Tatra Mountains Thermal Pools – Which Ones Should You Visit?

If you want a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation on your ski vacation, you should definitely check out the thermal bathing resorts and pools in the Tatra Mountains. I know you might be wondering what’s so special about these resorts. Well, they have mineral-rich thermal waters, an extensive range of restaurants, countless slides, and this year, they’ve got something unique for skiers – a combined entry ticket and ski pass!

I can tell that many resorts have prepared loads of attractions for children and discounts, especially for the holidays in Lesser Poland. It’s interesting to see how Poles and Slovaks are competing to attract tourists.

Dive into the Bukovina Thermal Pools

I think it’s worth mentioning that Termy Bukovina, according to its director S. Bunda, is the largest complex of thermal pools in Poland and one of the most modern facilities of this type in Europe. Located in Bukowina Tatrzańska, on the border of the Tatra National Park, this place is truly stunning.

Being there, you need to know that the thermal water, rich in microelements, is obtained from a depth of 2.5 thousand meters. Before reaching one of the 20 different pools, it is cooled down. I believe it’s fascinating that the water reaching the base tanks has a temperature of 70 degrees Celsius, more than twice as high as in the pools.

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The complex is situated on the slope of Wielki Wierch, and from the thermal pools, you can admire the panorama of the High Tatras. A swimming pool, hot springs of indoor and outdoor pools await guests. There’s also a special, comfortable section for children in Termy Bukovina.

If you need some extra relaxation, an integral part of the complex is the zone of 12 saunas, a graduation tower, and a system of slides. So go ahead, plan your trip to the Tatra Mountains, and experience the perfect mix of skiing and rejuvenation.

Ski and Soak – The Ultimate Winter Experience

I am convinced that Termy Bukovina knows how to cater to the needs of winter sports enthusiasts. For the first time in the winter season, Polskie Koleje Linowe and Termy Bukovina have introduced a joint, promotional ticket for their services. This ticket combines a ski pass to Kasprowy Wierch with a pass to the thermal pools of the Bukovina complex, available in two ski options – time and within the so-called no limit offers, as well as in the tourist variant. Please check if this promotion is still available.

Dive into the Warm Waters of Szaflary Pools

If you need a change of scenery, you can also visit the Gojący Potok recreation and tourist complex in Szaflary. Facility manager praises the high-quality thermal waters found here, which contain beneficial components such as hydrogen sulphide, sulphides, sulphates, silica, fluorine, strontium, and potasium, and have a high temperature (34-39 degrees).

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Guests can enjoy a range of facilities at Gorjacy Potok, including fountains, water massages, geysers, two dry and steam saunas, a salt graduation tower, a jacuzzi, and intimate pool basins with natural sulfur water. There’s also a selection of massages on offer. For the little ones, there are specially prepared paddling pools and interesting places to play.

After a day of skiing and soaking, I know you’ll be hungry. Don’t worry, there’s a Bistro with a unique natural design and the Beef Master restaurant, which specialises in steaks made from beef from around the world. So go ahead and treat yourself to a fulfilling meal to end a perfect day in the Tatra Mountains.

Exploring Thermal Pools at the Slovak Side

I believe our Slovak neighbors are also eager to attract Polish tourists. Thermal pools in Slovakia are among their most important tourist attractions, and Poles certainly appreciate them. According to the National Center of Slovak Tourism in Poland, about 350,000 Polish tourists visited Slovakia last year, spending at least one day there. One-day tourists accounted for about 550,000 visitors, with a large portion of them seeking water entertainment.

Popular Thermal Complexes in Slovakia

The most popular thermal complexes in Slovakia include Tatralandia, Bešeoová, Oravice, and Aquacity Poprad.

Slovak thermal complexes are perfect for relaxing after a day of skiing or enjoying other active pursuits in the Slovak mountains. They’re conveniently located close to ski resorts and can be reached by free ski&aqua buses. What sets these Slovak thermal baths apart are their indoor and outdoor pools with healing thermal water, numerous slides and tubes, spectacular vital sauna worlds, pools with artificial waves, and salty sea water.

Some resorts even offer diving opportunities, while Aquacity Poprad features a special laser show.

Tatralandia – Attractions for All Ages

I know that Poles love visiting Tatralandia, and it’s no wonder whyThey prepared a host of exciting new features for the youngest guests. The Tropical Paradise now includes a Baby Silent zone for children up to 3 years of age, while children aged 6 and up can strengthen their immunity in a biosauna with a view of the Low Tatras on the terrace of the Sauna World of Celts. After a fun-filled day at the indoor complex Pirate of the Caribbean Island, guests can refresh themselves at the new Karibik Bar.

For those visiting Gino Paradise Bešeoová during the Polish winter holidays, all-day programs for children and adults with animators in thermal pools have been prepared.

This season, visitors who purchase a 6-day ski pass in the High and Low Tatras can also enjoy acces to the thermal pools in Besenova, Tatralandia, or Aquacity Poprad. Another great deal in Oravice is the „skiing and relaxing without limits” offer, priced at EUR 29.50 for a full day for adults, with discounts available for children and seniors.

The Battle for Customers – Slovak Spas Stand Out

Unfortunately (for us, Poles) the Slovaks are competing fiercely with Polish attractions. One advantage of Slovak thermal baths is that, like the slopes, they tend not to be overcrowded, and tourists can enjoy water attractions and on-site dining at attractive prices.

However, there are some challenges for Polish tourists visiting Slovakia. The euro has made staying in Slovakia more expensive, and getting there can be a bit of a hassle. While Slovak thermal complexes offer free parking, tourists driving to Slovakia via highways must purchase a Slovak vignette. The shortest, ten-day vignette costs 10 euros. They can be purchased at www.eznamka.sk.

Good news is that this season, new bus connections to Slovak ski resorts and thermal baths have been launched by Tiger Express and Polonus carriers, making it easier to travel from Krakow to Slovakia.

A Guide to Thermal Pools Across the Tatra Mountains

If you want to experience the best thermal pools on both sides of the Tatra Mountains, here’s a list of some amazing options to consider during your visit:

  1. Terma Bukovina (Bukowina Tatrzańska, Poland)
  2. Terma Bania (Bialka Tatrzanska, Poland)
  3. Gorący Potok (Szaflary near Zakopane, Poland)
  4. Tatralandia (Liptovský Mikuláš, Slovakia)
  5. Gino Paradise Bešeoová (Bešeoová, Slovakia)
  6. Aquapark Oravice (Oravice, Slovakia)
  7. AquaCity Poprad (Poprad, Slovakia)

I think it’s worth mentioning that the cheapest regular day ticket costs PLN 90. Most of these facilities have prepared promotional tickets in various options, especially during holidays. If you need more information, I recommend checking out their offers on their respective websites.


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