Why Autumn Is Great Time For A Trip To Kraków?

Have you ever asked yourself, „Is Autumn good time to visit Krakow?” Well, let me say, autumn is great for many reasons. Here’s why.

You see, Krakow in summer can be a bit too hot for comfort. Winters are charming, especially when you fancy a bit of ice-skating. But, as I am convinced, autumn stands out with trees painted in myriad colors, and the sun giving off a gentle warmth. Trust me, it makes for a splendid walk. So, maybe, just maybe, you should plan your Krakow adventure for autumn.

  1. Comfortable weather. You’re gonna love the autumn weather in Krakow for sightseeing. Moderate temperatures mean that you won’t tire easily, even if you opt for a long, four-hour tour. But, if it starts raining cats and dogs, don’t worry. Krakow is rich in museums, and a little rain can be your excuse to explore them.
  2. No more crowds. An underrated perk of an autumn visit to Krakow is the absence of heaving crowds. You can peacefully explore the monuments, soak in the ambiance, and hear your guide over the non-existent buzz of other groups. Even getting tickets or making reservations isn’t a problem. You could easily get tickets to the hugely popular Rynek Underground.
  3. Stunning walks. I believe autumn brings out the best in Krakow. The city looks absolutely vibrant, colorful, and radiant. The parks come alive with autumn colors, and a walk through the leaf-strewn Planty could be the perfect start to your themed tours (like Krakow for lovers). And the view from the Kościuszko Mound? Breathtaking.
  4. Get moving. Exploring the city can be a great form of exercise. With the days getting shorter and the cozy couch inviting you to spend your evenings under a blanket, an autumn city tour can be your antidote to lazines. You can make the trip more fun by collecting colorful leaves and chestnuts. They would make for unique souvenirs from the trip.
  5. Autumn savings. Who doesn’t love a good deal? I know, from experience, that planning a trip to Krakow, especially a long one, can be a bit pricey. But autumn, being the off-season, is simply more affordable. Accommodation prices dip compared to the high season, and it’s easier to score tickets to museums, such as the Underground Market Square or Schindler’s Factory.
  6. Capture stunning photos. Autumn light in Krakow has a magical charm that makes you want to grab your camera. If you’re lucky to get a sunny day, your photos will be spectacular. But even on gloomy days, you can capture some unique shots. A foggy backdrop can add a mysterious air, perfect for telling dark stories about Krakow.
  7. Delicious desserts and drinks. Sightseeing in Krakow during autumn has its sweet perks. Hot chocolate and warm apple pie sprinkled with cinnamon just taste better during this time of the year! If you’re an adult, you might want to try some fantastic mulled wine or taste local tinctures. The best part? You can indulge in these delights without guilt, as you’ll be burning all those calories while exploring the city!

Autumn Charm of Krakow And Its Surroundings When You are With Kids

Kraków Castle in Autumn

We all adore spring and summer, but there’s something about the Polish golden autumn that’s utterly enchanting. And I’m convinced, you’ll fall in love with it too! With luck, you’ll get to enjoy warm, sunny days bathed in golden hues. So why not use our ideas and spend some stunning autumn days with your kids? We also have some suggestions for autumn walks in Krakow and nearby areas. Because believe me, autumn in Krakow is worth exploring on foot.

Here are a couple of ideas for your autumn walks in Krakow:

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Nowohucki Lake

This, I think, is the most beautiful spot in Krakow for an autumn walk. It offers:

  • Numerous walking paths
  • A new large playground featuring a zip-line, trampoline, and interesting structures
  • A beautiful island in the Nowa Huta reservoir boasting brilliant autumn colors
  • Ducks and swans swimming in the lagoon
  • Benches, hammocks, and a pier for some rest
  • A beach and plenty of space to relax
  • Colorful fountains
  • A food truck zone for when you get hungry

Lotnik Park

This large park next to the Tauron Arena is simply delightful in autumn. It provides:

  • The „Airplanes” playground and Dragon Square located near the Garden of Experiences and picturesque ponds
  • A pump track in the middle of the park
  • Colorfully illuminated fountains after dusk
  • Plenty of space for walks, biking, and scootering
  • Numerous friendly squirrels that even have their own corner
  • The Garden Arena food truck zone
  • Scenic ponds often referred to as „Cracow’s Maldives”

Decius Park

This park, with its old, towering trees, transforms into a magical place in autumn. It offers:

  • An old park with mature trees
  • Plenty of walking paths
  • A brilliant playground, the Dragon Square „Do Woli”
  • Bronisław Chromy’s Author’s Gallery, which features sculptures both outdoors and inside a shell-like structure
  • A café located inside the exhibition building
  • The lovely restaurant „27 portions”, complete with an outdoor playground

Krakowski Park

Located near the city center, this renovated park is surprisingly peaceful despite its proximity to a busy street. Here, you can find:

  • A fantastic playground with towers, a drawbridge, and various interesting water play structures
  • A fountain for added beauty

Jerzmanowski Park

  • A large, wooden playground for children
  • The Jerzmanowski Palace, complete with a fountain
  • The Profesor Zina fountain, which once stood on the Main Square

This renovated park is a sight to behold during autumn. You’d love to wander through its pathways surrounded by numerous deciduous trees. It boasts:

Reduta Park

If you’re looking for a place where your kids can have endless fun, Reduta Park is a must-visit. The park offers:

  • A three-tier playground with features such as slides down the hills, a swing, and a giant spider web for climbing
  • Another playground designed for smaller children, complete with great sand play elements, a hanging bridge, and tunnels
  • A path of dead trees for an interesting exploration
  • Plenty of plantings and vast space for free play
  • A newly opened pavilion housing a café, perfect for when you or the kids need a snack

Bagry Reservoir

For those who love peace, nature, and water, Bagry Reservoir is the place to be. Its autumn sunsets are a sight straight out of a fairy tale! It offers:

  • Two beaches and two piers for some relaxation
  • Ducks and swans swimming on the lagoon for you to admire
  • Plenty of space for walking with hammocks, deck chairs, and crow’s nests to rest
  • A playground featuring a ship, a fenced area, an outdoor gym, and a flow park for the kids
  • A harbor with boats to add to the nautical feel

Rusiecki Forest

After the bathing season ends, this newly revamped location takes on a new charm in autumn. It features:

  • Picturesque, floating wooden footbridges and beautiful piers
  • A beach for relaxation
  • Plenty of space surrounded by lush greenery
  • A playground with downhill slides, swings, and many game elements for improving coordination
  • Extremely picturesque sunsets that you’d love to capture

Krakow’s Planty

This is a wonderful place in the heart of Krakow for an autumn walk. Imagine strolling around the Old Town loop, collecting chestnuts along the way! This park provides:

  • Two playgrounds: „Plantuś”, known as an archaeological playground, and „Wild Planty”
  • Lots of benches for resting in between your city explorations

Kościuszko Mound

The mound is a splendid spot for an autumn adventure, providing panoramic views of Krakow. It boasts:

  • A beautiful wooden playground for children
  • The very child-friendly Kościuszko Museum
  • A wax figure exhibition for some extra fun
  • A café and restaurant offering panoramic views
  • The RM FM radio station located onsite
  • Lots of forest and fortifications for you to explore

So, if you want to soak up the autumn atmosphere, these beautiful locations in Krakow offer an ideal mix of peace, nature, and urban charm.


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