Krakow’s Districts – Where To Stay For A Visit or Live?

So, you’re new to Krakow and looking for a nice neighborhood to stay, right? Looking to explore the hidden places of this beautiful city? Or perhaps you’re wondering where the best place to live or stay is?

Let me introduce you to the heart of Krakow through its vibrant districts. Simply pick one from below and get ready to dive deep into what makes it special.

Krakow’s Districts – Map


Grzegórzki, a melting pot of urban units and estates including Dąbie, Grzegórzki, Wesoła, parts of Olsza and Osiedle Oficerskie, is a place like no other. Let me say, you’ll find yourself amidst some of Krakow’s most iconic spots here.

These include the bustling Hala Targowa and Plac Targowy „Unitarg” markets, the all-in-one Galeria Kazimierz shopping and entertainment center, the magnificent Kotlarski bridge, and the famous „Cracovia” ice rink. There’s also the „Szkieletor„, a towering unfinished skyscraper near Rondo Mogilskie.

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It’s not just about landmarks. Grzegórzki is a foodie’s paradise too. I am convinced that you can’t leave without trying the most famous sausages in Poland. And where to find them? Just head to Hala Targowa, from Monday to Saturday, between 8.00 pm and 3.00 am, and you’ll find the delicious sausages from Blue Nyska calling out to you.

With its proximity to the Old Town and Kazimierz and a beautiful green belt along Podgórska Street, it’s no surprise that Grzegórzki draws in a large number of tourists and walkers. But, being there, you need to know that the district is located in a paid parking zone, so remember to factor that cost in. The good news? The tram system offers excellent connections to other districts of Krakow.

Renting prices in Grzegórzki Neighborhood

As for living here, rental prices are similar to those in the Old Town and start from PLN 1,800 for a studio apartment up to 30 sq m in a decent standard. Remember to include additional fees for the Internet, TV subscription, and telephone to your budget.

Prądnik Czerwony

Next on our list of Krakow’s neighborhoods is Prądnik Czerwony, which encompasses areas like Wieczysta, part of the Warsaw housing estate, parts of Olsza and Olsza II, Ugorek, Prądnik Czerwony, part of Rakowice, and Śliczna.

I think the serene Zaczarowana Dorożka Park, the peaceful Batowicki Cemetery, the engaging horse riding center, and the impressive Rondo Business Park skyscraper at the Polsadu Roundabout are the places that best define Prądnik Czerwony’s unique charm.

Numerous bus lines facilitate your commute from Prądnik Czerwony to other Krakow districts, but it’s worth to say that two national roads, 7 and 79, pass through this district, causing potential traffic jams during peak hours, especially at the Opolska Flyover where DK7 and DK79 intersect.

Prądnik Czerwony has a reputation for being one of Krakow’s quieter and safer districts, making it an ideal choice if you prefer a tranquil living environment.

Renting prices in Prądnik Czerwony Neighborhood

Studio apartments up to 30 sq m in good condition start from PLN 1,500, with additional fees for internet, TV, telephone, and parking space or garage. Although it borders the Old Town, Krakow’s Main Square is quite far from most of Prądnik Czerwony. So, if you want to enjoy the city center’s hustle and bustle, you’ll need to take a bus or another means of transport in Kraków, unless you live near the border of these two districts and have time for a long walk.

Prądnik Biały

Continuing our city exploration, let’s turn to Prądnik Biały, District IV of Krakow. A medley of urban units and housing estates such as Azory, Prądnik Biały, Tonie, Witkowice, Żabiniec, Bronowice Wielkie, Krowodrza Górka, Górka Narodowa, and Gotyk housing estate make up this district.

I believe you’ll fall in love with its offerings: the serene Krowoderski Park, the lush Leśny Park Witkowice, the dynamic Sport Club KS Clepardia, and the historic Dworek Biało Prądnicki.

One of the best things about Prądnik Biały? It boasts great connections to Krakow’s center and other parts through numerous bus and tram lines, making your commute a breeze.

Studio apartments in good condition start from PLN 1,400 (rental + rent + electricity), plus additional costs like internet, TV, parking space, and garage.


Neighboring the Old Town on the southeast, we have Krowodrza. This district envelops areas like Cichy Kącik, Krowodrza, Łobzów, Nowa Wieś, AGH Student Campus, and Czarna Wieś. Krowodrza’s allure lies in landmarks such as the TS Wisła Kraków Stadium, the student-populated AGH Campus, the lush Jordan Park, and the historic Royal Palace in Łobzów.

