The Best Bars and Pubs in Kraków – Your Ultimate Guide

Krakow Bars and pubs are one of the most known in the country. It is a magnetic hotspot for tourists worldwide. It’s not just any city in Poland. It’s a thriving hub of cultural, economic, and academic life. Krakow, the capital of Małopolska, is a place where the young and the old meet to learn, work, and most importantly, have fun.

So if you find yourself in this wonderfull city, it is worth to say that you must try the nightlife. Allow me to guide you through some of the top-notch bars and pubs where you can chill, sip a drink, and make lasting memories.

1. Absynt Cafe & Bar

Fancy a cup of coffee or a wholesome lunch in Kazimierz? Head over to Miodowa Street and look for Absynt Cafe & Bar. I know it as one of the most popular joints in the area. You can pop in for a chat with friends or enjoy a quiet evening by yourself. Let me say, their coffee, a concoction of homemade pumpkin-spice puree and whipped cream, is simply delightful!

If you’re a tea-lover, their warming teas with preserves won’t disappoint. Planning for a party? Try their Flaming Fireballs or herbal absinthe and liqueur-based cocktails. They also serve Jabberwocky, a blend of Jagermaister and gin, and Pink Flamingo – the perfect cocktail for those with a taste for fruity flavors.

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2. Free Pub

Ever heard of Sławkowska Street? Well, that’s where Free Pub is located, one of the oldest pubs in Krakow, situated in the heart of the Old Town. I can tell you that it’s a beloved hangout spot for people craving for an excellent cocktail and a dose of fun. Whether you’re up for some dance or want to unwind with some music and a drink, this is the place.

Their vast beer selection, served in the pub’s historic ambiance, is a treat you wouldn’t want to miss. Plus, they also serve bar classics like Bloody Mary and vibrant shots, including the famed Kamikaze. And if you need some munchies to go along with your drinks, they’ve got you covered with snacks from beer sticks with cumin, ideal for a long evening with friends.

3. Dobry Kumpel Pub

Ever dreamt of spending an evening amidst history and friendliness? Good Buddy Pub, located on the famous Floriańska Street, is the place. I am convinced that it has managed to become one of Krakow’s Old Town’s favorite bars, thanks to its vibrant events and live music. Thirsty? A cold beer or a stronger cocktail awaits you. The bartenders there craft these into both clasic cocktails and colorful shots. And trust me when I say, their delicious liqueurs will make your evening enjoyable in the heart of Krakow Castle.

4. Eszeweria

Take a stroll down Józefa Street to immerse yourself in the Jewish Kazimierz vibe, and you’ll stumble upon one of the most unique bars – Eszeweria. Known for its massive horseshoe-shaped hall and a rustic bar constructed of irregular wooden pieces, it’s truly a sight to behold. As night falls, the glow from the candles at each table sets an enchanting ambiance, ideal for a romantic evening in Krakow. Here, you can sip on a beer, unwind with a colorful cocktail, or treat your taste buds to an aromatic coffee and dessert like their cheesecake topped with a fruity twist. It’s worth to say that they also have an impressive selection of wines that taste even better in this magical setting.

5. Duffy’s Irish Bar

Craving for an Irish experience in Kazimierz district of Krakow? Let me recommend Duffy’s Irish Bar on Święty Wawrzyniec Street. It’s a hotspot for guests worldwide who want to enjoy some downtime. The bar’s climate-controlled interior is perfect for watching critical sports events or enjoying live music. Plus, they serve the most famous Irish beers, which is the cherry on top of this delightful place.

6. Propaganda Pub

Venturing into the past of Krakow’s bar scene brings you to Propaganda Pub, one of the oldest pubs in town, located in Kazimierz. I believe its atmospheric interior, a diverse array of cultural events, and a well-stocked bar draw people from all walks of life. Whether you fancy draft and bottled beers, good wines, or spirits like slivovitz, gin, or becherovka, they’ve got it all. And don’t miss out on their delicious liqueurs and popular vodkas – the cocktails they whip up from them are a hit!

7. Polski Pub

Last but not least, let me introduce you to the Polish Pub. It’s strategically located on Krakow’s Market Square, providing you with a perfect vantage point to overlook Grod Kraka’s central square. Besides its unusual atmosphere and beer straight from the brewery, the Polish Pub boasts the largest TV screen in Krakow!

That means you won’t miss out on any major sports events. Their vast selection of beers, wines, and drinks, including non-alcoholic options, will make your visit worthwhile. And if you want to try something unique, reach out for their draft cider or mulled beer with raspberries or spices. The choice is extensive, and I am convinced that there’s something for everyone.

Bonus: „TAG” Pub Shines Among the World’s Best

Now let’s take a moment to celebrate a local gem. 'TAG,’ a bar in Krakow, has not only earned a place in „The World’s 50 Best Bars 2022,” but one of its team members, Alicja Bączyk, has made us incredibly proud. This talented bartender made it to the finals of the international „World Class” competition organized by Diageo. Competing in the final rounds held in Sydney, Alicja achieved an impressive fourth place. This just goes to show the world-class talent we have here in Krakow!

Europe’s Top Bars of 2022

The „World’s 50 Best Bars 2022” ranking isn’t limited to the top 50 – it actually includes 100 notable bars worldwide. Singapore made a strong showing, with eight establishments listed in the second half of the ranking.

Looking at Europe, the bar scenes in London and Paris are hard to beat. Both cities had three bars each listed in the ranking. These include London’s „Donovan Bar,” „Side Hustle,” and „Three Sheets,” and Paris’s „Danico,” „Le Syndicat,” and „Candelaria”.

The ranking also featured standout bars from other European cities like Stockholm („Röda Huset” and „Tjoget”), Rome („Freni e Frizioni,” „The Court”), Milan („Camparino in Galleria”), Athens („Barro Negro”), Manchester („Schofield’s”), and Nicosia („Lost & Found”).

Our southern neighbors also made the list with „Antique American Bar” from Bratislava making its debut, along with „TAG” from Krakow.

The success of „TAG” is indeed a first, but it’s worth noting that other Polish bars have also earned recognition in the past. In the „50 Best Discovery 2021” competition, Warsaw’s „El Koktel” and Krakow’s „Mercy Brown” were singled out as the most exciting new finds on the global bar scene. Also, Warsaw’s „The Roots” was previously included in the ranking.

Now you know the top seven bars and pubs in Krakow. I think you’re all set to enjoy your Krakow nightlife! So go on, let the fun begin!


  1. Absynt Cafe in the Bar: ul. Miodowa 28, 31-055 Kraków, Poland​​.
  2. Free Pub: Sławkowska 4, Kraków​
  3. Dobry Kumpel Pub: ul. Floriańska 47, 31-019 Krakow, Poland​
  4. Eszeweria: ul. Józefa 9, 31-056 Kraków, Poland​
  5. Duffy’s Irish Bar: Świętego Wawrzyńca 18, Kraków​
  6. Propaganda Pub: Miodowa 20, 31-055 Krakow, Poland​
  7. Polski Pub: Rynek Glowny 44, 31-017 Krakow, Poland​
  8. Tag Pub: Podwale 7, 31-118 Krakow​