Zakopane Municipal Art Gallery: A Hidden Gem of Polish Art

In the Municipal Art Gallery, you can experience the proof of Witkiewicz’s quote. As one of the oldest in Poland, founded in 1911, it is the perfect place to explore and its collection will transport you to a totally new world.

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A Lesson of Art History in Zakopane

The building that now serves as the Municipal Art Gallery in Zakopane was built in 1911 by Władysław hr. Zamoyski, who initially called it the „Polish Bazaar”. This place was chosen as a venue for art exhibitions. The first of such exhibitions took place in July 1911 and was organized by the „Podhale Art” Society.

Afterwards, the gallery presented the works of some of the greatest Polish artists, such as Xavier Dunikowski, Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz, Rafał Malczewski and August Zamoyski.

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After the Second World War, the Gallery continued to organize art exhibitions. On January 1, 2001, the Municipal Art Gallery in Zakopane was officially established, and a year later it was named after its founder, Władysław hr. Zamoyski, by the City Council.

Masters of Polish Art

Currently, the first-floor room is home to a collection of Zakopane artworks acquired from the gallery’s exhibitions over the years. These include works by Marta Gąsienica Szostak, Władysław Hasior, Henryk Burzec, Urszula Kołaczkowska, Stanisław Rodziński and many others. The Gallery also organizes exhibitions from its own collection, divided into two series. The first is devoted to sculptures and artistic textiles, while the second is devoted to paintings, drawings and prints.

Tete-a-tete with art

The City Art Gallery in Zakopane is a center of creative activity. It organizes meetings with authors, poetry evenings, film screenings and even a national fair of contemporary art called „March Salons”. It also cooperates with the Karol Szymanowski Museum and the Karol Szymanowski Music Society in organizing occasional and chamber concerts of K. Szymanowski.

The Gallery also organizes painting and drawing workshops for young people. It also produces its own catalogues and brochures. In 2016, the Municipal Art Gallery of Władysław hr. Zamoyskiego merged with the Zakopane Promotion Office to form the Zakopane Cultural Center.

Art lovers can visit the gallery located at 41 Krupówki St. in Zakopane.

Gallery opening hours

  • Tuesday – Friday 10.00 – 18.00
  • Saturday – Sunday 09.00 – 17.00


  • St. Krupówki 41,
  • 34-500 Zakopane
  • Phone number +48182012792

Attractions Near the Art Gallery

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