Because of its proximity to the Old Town and the AGH campus, Krowodrza tends to be a bustling district. But it has its quiet pockets too. The nearby Błonia and Jordan Park are perfect spots for leisurely walks or outdoor sports like rollerblading, running, or cycling.

But be aware, this district is mainly connected to others by bus lines, and due to heavy traffic along Mickiewicza and Słowackiego street, it’s worth remembering to leave a little early for your commute. Also, Krowodrza is a paid parking zone, so that’s something to consider if you’re planning on driving.


Our next stop is Bronowice. Comprising areas like Bronowice Małe, Osiedle Rydla, Osiedle Bronowickie, Mydlniki, Osiedle Widok Zarzecze, and Osiedle Bronowice Nowe, this district is steeped in history and natural beauty. Standouts include the manor of Lucjan Rydel, the remains of Kraków’s fortifications, and the manor of Włodzimierz Tetmajer.

What makes Bronowice really special, though, is its green spaces. Close to Krowodrza, you’ll find Błonia Krakowskie and Jordan Park, while near Zwierzyniec you can explore Park Decius. For those who love outdoor activities, the Jurassic Bicycle Trail of the Eagles’ Nests, the Tourist and Cultural Walking Route from Bronowice Małe to Mydlniki, and the Młynówka Królewska hiking and cycling route all run through Bronowice.

Connectivity is top-notch here, with numerous bus and tram lines providing easy access to the rest of Krakow. If you’re considering making Bronowice your home, know that studio prices start from PLN 1,400, with additional fees applicable.


Our journey around Krakow leads us to District VII, known as Zwierzyniec. Home to neighborhoods like Wola Justowska, Olszanica, Zakamycze, Chełm, Bielany, Salwator, Przegorzały, Półwsie Zwierzynieckie and Zwierzyniec, this district shines as one of the city’s greenest, most prestigious, and most beautiful.

Just imagine it, you can have your morning jog around the Kościuszko Mound, or spend your weekends visiting the Krakow Zoo, wandering in the Wolski Forest, or exploring the astronomical observatory.

As for transportation, the district is mainly connected to the rest of the city by bus lines. If you’re considering moving in, studios in good condition start from PLN 1,500, with additional fees on top.


Next up, we have Dębniki, encompassing estates like Osiedle Europejskie, Osiedle Kolejowe, Kliny Zacisze, Mochnaniec, Dębniki, Ruczaj, Kapelanka, Osiedle Podwawelskie, Osiedle Robotnicze, Pychowice, Skotniki, Sidzina, Kobierzyn, Podgórki Tynieckie, and Tyniec. District VIII’s standouts are the tranquil Zakrzówek, the sprawling campus of the Jagiellonian University, the Krakow Technology Park, and the scenic Benedictine Abbey in Tyniec.

This district is one of the prettier and quieter corners of Krakow, with numerous new housing developments cropping up. Connectivity? No worries – numerous tram and bus lines will get you around the city. Rent for a standard studio starts from PLN 1,300, plus extra costs.

Łagiewniki-Borek Fałęcki

On to District 9, which includes Łagiewniki, Borek Fałęcki, Osiedle Cegielniane, and Osiedle Zaułek Jugowicki. Highlights of this district include the Sanctuary of Divine Mercy in Łagiewniki, the John Paul II „Nie lękajcie się” Center, and the bustling Krakow Shopping Center Zakopianka.

With numerous tram and bus lines crisscrossing the district, you can get to other parts of Krakow pretty easily. Do keep in mind, though, that Zakopiańska Street, a major artery through the district, can get pretty congested. You can score a decent studio apartment in the area from PLN 1,200, plus additional fees.


Our tour concludes in Swoszowice, which includes areas like Jugowice, Kliny Borkowskie, Kosocice, Bania, Swoszowice, Barycz, Jugowice, Łysa Góra, Opatkowice, Wróblowice, and Zbydniowice. You’ll find an array of attractions here, such as the historic Fort Barycz, the tranquil Zdrojowy Park, and the refreshing Swoszowice Spa.

Unfortunately, only bus lines serve this district, but if you crave a slower pace of life, Swoszowice might be just what you’re after. You can find a studio apartment starting at PLN 1,100, plus additional fees.

Podgórze Duchackie

Podgórze Duchackie, which covers areas including Kurdwanów, Kurdwanów Nowy, Piaski Nowe estate, Piaski Wielkie, Podlesie estate, and Wola Duchacka, offers a mix of history and modernity. With landmarks like the Bonarka Shopping Centre, the historic Krakowska Fabryka Kabli, and the former Nazi concentration camp Płaszów, there’s much to see.

