibly comfortable. From my experience, it’s hard not to feel rejuvenated after a visit to Terma Bania!

The complex in Białka Tatrzańska harnesses the power of Podhale’s geothermal springs, boasting a temperature of 72°C at a depth of 2,500m. This enables thermal pools with water temperatures ranging from 34°C to 40°C and various saunas with different temperatures and humidity levels for guests to enjoy.

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Fun for the Whole Family at Terma Bania

So, what can water enthusiasts expect at Białka Tatrzańska? First off, there are 8 swimming pools (excluding the outdoor ones), 5 saunas, and a SPA & Wellness institute. Some of the standout attractions include water carousels, a pool with an artificial wave, and a grotto featuring a geyser!

For adventure-seeking parents and older kids, slides totaling about 300 meters in length await! Meanwhile, outside the complex, you’ll find relaxation areas and even beach volleyball courts. I am convinced that whatever your preference – active or laid-back – you’ll find something to enjoy!

Terma Bania is also renowned for its extensive array of attractions for children! The complex offers a dedicated kids’ zone with a shallow paddling pool that’s perfect for even the youngest guests, as it’s only 35 centimeters deep.

Don’t forget about the water playground on a special mezzanine in the children’s zone. Here, you’ll discover attractions such as cascades, a water hose, and tiny turrets with self-filling buckets that eventually overflow and, well, you can guess what happens next! Kids can also enjoy the warm thermal waters in this little pool.

Fun Zone

The facility is divided into two distinct swimming pool zones: the Fun Zone and the Relaxation Zone. In the Fun Zone, kids, teens, and adults can indulge in the thrilling attractions of the water amusement park.

FUN ZONE – a paradise for those who crave water adventures and unforgettable experiences, featuring:

  • An indoor paddling pool for children, with water temperatures of 32-34°C and attractions like a water stream, water umbrella, interactive self-filling buckets, and a water hedgehog.
  • The main indoor swimming pool with thermal water at 36-38°C, offering attractions for youth and adults, such as a water carousel, team game area, water cannons, cascades, family slide, and an artificial wave (for swimmers only).
  • An indoor recreational pool with thermal water at 36-38°C, equipped with massage benches, bottom geysers, and a waterfall.
  • An outdoor pool with thermal water at 34-36°C, featuring cannons, water cascades, massage benches, water couches, an artificial wave grotto, and a wild river.
  • A water playground with thermal water at 32°C, offering interactive toys like cannons, sprinklers, inflatable swimming toys, and foam noodles (available in the summer season).
  • 2 thermal baths with raw sulfur thermal water.
  • An inflatable water playground with slides (available in the summer season).
  • Outdoor slides: Anaconda (125m), Pontoon (100m), and Turbo slide (75m).
  • Water slides with a total length of 150m (available in the summer season).
  • An outdoor bar and self-service restaurant.
  • A sunbathing area with sunbeds for public use (available in the summer season).

Summer Zone

This is the outdoor portion of the Fun Zone, open during the holidays, offering the only attractions of this kind in Podhale:

  • The Outdoor Water Playground is a sought-after spot for water fun on hot days. Equipped with cannons, sprinklers, and water gates, it delights both the youngest and slightly older children. For parents resting nearby, it’s an ideal place to cool down and play with their kids.
  • The Inflatable Water Playground is the region’s only water and air playground. Spread over nearly 400m2, it boasts impressive inflatable attractions, such as pools, slides, gutters, and water slides, all filled with water for unparalleled fun! Located within the Fun Zone, it creates an impressive water town.
  • Water slides – a 3-track water slide with a total length of over 150 meters, evenly hydrated to ensure endless excitement. A paradise for kids and water fun lovers, it’s situated in the Summer Attractions Zone, right next to the Inflatable and Wet Playground.
  • The Dry Playground – a place for summer activities, where children can walk on dry water. Kids can enjoy a massive writing pad with play accessories, climbing ladders, rocking horses, a merry-go-round, tables, and chairs.
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Relaxation Zone

RELAXATION ZONE is a haven of tranquility and relaxation, offering:

  • 2 indoor pools with thermal water at 36-38°C, featuring bottom geysers, bottom and side massage stations, water cannons, cascades, water-air couches, underwater massage niches, and counter-currents.
  • 2 outdoor pools with thermal water at 34-36°C, equipped with massage benches, bottom geysers, and water and air loungers.
  • A Jacuzzi along the entire length of the shoreline of the indoor and outdoor pools.
  • A drink bar and a restaurant with views of the Tatra Mountains.
  • A summer outdoor bar.
  • A sunbathing area.
  • Two additional outdoor swimming pools.
  • Two textile saunas in the outer part of the zone: a Finnish sauna with a temperature of up to 100°C and humidity of up to 20%, and a herbal sauna with a temperature of 65°C and humidity of up to 50%.
  • Two cooling basins: water at around 10°C and snow.
  • A water bar for enjoying delicious drinks without leaving the water.


It is over 1000 square meters dedicated to a diverse range of saunas:

  • A Finnish sauna with an infusion furnace, reaching temperatures of up to 100°C and humidity of up to 20%.
  • A steam bath with a temperature of up to 45°C and humidity of up to 100%.
  • A stone cave with iodine-containing brine dosing, maintaining air humidity below 45% and temperatures not exceeding 50°C.
  • An old highlander sauna with a temperature of 60°C and air humidity up to 35%.
  • A Russian Banya with a temperature of 65°C and air humidity of 60% (located in the garden).
  • A salt cave with a brine graduation tower.
  • A brine pool with a temperature of up to 36°C.
  • A swimming pool with cooling water at a temperature of up to 24°C.
  • A foot massage pool.
  • A sunbathing area with comfortable loungers.
  • A drink bar on the observation deck, featuring sofas, deckchairs, a Finnish sauna, and a Jacuzzi.


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