Mainly composed of large housing estates, this district is well connected to the rest of Krakow via tram and bus lines. For a budget of PLN 1,100 plus additional fees, a studio apartment could be yours.

Bieżanów – Prokocim

Bieżanów – Prokocim, or District XII, includes Bieżanów, Łazy, Kolejowe Estate, Medyków Estate, Na Kozłówka Estate, Nad Potokiem Estate, Nowy Prokocim Estate, Nowy Bieżanów Estate, Złocień, Prokocim and Rząka Estates.

You’ll find the University Children’s Hospital, the Prokocium’s Anna and Erazm Jerzmanowski Park, the grand Jerzmanowski Palace, and the historic Czeczów Manor here. Connected to Krakow by bus and tram lines, you can secure a studio apartment here starting at PLN 1,100 plus additional costs.


Our tour leads us next to Podgórze, which includes Płaszów, Podgórze, Bonarka, Łutnia, Mateczny, Przewóz, Rybitwy, and Zabłocie. In Podgórze, you’ll find the historic Krakus Mound, the beautiful Church of St. Benedict, and the famed Oskar Schindler’s Enamel Factory, amongst others.

As one of the oldest districts of Krakow, it has a rich history and numerous attractions. Keep in mind, however, that during peak hours, traffic can congest on Kalwaryjska, Limanowskiego, Wielicka Streets and at Mateczny Roundabout. A standard studio apartment rents from PLN 1,100 here.


Next we have Czyżyny, encompassing the 303 Squadron Estate, Akademickie Estate, 2nd Aviation Regiment Estate, and Czyżyny. District XIV is the home of the Polish Aviation Museum, Tauron Arena Krakow, Technology Park, and the Park Lotników Polskich, making it a must-visit for technology and aviation enthusiasts. Czyżyny is well connected with other districts of Krakow by bus and tram lines, but watch out for traffic jams on Nowohucka Street. A decent studio apartment in this district comes in around PLN 1,200.


Mistrzejowice, encompassing Batowice, Tysiąclecia housing estate, Złota Era, Weteranów, Bohaterów Września, Piast, Srebrnych Orłów housing estate, and Dziekanowice, offers an exciting urban mix. Its highlights include the Serenada Shopping Center, Park Tysiąclecia, Water Park, Multikino cinema, and Planty Champion. As District XV, it is connected with the rest of Krakow by both bus and tram lines. If you wish to secure a studio apartment in this area, expect a price starting around PLN 1,200 plus additional fees.


Bieńczyce comprises several housing estates such as Albertyńskie, Jagiellońskie, Kalinowe, Kazimierzowskie, Kościuszkowskie, Na Lotnisku, Niepodległości, Przy Arke, Strusia, Wysokie, and Złota Jesieni. Notable points include Zalew Nowohucki Park, Planty Bieńczyckie, Tomex SA Shopping Center, and the Wanda Kraków Sports Club. A studio aparttment in this district could cost you about PLN 1,100, plus potential additional fees for services like internet, cable, or garage parking.

Wzgórza Krzesławickie

Wzgórza Krzesławickie, away from the bustle of central Krakow, comprises Dłubnia, Grębałów, Kantorowice, Krzesławice, Lubocza, Łuczanowice, Osiedle Na Stoku, Osiedle Na Wzgórzach, Wadów, Węgrzynowice, and Zesławice. With sites like Jan Matejko’s Manor House, the wooden Church of St. John the Baptist, and the Provincial Ophthalmology Hospital, this district has much to offer. It sits atop one of the highest hills in Krakow, and is valued for its views and clean air. Studio apartments start from PLN 1,000 plus fees.

Nowa Huta

Nowa Huta, the largest district of Krakow, houses Nowa Huta, Osiedle Górali, Osiedle Hutnicze, Osiedle Handlowe, Osiedle Kolorowe, Osiedle Teatralne, Osiedle Szkolne, Osiedle Wanda, Pleszów, Wola Rusiecka, and Chałupki.

Contrary to its reputation as dangerouss and polluted, Nowa Huta has become a magnet for tourists, offering attractions like Huta im. T. Sendzimira, Wanda’s Mound, People’s Theater, Nowa Huta Lake, Millennium Park, Town Hall Park, the Solidarity Monument, the Church in Glass Houses, the Museum of Armed Action, and Cinema Dawn. The 18th district is well connected to the rest of Krakow, and you can rent a decent studio apartment here for about PLN 1,100 plus additional fees.